Introducing the 2018 COMC Summer Sales Event (August 1st – 5th, 2018)

Beat the Heat and Find Huge Savings from August 1st -5th!

COMC is happy to announce our first-ever Summer Sales Event! The action gets started on Wednesday, August 1st and will last through Sunday, August 5th. Not only will this sale coincide with the 2018 National Sports Collector’s Convention, but it will give those unable to attend the convention a chance to find equally amazing deals on the COMC Marketplace. To kick off this inaugural sale, we are offering all COMC sellers the opportunity to run FREE sales promotions throughout the sales period.


Free Sales Promotion for all Sellers Throughout our Summer Sales Event!

That’s right! We want to see our sellers out in full-force and in order to accomplish that we’re offering them the ability to run a FREE sales promotion during the duration of our Summer Sales Event. To get started, simply head on over to the Promotions Page and set up your FREE Sales Promotion now! With more eyes than ever before on the COMC Marketplace, be sure to offer prospective buyers deals that they just can’t turn down!


Buy Now and Ship Later or Flip Cards With Your COMC Account!

One of the biggest advantages of shopping with COMC Store Credit using your COMC account is that you can INSTANTLY purchase items when you find them and ship everything all together at any time in the future! When you buy items with store credit with your COMC account, they stay safe and secure in our warehouses until your ready to request shipment of them. You can buy items throughout our Summer Sales Event and request a shipment for your items next week, next month, or even next year! You pay shipping just once, regardless of how many items you buy.

Perhaps you found an amazing deal on an item throughout the Summer Sales Event, but you had a change of heart or don’t collect that particular player. Why not flip it for profit!? With a COMC account, you can purchase an item on sale and instantly give it a new price. When that item sells you receive COMC store credit, without ever taking possession of the card! It’s that easy!

If you’re not already a COMC member, register your free account today! This summer there is a cooler place to be at than your favorite swimming spot! We look forward to seeing you on COMC!