Check Out Your Grades! – March BGS Grading Returns

All we can say is “WOW!” We are seeing a record amount of BGS Submissions return on a monthly basis. 2017-18 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey remains an overwhelming favorite,  as this months returns saw tons of gem mint Young Guns. With so many great cards to choose from, we’ve picked out the cream of the crop to showcase in this months’s edition of Check Out Your Grades!

Did you know that you can submit any item in your inventory manager via the actions menu to BGS for grading or to COMC for our weekly Condition Review? Not only will your cards be graded within six weeks, but they’ll have a chance to be showcased in our monthly blog series!

3 thoughts on “Check Out Your Grades! – March BGS Grading Returns

  1. If you guys had a feature where I could type in a minimum BGS Grade for encapsulation for each card I would shift 99% of my BGS grading to
    COMC. If someone acquires a Card on COMC and adds it to their port or a redemption it’s hard to grade it by looking at The Comc photos. The redemption comes in looks good enough to Grade from the pictures I pay a small premium to have you guys Send it to Bgs. (I am aware that you offer a Comc Grade )The card comes back 8.5 And the value of the card is now diminished. So I need to have Comc send it to me then I need to pay to insure it to send it to Bgs so they can uncase it to its raw form. So if you want to grow your BGS business significantly hire a part time programmer to make a mininum Grade for encapsulation Grade field on the submit to BGS portion of Comc it can be a 2 Number field so one could put a 9.5 in it or a 10.

    • Thank you for the great minimum grade feature suggestion. We will make sure that your request is seen by our Developmental Team!

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