Check Out Your Grades! – December BGS Grading Returns

Hello COMC Nation!

It’s the start of a new year which means new changes are coming to the COMC Blog! We’re pleased to announce the debut of our new blog series, “Check Out Your Grades!” . In this series, we’ll look at our ten favorite grading returns from the previous month that were submitted to BGS through COMC.

Did you know that you can submit any item in your inventory manager via the actions menu to BGS for grading or to COMC for our weekly Condition Review?

December 2017 Grading Returns:



3 thoughts on “Check Out Your Grades! – December BGS Grading Returns

  1. Is there a grading dashboard or some other way for us to check the status of grading submissions we’ve made? I submitted a handful of cards for grading last fall and am wondering what the status is of them.

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