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Who wants to sell more cards?

For nearly 5 years, our sellers have enjoyed the ability to cross-list their inventory on Amazon, and COMC quickly became the #1 seller of trading card singles on the Amazon marketplace. Get ready, because starting today, we’re about to do the same with eBay.

COMC sellers can now easily have their cards listed in the COMC_Consignment eBay Store by opting in to List on eBay beta.

List on eBay (BETA)

We want our sellers to have an opportunity to try out the new List on eBay option for free, so during the List on eBay (BETA) period, you can have us list your port without any per-item listing fees. By turning on the List on eBay (BETA) option, you’re agreeing to automatic 20% off offers when an item sells on eBay, just like with Amazon.

While you’re enjoying an increase in sales on eBay, we’re going to monitor the sales to help us finalize a brand new commission structure which introduces a Final Value Fee on every sale to better support high end cards. That means you’ll earn the same amount of Store Credit from an eBay sale as you do from a COMC sale. Additionally, our current 20% Cash Out fee will be significantly reduced and even eliminated, in some cases. We’ll announce more details as we get closer to the end of the beta period.

How to opt-in

If you’ve already opted in to List on Amazon, you don’t need to do anything to List on eBay. You already agreed to take 20% off offers when items sell on Amazon, so we opted you in to List on eBay (BETA).

However, if you don’t currently have the Amazon option turned on:

  1. From your Dashboard, go to your Account Menu and select Profile & Options
  2. Scroll down and look for List on eBay (BETA) and Amazon
  3. Click on the radio button that says “Yes – I will accept 20% off offers from eBay and Amazon”

That’s it! Throughout the coming months your cards will gradually be listed for sale in our eBay store in addition to Amazon and

Note: As we’re ramping up, you may notice many of your cards aren’t listed on eBay right away. We’re actively working on trimming many of our descriptions down to fit eBay’s maximum 80-character requirement while still retaining the important searchable terms. We appreciate your patience as we make our descriptions more eBay-friendly. And don’t worry, the descriptions you see on won’t change.

To keep things simple at first, items for sale on COMC will be Fixed Price listings on eBay. After everything is in place and running smoothly, you can expect to see additional options like Best Offer support, eBay auctions, and customizable listings.

We anticipate those of you who list on eBay will see a significant increase in your sales volume. When you expose your inventory to eBay, your cards will be seen by a whole new group of buyers who have not yet learned about the tremendous benefits of shopping on our site, like the ability to buy over time and combine purchases into a single shipment. Not only will we provide eBay buyers with our industry-leading customer service, we’ll also include marketing material in their shipments to educate them about COMC.

So head on over to your Profile & Options and turn on the List on eBay (BETA) and Amazon option. We’re thrilled to take this next step with you and can’t wait to see how listing on eBay helps your cards find a brand new market of collectors.

The COMC Team


27 thoughts on “Coming Soon to eBay – COMC

  1. this is a great improvement in my mind, thanks!

    on a side note – how / when are cards listed on all 3 sites (COMC, Amazon, ebay)? In other words, when i price a card in inventory manager and hit save, does that card get listed to all 3 sites at once, or do you just upload to Amazon and ebay at specific times of the day.

    • When pricing items from your inventory manager, the changes reflect almost immediately on, and may be delayed about 1 hour for this to migrate to eBay or Amazon.

  2. Wow! Many thanks and congratulations to the incredible COMC team for making this happen! Amazon was a great add several years ago for additional sales and I have no doubt ebay will too.
    The best just got better.


  3. So do you have to adhere to the Ebay policies for feedback and returns. Will this be an Ebay account of your own with feedback going to you or does the feedback go to my personal Ebay account? If a person buys something from you on Ebay and returns it. Do I take the hit or will COMC keep the returned items?

    • This is done very similar to how we sell on Amazon. There is a COMC store and we will adhere to eBay policies for items sold through this service. As the items sell from our comc_consigment account, any feedback would be for our company. Any eBay returns would reflect on our comc_consignment account, and the returned cards would be inspected and returned to your COMC account per our refund policy.

  4. This is really great news and should help tremendously. One question: I noticed on the few cards that are currently on the store ( the shipping is set to $3.99. Is shipping going to stay at that rate? I’d love for it to be around $3.00 for U.S. shipping to help sell lower dollar cards. That said, I love the feature where you can ship free to your account from eBay. That will help.

    • In order to provide the best experience, cards purchased from eBay will be packaged within one business day. This is what we currently do with our Rapid shipping option, which is $4.99. This is also keeping in line with how we ship on Amazon.

  5. Really like this idea and am looking forward to it but wanted to check to see how it will be decided on what gets sent over to ebay first? I am sure most of us want our cards to be sent first and the part that concerns me is you say over the coming months.

    I noticed when the catalog was being built my items were some of the last to be corrected and wanted to make sure that would not be the same with the ebay listings.


    • For right now, we’ve started by listing cards that have been sitting with us for some time. Due to a character limit in the descriptions of items for sale on eBay, we’re going to need to trim down this text in order to list many of the cards in our service to make sure that the important information is still searchable, and this will also be taken into account when generating these new listings.

  6. Great to finally see this happen, I hope this reduces the frequency of people just flipping cards for profit at the expense of the average collector. Huge kudos to the COMC team!

  7. Great move! Also appreciate CS staff answering questions and providing feedback.

  8. As I understand it, cards listed on Amazon do not include the actual scan from COMC. Will those on Ebay include the actual scan?

    • Yes, they will have the same picture as they do on COMC. While Amazon is set up to combine similar listings, which gets in the way of us providing images of each card, this is not the case on eBay.

  9. Sold my first eBay card yesterday very kool!!! Very excited about this just hope the fees don’t take over like they did on ebay. Make sure to keep it seller fair and again very excited to see where things go.

  10. I have noticed all the listings are sports categories and some of the comic cards and non sports cards are being listed in “other sports trading cards” category and was wondering if this will be adjusted for specific categories later?

    For instance there are a lot of Hellboy sketch cards over on ebay now from COMC that are in the other sports trading cards category but ebay has a specific section for Hellboy trading cards.

    Most of my stuff is non sport comic related so I thought would maybe ask before some of my things were sent over.


    • We’re working with eBay to get our categorization on their site correct. You noticed the bug where non-sports cards are being listed as “Other Sports”, which we should have fixed up soon.

      During the beta period, we’ll be working through kinks like this to give eBay customers the best possible experience.

  11. Really looking forward to seeing how much this improves sales in terms of volume and value, as well as the specifics of the new commission structure. I especially like that there will now be a per card sale fee, as it appears the best way for COMC to generate revenue, which in turn will have a positive effect on the current cash out fee.

  12. Outstanding!!! Great Job COMC staff. I’ve been waiting on this since a few of us mentioned it in a blog post comments section less than two years ago. Auctions will be awesome when added. Thank you COMC!! Not only do I now have more time, I don’t have to deal with the hassles of eBay, take pics, or spend a day shipping cards except a package of cards to COMC.

    Something I’d like to add is that every COMC seller who also has an eBay account should log into eBay, go to , click to follow the seller and also save as a favorite seller. This will help promote and market the COMC store on eBay much faster to help your cards get more views/clicks on eBay. You can also click on a card in the eBay store, scroll down, and click the share button to post a buy it now item to your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed to help spread the word. It only takes a few moments to help out folks, so log on and help your cards sell faster.

    The other big thing needed faster is Feedback. I plan to purchase a card off the COMC store on eBay to leave positive feedback so they become a trusted seller much faster.

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