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In our last video, I spoke with Tim and Geoff about our record-setting Black Friday and our shipping department. Now in this video, I sit down with Jim, our processing manager, to share information about how we process the cards we receive. Please join us in this conversation about condition notes, declined cards, handling procedures, and what we can all do to have the best COMC experience!



15 thoughts on “COMC – How We Process Cards

  1. Do Mailbox submissions need to be processed? Could it be an option after hitting the inventory?
    Many people use the mailbox for storage and then for forwarding on to international destinations

    • We do process all mailbox submissions so that the purchaser can see the items being sent to them. We have had cases where either the seller sent the wrong card, or items have arrived damaged. This way the mailbox user has an opportunity to get things straightened out with the seller.

    • Topps Series 1 Baseball was just released, and we are already receiving submissions with these cards. Once they have been processed and are live on the site, it will update so you can search for them.

  2. If I send my cards using basic service, is there a way i can choose to have the declined cards returned to me or have them premium processed and pay the extra .25 per card?

  3. I heard stories of declined cards being returned without notice. if this is true, what can I do for this not to happen to me?

  4. Is there a plan in place to put all these blog posts in a easy to read page so that we don’t need to dig through years old blog posts to find the answers to our questions?

  5. I’ve had several serial numbered/game-used and hard-to-find ‘regional’ cards returned because of minor imperfections (slight dings). Why can’t these be listed with condition notes due to the rare nature of the cards?

    • Condition notes are only applied to cards processed with our Select or Premium processing service. You can either resubmit the cards to us once they have been returned to you, or if you would email us at from the email address associated with your account and provide the item number of the declined card batch, we can have the processing team put all of the pictured cards through at either Select or Premium.

      • Thanks for your reply, Nathan.

        I actually just mailed a batch of cards today. If any of these are declined, do I have the option of upgrading the processing service before the cards are returned?

      • If you do have declined cards, you can let us know you would like them all processed with a service that includes condition noting items. To do so, simply email us at with the item number of the image of declined cards and let us know if you would like them processed as Select or as Premium, and we will let the processing team know.

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