COMC and Upper Deck e-Pack Launch

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COMC is very pleased to announce that we have partnered with Upper Deck on the release of their e-Pack version of the 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey card set. We are working as the fulfillment center for this product, which allows us to leverage our extensive knowledge and systems to provide the best experience for thousands of new customers. We have already processed thousands of cards in preparation for this launch, and we can’t wait to start shipping them out to you.

The e-Pack Rundown

The e-Pack release of 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards is very similar to the physical product, but with some new twists:

  • Packs, boxes, and cases can be purchased online through the e-Pack site
  • At least one physical card per pack, with new exclusive e-Pack inserts:
    • Code to Greatness (1:10 e-Packs) and
    • Instant Impressions (1:10 e-Packs)
  • Physical copies of inserts and parallels transfer instantly to your COMC account, or shipped out worldwide
  • Digital-only versions of base cards can be combined for exclusive e-Pack exclusive Silver Foil Border cards


It can be a hassle to deal with the large quantities of base cards that can accumulate when ripping any amount of product. To cut back on this frustration, when you collect 10 copies of a digital-only base card, you may combine them through the e-Pack site for a Silver Foil Border. Similarly, some combinations of physical cards will allow for other exclusive cards like Young Guns rookie cards – including Connor McDavid!

What COMC Users Need to Know

Starting today with the release of the e-Pack site, you can transfer from your Upper Deck e-Packs directly to your COMC account. The transfer is absolutely free. Once the card is in your COMC account, it is treated the same as any item that has been purchased into your COMC account, you can list it for sale, ship it, or even send it out for grading.

Fans can try e-Pack for free just by registering at Once registered, users can claim a free pack every day – just for logging on.

More information, including detailed e-pack functionality, exclusive e-Pack content and  a list of e-Pack achievements users can obtain can be found at

Edit: 2/4 – Cards transferred to your COMC account act as cards purchased, not as cards consigned.

54 thoughts on “COMC and Upper Deck e-Pack Launch

  1. Really? Ecards? Really?

    How about finishing the COMC catalog first as some of my cards are still not correct and still have missing info!

    • Thank you for your question. The work that went into setting up for the Upper Deck e-Pack launch did not effect the team working on the catalog. We are hard at work finishing up the catalog, and are over 99.5% complete. Recently, we have finished clearing out 2015 [???] set for baseball cards. Next up is Football followed by Basketball and Hockey.

      • Nathan, you missed his point or walked around it. The same old story – ANYTHING that COMC does uses time and resources for new endeavors unless another entity does it for nothing. So the point David is making and many others over the past few years have – if you don’t have the concrete, don’t fill the hole in the ground for the new pool with water until you build the containment! Just saying and I too have many cards not corrected since the beginning of 2013. Just curious if the 99.5% you state is a figure you can verify personally or are you just the messenger. Sorry, but these festering sores keep opening up when not properly treated.

      • Hey Ken, let me address this by means of an analogy. While any time I spend working on blogs or answering questions on social media does effect the amount of time I’m spending answering emails, it has no effect on the processing teams ability to get images for cards. The heavy lifting for this launch was not shouldered by the team working on the catalog.
        Regarding the catalog completion percentage, I am the messenger. I will reach out to Tim to get a best explanation for the catalog and get this explanation out to you after my next meeting with him.

      • What about comics. I submitted errors weeks ago and they have still not been fixed. Some poor sap is going to come in purchase those comics thinking they are 1st prints and then find out they are reprints

    • @David
      You know, you can use the Report Error function on your cards to update to the correct information. I have done this many times and the COMC staff have always been quick to respond and correct the information.

      • I’ve had upwards of 7,000 correction requests processed since January 4th, so the Report Error system is highly effective. Actually reporting an error is far more likely to get it corrected than simply complaining about an error.

        The main items I haven’t touched so far, due to lack of clarity on what to type in the “Wrong Description” box are sketch cards and any of those non-sports cards with no title or clear subject. How do you ID a movie card with nothing but a photo on front and a paragraph explaining the scene on back, with no title? How do you ID a sketch card? By the subject? The artist? Both?

      • Nathan has probably mentioned the Report Error function to me as he always has been there to help this old guy. I better get to it now before I forget again….thanks!
        Let me throw this analogy out there Nathan. Even though you are not trained in firefighting techniques, would it be possible to stop what you are doing, put a message on the answering machine that you are out helping put out a fire and will return when the priority is handled… grab a hose or bucket and help to put out the flames. Of course you could not work the pressure controls on the fire engine but there must be some task you could do to help the ‘catalog team’ put out the fire more quickly. ; ) Again I always understand and appreciate you backing “the man” and any attempt to explain, in this particular case, why didn’t the fire chief use more fire fighters, in house temporarily, to put out the fire that is a problem instead of using resources to pursue a shiny new fire truck for the fire house?
        No need to waste any of your time answering…have a great day!

      • One more thing my friend, was the “heavy lifting” comment a lawyer’s type answer to – there may have been others that didn’t do “heavy lifting” but were used in other ways like fetching donuts and coffee for the “heavy lifters”? Just curious, trying to figure out if you have picked up some political ways of explaining things. ; )

      • Thank you Ken. I can’t go into how we do things here, and I did appreciate your analogy response to my analogy. Do we have a donuts-and-coffee fetching detail? Not exactly, but we do all support the staff working on the catalog.

      • Nathan you are a good man! Patience, loyal company man (good in your case), humorous and understanding. Tim is lucky to have you on board. But I am not interested in COMC “top secret” protocol, lmao, I just throw food for thought out there and sometimes I have questions and sometimes suggestions. Thanks for being level-headed and just a good person. Now, go have a cup o’ jo and a donut on me!

    • Digital cards are a waste, seem easy to counterfeit, hope it doesnt ruin the hobby but it could, who wants a stupid image of a card, comc loses credibilty falling for this crap

      • One of the revolutionary things about ePack is that, with the exception of a few digital only cards, their is a physical copy of the card that we at COMC have already received, processed, imaged, and inventoried. These physical cards can be quickly added to a COMC account, or shipped around the world by us. And, digital only cards can be combined for ePack exclusive cards. While the daily free pack will only have digital only base cards, every purchased pack will have at least one physical card. It is possible to buy a pack, get a big hit, transfer it your linked COMC account, and have it sold – all from the comfort of your home.

      • Well, 3 days in and I already have dupes from my free packs. Someone needs to talk to UD about collation 😉

        Is there any plan to allow digital cards to be bought and sold on ComC or traded through other means so that collectors can accumulate the 10 digi’s required for the physical silver?

  2. How do we transfer the cards to our ComC account after ripping on the UD website?Do you have to rip a certain number of packs before it’s transferrable?

    • Only Physical cards can be transferred to your COMC account. For the digital only base cards, ten copies can be combined to receive an exclusive foil physical card.

      First, make sure your e-Pack and COMC accounts are linked. To link accounts, when logged into e-Pack, click the icon on the upper right side of the screen with your username, choose Account Details, and then Linked Accounts.

      When browsing your e-Pack collection, all physical cards are marked with an icon on the lower left of the card. Clicking on the card will bring up all of the copies you own. There will be four icons on the left of the card, the top one adds the card to your transfer cart.

      Clicking on the transfer cart icon on the upper right of the screen, you will see the options to either have the cards shipped out, or sent to your COMC account. Choose Send My Cards to COMC, confirm on the next page, and the items will be transferred to your COMC account.

      • Gotcha.

        So are physical cards available only in the purchased packs and not the daily freebies? Or what are the odds on the daily free packs of getting a physical card?

      • Each pack will contain at least one physical card. The daily freebies will be only digital product. For the full odds, please see the link on the e-Pack page, which can be found by going to the Store heading, and clicking the dice icon next to the 2015-16 UD Series 1 Hockey card pack.

  3. Wow I should have checked before I opened my big mouth. It looks as though a lot of cards that were missing information in my account are now fixed.

    Still not a fan of the ecards thing though.

  4. Cool concept but UD missed a huge opportunity by not providing trading functionality on the site. Not sure this is going to take off when you pull a decent hit like a Eichel YG Canvas but can’t trade or sell like many do with the Topps virtual cards.

  5. Anything that brings more exposure to COMC, and hence more customers is a good thing in my mind

  6. I love it! Would be great for Int’l collectors when we can use store credit as well, as we cant use it for blowout credit, as they don’t ship OS… Which doesn’t seem to be a problem for other online retailers….. To those who don’t like it… Don’t use it… Simple as that, but if you think this is not good for COMC, you obviously have no idea

  7. So we purchase one real card and the rest are not real physically but metaphysical but not really metaphysical, kinda like a shadow – you can see it but cannot touch it. Looking forward to hearing more about this futuristic endeavor. Seriously though, good luck with it even if I can’t see the future in it – no pun intended. Should be interesting to say the least.

  8. I was skeptical of “eCards” myself but instead of just deciding I didn’t like them, I bought a box to see what the deal was.

    The break itself was actually a lot of fun (and I can see where it may get a little bit addicting). I went through pack by pack and card by card but it appears that one can also tear the whole box open in one click – not 100% certain on that end. Not the greatest thing in the world but certainly not the worst either.

    After my break I decided to upload the hits to COMC. The Young Guns cards stayed in my UD account (unsure why I want to keep them at this point but so be it) but the remaining cards all hit the site here this afternoon – from the time I clicked the “transfer” button on UD to the time I received the COMC email that items had been added to my account was about a minute – WOW!

    All in all – I am excited with the new partnership to see where it all goes.

    Congrats and thanks!

    • Since you bought box I have some questions to see if I understand this right. You got 24 cards real cards of which 6 were “Young Guns” and 48 digital cards. You got 1 jersey card. Did you get any numbered cards? If I understand this correctly COMC already has the matching numbered card and they are sitting on it waiting for someone to uncover it on the upper deck site?

      • You get more digital cards than that, but until you get 10 of the same one, you can’t do anything with them, although if they enable trading you could end up with 10 that way. You can also pull numbered cards from the packs. To your point, it sounds like they already have the card and are waiting for someone to open the pack that it’s in.

    • I agree with this as I have opened a few packs already I’m just not a hockey fan at heart. Is there plans for baseball or football epacks in the future?

  9. As a huge fan of Topps digital card games (Bunt, Huddle, Kick, Star Wars), this is awesome! Having the ability to turn 10 dupes into a real card is amazing.


  10. Well, I was feeling a bit run down at the end of a long week but this eCard feature has put a big smile on my face and $90 in UD’s pocket that would not have gone there otherwise as I don’t usually do UD Series 1. Obviously I bought a box, cracked it, transferred the non-combinable cards to COMC and to my surprise the software seems really solid. Nice. I pulled a nice 2CL Jordan Eberle GU and some nice parallels too. What would be even more cool is if we could purchase the combinable cards we need on eCard on COMC so we can combine for the nifty parallels. Do you know if we will be able to buy combinable cards and push them into our eCard accounts?

    • Currently, the ability to combine some cards for the e-Pack exclusive is only available for cards purchased using the e-Pack. I know there are further features that we are working with Upper Deck on, including the ability to buy e-Pack product with COMC Store Credit, but we do not have any further details at this time.

  11. Great work COMC! Hopefully this is the door to you fulfilling redemption cards, too.
    It’s a bummer that I can’t receive base cards from my favorite players / teams from e-Packs. Maybe someday, huh? I like the ability to combine base cards and the ability to instantly transfer hits to COMC. Keep up the great work!

    • Well the good news is that getting base cards is already easy, even if getting them from ePacks directly isn’t possible.

  12. Sooooo. Are the physical cards you have somehow special or exclusive to this product? Are they different from the physical cards I would get from a pack of 2015-16 Series one at my LCS? If not then this is a pretty big waste of time and money. I mean why pay for pretty pictures and one real card, when I can go by a pack for the same price and get all real cards?

  13. Digital cards? This is like looking at a photobucket… except you pay for photos of a bunch of cards…..and get a few that may or may not be physical because they end up on COMC without ever being seen or touched by a collector…. strange…

    • 25 years ago it was strange to find an autograph in a pack. 20 years ago it was blasphemous for a company to consider cutting up a game worn item and place swatches of said item on a card and put it in packs. 15 years ago local card shows and shops were heavily attended and people were afraid of the internet because they couldn’t hold the card in hand. And 10 years ago having one entity allow any person to send their cards to a central location, process those cards with front and back scans, ID those cards for listing in a marketplace, and handle all the shipping headaches while that person has nothing to do but price their cards and accept payments “will never work”. Innovation is always important for a hobby that otherwise would get stale and dry up for good. Have you encountered any stamp collectors lately?

      I for one welcome anything that injects new excitement into this hobby that we all obviously care about or we wouldn’t be here. Digital content with a physical aspect to it caters exactly to the current generation and the next one, both of which are entirely about instant gratification combined with earning achievement that they are used to through video game play. The ePack allows the instant gratification of pack ripping and ways to earn bigger prizes with the added bonus of not cluttering up precious space with a bunch of cards they don’t want to hold on to. The typical collector doesn’t hold everything like those of us who grew up ripping packs before all these innovations I mentioned earlier came along. The ePack concept meets the wants of the most consumers.

      I’ve been in this hobby long enough to know that the older generation is scared because of the change this represents. Unfortunately for long time collectors the days of one product per company per sport are long gone. Packs aren’t 30 cents and boxes aren’t $10 any more. Just as with all the things that came along that I mentioned earlier, those that want to adjust will and those that don’t either will continue to hold on to their youth desperately and be unhappy with their hobby or quit. Whatever each collector decides to do is up to them. For me, I’m having fun logging on to the Upper Deck website each day since the launch opening the daily free pack they give me. I look forward to the trade functionality happening because trading doesn’t happen where I frequent. The ePack concept is where our hobby has been headed for some time and I for one am excited that it is here and COMC is involved.

      • Tony E has a good point and I’m sure some folks appreciate the history of collecting you have experienced. But having been in the hobby since the late 70’s I also have seen the “hobby” evolve from just fun trading to what it has become now, ie. “it’s mostly about the Benjamins”. Granted most newbies find great pleasure in trading/collecting etc. But now, a hobby has turned into a race to see who can separate folks from their money….some with very helpful ideas and sadly, some with nefarious intentions. Me? I’m just trying to make a few bucks with my collection to buy some “stuff” for the grandkids and maybe a boat to just sit out on the lake and fish.

        My point – COMC is trying to make an honest buck in a steadily shrinking part of the memorabilia craze and in their quest have come up with some great ideas. Folks like Tony E, and myself included, offer opinions and food for thought and hopefully help Tim make the decisions to make COMC one of the better places to buy/sell/trade in the memorabilia industry.

        When you infer that the “older generation is scared” please don’t include me in your absolute knowledge of our proud but aging group of geezers! Interested, curious, doubtful maybe, but not scared. Relax, you sound like a personal attack was launched against your decision to try this new and interesting idea!

        PS/ I can’t think of one person involved in this hobby, over the decades, that didn’t jump up and down and dance the jig when he/she pulled a swatch card from a pack. “blasphemous”? More like reverent excitement is what I remember, kind of like Christmas morning as a child. It was just another successful idea to market a product. Can’t remember one incident of blasphemy accusation, and especially from the athletes that made a few bucks off some old wool, moth ball smelly uni in the basement. Hmmmm, I wonder if I still have my PAL league uniform from the 50s??

      • Hmmm… considering I also deal in stamps and coins, yes I have encountered stamp collecting… Every innovation you mentioned involved a tangible product. This makes as much sense as paying to look at photos on ESPN… That is what you are buying…the right to hold onto a photo of a card on another server for as long as they choose to allow it. Does Upper Deck promise to keep these photos you purchased forever? What happens if they go out of business? It seems to me in a day and age where “virtual reality” has taken up a great portion of our lives….that if you are going to call yourself a card collector…. it should actually involve cards….and not just photos of cards…

      • One quick note is that, with the exception of cards 1-200 of the base set, all of the cards purchased through the e-Pack site are physical cards that COMC has already received, processed, and are warehousing. Additionally, the digital only cards can be combined for exclusive foil parallels.

  14. I love this idea! I can’t give all my base cards away and do nothing but take up space. I usually just donate them. This way you have a chance to get a more rare version that is actually collectible. I must admit, i have opened 16 packs and 1 box and my best card has been “A day with the cup” card. Nothing great and nothing worth anything near the cost i have paid for this in $ value. $154.00 American and have maybe $50 to show in value. I guess not every time you win. I will keep trying… lol

  15. I’m hearing people are being hit with the $0.25 charge when trying to ship their cards out. Is that suppose to be charged?

    • EDIT Cards transferred to your COMC account are treated as cards purchased, not cards consigned. This has been updated in the blog post.

      While there is no charge to add a card from e-Pack to your COMC account, it is treated like a consigned purchased card, and will have the per card shipping and handling fees included when the card is listed for sale or marked for shipment.

    • I think that may become a virtual reality in the foreseeable future……practically speaking of course.

  16. I bought a binder and my 9 pocket pages I spent over 400 dollars I want all these cards to be physical I would love to pass them down to my children one day..i could have spent the same money at my local card dealer and had all my cards..the good news is I got 3 game worn jersey patches including Henrik lundqvist

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