COMC Update: New Declined Card System

COMC furthers its commitment to improving communication with our sellers today by rolling out a new method for handling declined cards – modern cards submitted through Basic processing which we have decided not to list due to their condition. This change is the first part of our plan to bring more clarity to our customers about our consignment services and processing standards.

Beginning today, after we sort a consignment submission, we will deposit a photo overview of cards we declined into the seller’s account. The photos will appear in the Inventory Manager as “2015 Declined Items” along with your cards. From there, you may now add those returns to a shipment or give them to charity.

2015 Declined Items are deposited to your account free of charge and will not be charged per-item shipping and handling fees at the time of shipment. In the coming months, we will work to retroactively process previously declined items using the new service.

This step was implemented to ensure our sellers receive communication about items we declined as early as possible. We will continue to iterate and improve the process as we hear from you, so let us know what you think. Email us at with the subject COMC Declined Cards and tell us about your experience with our new declined card method.