Black Friday Submission Reminder

Hello COMC Nation

With fall starting tomorrow, we wanted to remind you that the deadline for sending in cards to guarantee they are up by Black Friday is drawing near. To ensure your cards are in your account by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, please make sure your submissions arrive by the following dates:

  • Basic: September 30th – just a week and a day away!
  • Select: Wednesday, November 11th – same rate and price as last year’s special, but without the restrictions!
  • Premium: Friday, November 20th – for the buzzer beaters!

6 thoughts on “Black Friday Submission Reminder

  1. Is there a minimum? Is it an option in the dropdown for submission? Thanks, I don’t remember what the special was for submission last year. Thanks! Cyndee

      • just want to make sure I understand. There IS NO SPECIAL, you are just reminding us to send in our cards and if we want them up in time for Black Friday, we should pay more and they will be processed quicker, does that summarize this “special?”

      • For Black Friday last year, the processing special was 50 cents a card for two week service, but only for recent cards. The special did so well, we turned it into the Select processing service which has been running since the beginning of the year. We did not have a separate processing special this year.

  2. Sounds good to me! Especially if mackie and buymore and cardkings keep buying from me (why aren’t you guys on a forum – I have 50% auto accept but you guys aren’t on a forum so you never see that…)

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