COMC Spring Cleaning

I am happy to announce that COMC’s Spring Cleaning Deal will run from June 14th through the 21st. This special is a great way to close out spring with a bang!

Now is the time to get in some good deals. We have offered sellers a limited time special to help shed some inventory in time for summer. There are plenty of cards to choose from, with many priced to move quick. To make the deal even better, we’re offering a Free Shipping special. Request a shipment of 30 cards or more, and we will waive the $3 shipping cost for a standard order.

We are excited for this next season and we hope you will take advantage of these specials and make this spring a huge success!

8 thoughts on “COMC SPRING CLEANING: 6/14 – 6/21

  1. Thanks for the sale. Will COMC extend this sale like prior years or offer seasonal free sales?

  2. The best ones are the sellers with WAY over priced cards and the ones that decline any offer you send and then double the price of that card. But for most of the others I bought several card and got a few deals.

  3. This may be off topic for this blog but I am trying to get as much exposure to my point, so COMC can offer needed card information to increase sales for sellers.

    Maybe someone can help COMC get some cards listed with very important card information. Just one example below, of dozens I have listed but important search criteria is missing – for example a print run of 3 on a Alex Forsberg ITG heroes/prospects silver, number m-12. These low print types are very desirable to many collectors but COMC will not add that important information unless it is verified by the manufacturer which I understand. But what I don’t understand is why it is taking months to find that corroborating information. Beckett and other sites have it so maybe someone can help Tim out and get these cards ID’d properly with some investigative digging of contacts from the different manufacturers.
    I have tried my best but surely COMC being in the business/hobby for over 10 years could have got it by now but maybe things are too busy there. Anyway, it is very important to give potential buyers the specific and very important search criteria to help us sellers. Many buyers/collectors only do specific searches for different print runs to fulfill needs.


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