Want a Mobile App? Vote for us!

Hi COMC Nation,

I applied for a $100K grant for COMC!  If we win, we will apply those funds towards building a mobile app and increased marketing efforts.  We need 250 votes to be considered.


It’s one click past the click in this post, so should only take 2 seconds of your time.

Even if you don’t care about a mobile app, your vote would really help!

Much appreciation!



6 thoughts on “Want a Mobile App? Vote for us!

  1. Absolutely, you got it! I’m really excited to hear about the additional marketing investments. Keep up the great work COMC!

  2. I would happily vote but once again something wants to force me to connect to a Facebook account to vote which I refuse to do. Looks like you’ve already broken the 250 vote mark anyway.

  3. Could you please explain more about this application. If we are to vote for something we should know more about how our this affects our involvement. And what are the stipulations and requirements. You are asking us, essentially, to be a partner with our vote for a business endeavor with vague facts about this. With our vote and very little information about this new program you are asking us to be complicit with something we know very little about. Will the money be entirely used for this new app? With our vote will we be held responsible in any part to whoever is granting this money? How will the app help the buyers and sellers on COMC? Will COMC programmers be used to build this app, because it seems the present programmers are up to their necks in fixing bugs (I find glitches and bugs almost daily) and developing new “stuff”.
    Thanks in advance for shedding more light on how our votes will help you help the buyers and sellers on COMC. This is a very large amount of money you are asking us to join you in securing. New and exciting things are always welcome if they make the users of COMC more profitable. and make the site more user friendly and efficient…good luck!
    Best regards,

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