Check Out Your Cards – March 20th

Hello again, folks. It’s time for the second edition of Check Out Your Cards, our new blog post where I meet with a member of our identification team and ask them to tell me about some of the amazing cards that they’ve seen while working at COMC. This week we continue with some items that Greg had flagged when I asked him to help with this project. Today we’ll show off a Black Slabbed card, a nice Logo man, an impressive auto, and a great soccer card.

2014 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs #JA Jose Abreu [BGS 10 BLACK]
Jose Abreu

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Introduced as the ultimate label, for the ultimate card, for the ultimate collector, this is the first black slabbed card that we’ve seen. A perfect ten in centering, edges, corners, and surface. And on a chrome card, this is even more difficult to achieve. Not much more needs to be said about this spectacular Jose Abreu card, other than it’s great to have an item of this quality listed on our site.

2013-14 Panini National Treasures Logoman Signatures #LS-KI Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving

Greg admitted that, beyond this being a good looking card with a great signature of a rising star, it was the Logoman that made him want to rescue this card from mailbox obscurity and give the world a chance to see it. Logoman cards are such a chase, and with a patch this pristine, you know the owner of this card is happy.

2014 Bowman Prospects Chrome Printing Plate Magenta #BCP25 – Kris Bryant /1 [PSA/DNA Certified Auto]

Kris Bryant

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Kris Bryant, Dick Howser Trophy winner and second pick in the 2013 Major Leauge Baseball Draft, is one of the hottest prospects in baseball right now. He has what it takes to be one of the greats, and only time will tell how far he’ll go. Greg thought that it was great to see people sending such rare 1/1’s through our site.

2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Signatures #S-LME – Lionel Messi [BGS 9.5]

Lionel Messi

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This card is from the 2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Signatures, one of the coolest soccer sets ever. In fact, when the product came out, Greg and a few of his friends went in for a case, hoping to pull something as valuable as this. Sadly, they were out of luck. But, shortly after, Greg and another friend went in together on a box, and wouldn’t you know, they pulled a Lionel Messi. While this is not the card they found that day, seeing this one on our site made Greg smile.

Next Time on COYC

We show off some strange non-sport items from Topps, Upper Deck, and Allen & Ginter.

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  1. Is COMC going to do a Spring Cleaning Sale since today is the first day of Spring?

      • I apologize for the lateness of the response, but I have just answered the question.

    • I asked about the spring promotion yesterday. While it is still being planned, it is not likely to happen until close to the end of April. When I have a date, I will be sure to announce it.

  2. I wanted to make some suggestions, specifically, regarding the watch list. Making it a bit more robust. Absent a better alternative, and knowing someone who can really put some thought into what I am suggesting would have a better chance at seeing it here as a comment as opposed to emailing, I decided to post here.

    1. The ability to add items to your cart from your watch list. Currently you have to go to the actual listing to add to your cart, then backpage back to your watch list (or you can click on view item or use the drop down menu, there are several different ways to get back to your watch list but, no matter how you get back there….) your watch list is no longer sorted the same way it just was. generally priced low to high for me. (it defaults back to showing the most recent item you added to your watch list. Not one to just bitch about a problem, a solution is proffered further down.

    2. Have seller info added to the watch list. Also to be able to sort by seller name. It would be nice to know if I have 10 or 15 items from the same seller in my watch list, maybe I can add them all to my cart (see above request) and make an offer.

    3. Ability to set a default (saved) sort in your watch list. As mentioned earlier, it automatically defaults to showing the last item you put in your watch list.

    4. Ability to sort by item info or player in your watch list.

    Not sure how difficult these would be to implement. Just trying to give some feedback to make the shopping experience a bit more easy and less cumbersome/annoying.

    Will there ever be a smartphone app?

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