Welcome Back Nathan Richards, COMC Communications Manager

It’s Good to be Back

While I know it’s been announced in the forums, and some of you might have seen me responding to emails or answering your calls in the last three weeks, I have not yet formally introduced myself. I am Nathan Richards, Communications Manager at COMC.

My name might be familiar to a few of you, I worked Customer Service at COMC from the summer of 2012 to the fall of 2013. I’ve spent the last few weeks reacquainting myself with the ins and outs of COMC, and I am looking forward to reintroducing myself to all of you. I am here to make sure that we have clear and open lines of communications between COMC and our fierce and loyal users.

In the next few weeks I will be working with Tim and Julia to answer a lot of long standing questions and to resolve a number of customer concerns that we have been hearing. My goal is to make sure that we are building the best company using all of the insights from our users and employees. Additionally, I will be on social media, in the forums, and answering email and calls along with the rest of our customer service team.

Goodbye to Moe

Yesterday was Customer Service Agent Maurice (Moe) Smith’s last day with us. He had been with us for some time, working first in the Identification Department, and most recently he was an important member of the customer service team, handling email and many of our social media accounts. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

6 thoughts on “Welcome Back Nathan Richards, COMC Communications Manager

  1. Hello Nathan, Good Luck Mo. When is the Spring Sale like years past going to start, and for how long Nathan? Thanks!

  2. Welcome back Nathan. I hope the rat squad is a bit more “adult” with you than they were with Moe. The treatment he received elsewhere was nothing short of playground bully…

  3. My best to Moe. He did a great job under an overwhelming situation, as did the gentleman before him but not to the degree Moe faced IMHO. I can only imagine the frustration he endured everyday trying to answer an enormous amount of questions about a subject that he had limited knowledge. He was very lucky to have a person like Norbert that had his back when needed. I am positive Moe’s’ next employer will enjoy a very dedicated and loyal gentleman as did Tim for this short period of time. Hopefully for the person who is hired will not face the problems that Moe had to address and are at least manageable in a way stress is not part of the everyday routine. Moe, was very professional and kind to this old geezer many times and I apologize to him if I made his life annoying at times. I know he understood the best he could about the frustration that was directed his way. He also knew, I believe, that the few folks that “over did” the complaining were few and far between and he didn’t take it personally…..he was pretty damn patient and logical.
    You are a good man Moe…..God bless!

  4. I can’t speak for how Moe took it… but those who felt they were entitled to be rude and abusive just because that den of sewage allowed it… well…. humanity at its worst was on display.

  5. A hearty welcome back to Nathan. My memories, not that long ago, are of a person in the mold of Moe. Before the “restructure” Nathan was a tremendous help to this new guy on the block. I wish him all the luck in the world and offer my cousin Vinny’s phone number in Jersey for any playground bullies that go overboard. Although, I cannot relate “playground bullies” to Moe’s situation as bullies,. Although predators, they are usually are face to face with their prey and are impulsive. The folks Tony relates to are just folks that don’t have the ability to handle frustration as well as others. Bullies are just insecure humans. Because if they are frustrated, in most cases, it is because of jealousy. Every one should understand that and remember to keep this site a civil place to visit but also remember that Nathan is not the architect, he will answer what he can and pass along anything else higher up the chain.

    My best,

    PS/ Vinny – 609-555-5555

  6. I sure hope Moe left on his own free will. If not, that would be a foul. Moe really kept the ship sailing (PR wise) during rocky weather. You did a geat job Moe and I wish you nothing but the best.

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