Introducing our new “Select” Processing Service

Hello COMC Nation! As 2014 comes to a close, COMC is getting ready to make 2015 our best year ever.

We’re close to hitting the 10 million card mark, our card catalog transition is over 95% complete, and we’ve recently introduced Auctions, a feature the COMC Nation had been asking us to bring to COMC for quite some time. These are some of the positive developments we’ve seen in a year filled with challenges.

Probably the only challenge we didn't have to face in 2014...

Probably the only challenge we didn’t have to face in 2014…

On top of these developments, our processing teams have seen some great improvements, as we’re now seeing cards that are submitted via our Basic Processing service being deposited into user portfolios on an average of 25 days after being received.

With this and the requests we’ve been receiving to have more Processing options available to our users, we’re ready to introduce a new processing service for our users – a service we’re calling “Select Processing“.

  • Processing Time: 2 weeks or less
  • Price Per Item: $0.50
  • $2 minimum submission
  • Standard sized cards only. For graded, encased, booklets, oversized, sports poker chips, coins or pins continue to use Premium..
  • A 50¢ upgrade charge is required to list a Select card for more than $100.

Minor Basic Processing Adjustment
Along with this new Select service we are also making a slight adjustment to our Basic service. We will start enforcing the $0.05 fee to remove toploaders. If we have to scan basic items in toploaders because they are very expensive, fragile, or thicker than 3.5mm (138pt), we will start charging an extra $0.25. For these types of items, please use either Select or Premium processing.

As things return to normal at COMC, we will continue to evaluate other processing options we might be able to offer COMC Nation. As always, stayed tuned for the latest news and developments at our FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Instagram pages.

34 thoughts on “Introducing our new “Select” Processing Service

  1. in before jhs, tonyaaaaaaa, peters, etc…bah humbug! I kid, though I don’t get the upcharge for asking prices over $100. There is already an upcharge for prices over $50 whether is sells for less than the $50 or not. What is the difference from $50-$100 and do both come into play or does it go by the service chosen? I already lost out $ on the vault upcharges and a couple for asking prices over $50 (my mistake pricing my last batch)

    • Nice.

      More expensive items get better-quality scans, which can reduce the chance of there being a return. I’m OK with the charge but with they would proactively remove these types of cards when they come in. (I’m not good at separating them and would happily pay for this service.) It’s the worst of both worlds getting a premium-style scan AND having to wait the extra time for it.

      I’ve priced a few over $50 on accident, too. Like flushing money down the turlet. Ugh. I think the vault upcharges were refunded, though.

      • While it’s only a few cents here and there, you’ve got a lot of commons (like 25 cent cards) with $50 prices. Look at all of your 1994 Leaf baseball cards. They’re mostly $50, with a 10% sale discount. I’m sure COMC appreciates the ongoing donations.

      • Unfortunately COMC is not interested at this point in doing anything about listings that make the site look foolish. Joel is not the worst offender when it comes to this. As you said, they take the donation and the seller gets the attention he craves.

    • You can think of Select Processing as a cheaper & faster service for items you want to sell for $50-$100. It costs $0.25 for Basic Processing, plus there is $0.50 upgrade charge to ask more than $0.50, and it takes up to 8 weeks for processing. Now, if you help us out by separating out your expensive items from Basic Processing, we give you 4x faster processing while charging you 33% less.

      The main reason for the $0.50 upcharge fees is to encourage you to separate out your valuable cards. We don’t like it when very expensive cards are sitting in our slower processing pipelines. We want the items to be scanned and put up for sale as quickly as possible. This also helps us know when we need to be extra super duper careful. Since Select Processing is a lot faster than Basic Processing, we bumped the $0.50 upcharge threshold from $50 up to $100.

      Here is a rule of thumb that will give you the best processing service at the lowest rate.
      – If you want to ask $100+ or your item is graded, encased, jumbo… Use Premium Processing
      – If you want to ask $50-$99.99 or your item is thicker than 3.5mm… Use Select Processing
      – If your item is really hot or you want to get the item up for sale very quickly… Consider Using Premium or Select Processing
      – Otherwise, use Basic Processing
      – If your item was rejected from Basic Processing because it needs a condition note… Consider Select Processing

      By separating out the items that slow down us down, you help us afford to keep our Basic Processing service at only $0.25. If you don’t want to take the time to sift through your cards and pull out the more expensive ones, that is fine, but you will typically end up paying the same price as the Premium service and you won’t get the the super fast, extremely careful processing that Premium items receive.

  2. Congratulations Mark! Gold Star!
    I think I like this! Was never a fan of the $25 minimum as we used to like to send in smaller batches…. 50 cents will make it prohibitive for us to send in some stuff but I can see sending some $20-$40 vintage stuff in.

    Question regarding top loaders…. We typically pack the cards in between 2 top loaders. I assume this would not fall into the fee assessment ?

    I do believe COMC is making a mistake charging users more money to send better quality items in. Simply put for 20 cents VS $1 here, we can list the item on Etsy or put it directly on Amazon. I would think COMC would want better items on the site and we all know with todays scanner technology, even at high DPI the difference between scanning at 96 DPI and 600 DPI time wise is minimal.

    Joel you do have to be careful when pricing those 1990 Donruss commons… the difference between $49.98 and $50 can take a bite out of you!

    One other question…. please define FRAGILE and VERY EXPENSIVE when it comes to your other fees? $100? $500? All cards can be considered fragile when not in protective holders.

    • We only count toploaders if we have to remove cards from them. If they are just sandwiching items, we won’t charge anything for that.

      Regarding better quality items… We have some plans we are working on to help encourage more of these items. That said, $1 for processing of a $100 item is only 1%, while $0.25 processing of a $2.50 item is 10%. So we figure the processing fees become negligible for more expensive items, and people would probably rather that we focus on creating a better solution for other fees that we charge.

      Regarding fragile items… This not very common, but there are some items that scratch very easily, and we have to carefully put them in toploaders in order to prevent scratching. Other items might be certain die cut shapes that could easily get damaged, so we might carefully put them in a toploader. The vast majority of cards don’t have these issues, but there are some items that you really need to be extra careful with. It is hard to describe the scenario generically, but I will see if we can publish a list of example sets that have these issues.

      Regarding very expensive… You should assume that we will scan items in a toploader if we think you should sell the item for $50+. That said, we don’t catch everything, and I believe we actually use $100+ as our threshold. However, that is not based on looking up any data in our system. At this point in out processing pipeline our sorting team is handling the physical cards and only has a couple seconds to make a quick judgement call.

      If you get items scanned in toploaders that you think should not have been scanned in a toploader, you can always contact customer service, and we can issue refunds for any mistakes we make.

      • Thank you Tim. Your responses to my questions do make sense. I’ll be testing out the new service next month as soon as the shipping credit hits my account for the items sent during December. Happy Holidays!

      • If I use the $1 processing on a $30 card and I send it in a top loader to protect it are you going to charge me $1.05 or $1 to process it or is the .05 charge only for non premium card service cards? Thanks

  3. “We will start enforcing the $0.05 fee to remove toploaders”

    Are there any other rules that are not being enforced at the current time? I am planning on submitting a batch soon, the first in over a year given the great update on the catalog status, and would like to know I am on the same page as all other people submitting cards for consignment. In previous batches, I have always made a point to submit exactly as required by the site.

    Also, yes, you’ve introduced Auctions, and I’ve bid on many and won a few. However, it’s not really a ‘feature’ until it is open for the sellers to use. I like the idea, but will be interested to see what kind of fees are attached to it. Some sort of update or timetable on users being able to list on auctions, as well as the fees, etc, would be great.

    • That is the only rule that we were not always enforcing that we are now constantly enforcing. Removing toploaders is literally slow and painful. The goal of this fee is to limit the volume of items we receive in toploaders.

      Regarding Auctions… We will be posting more information in January.

      • It is now Febuary and still absolutely nothing posted about auctions!!! I am very anxious to be able to put my cards up for auctions, any update(as promised) would be greatly appreciated!! Keep up the good work, my precious metal gems green michael jordan will be arriving at your facility soon and i may just put it up for auction once you get that feature runnning!!! Thanks again Tim and Moe!! 🙂

  4. Also, total random question, but is it possible to filter out graded cards from player search results? The players I collect have hundreds of graded cards, and it is extremely annoying looking for new issues that I need when I have to sort through all of the graded copies of their rookies, etc. For example, look at Jerry Rice. I usually look for my older oddballs I need first, and sure enough, I get to fight through a ton of graded issues every single time. I hope it is a feature that I am missing that is already implemented, or something being applied in the near future.

  5. On the surface, I like this new processing option…seems to be perfect for some of the $20+ cards that I want to try to sell a bit quicker….low minimum is great also…..I have been on the fence about using COMC as part of my business model in 2015 and have sold off most of my port, but I think I am going to incorporate them quite a bit in 2015 and hopefully beyond.

  6. I see that u mention Poker Chips in this article as being taken under premium service. I was told u no longer take a Poker Chips if you do I have a bunch I would like to sell can I send them into a Comc?


    • Poker chips are no longer allowed? I need to know this before 2015 Chipz come out. Also hoping they would no longer be premium because the $1 submission fee makes it harder to move them. Most only sell for $2-3 on a good day.

  7. This does not seem to be the case. Over the past few months, I have lost out on thousands of points due to incorrect “wrong” answers, and no extra points have been credited to my account since the early days of the challenges. Most common offenses include:

    -In the baseball teams challenge, sometimes when you enter the correct minor league team (especially in minor league team sets), the system says you’re wrong and the “correct” answer is the mlb affiliate.

    -On certain multiplayer cards, the system thinks that card is only of one player (especially the 2007 Topps Co-signers sets, all sports)

    -In the new Which Player challenges, on rare occasions the system will say you’re wrong, with the “correct” answer being some weird string of digits

    -Also, sometimes on a “wrong” answer, either real or fake, the system gives zero points, which is still very annoying and insulting (in school a 98% correct test is an A, not a zero). One situation I’ve seen this happen more than once is when entering a number, such as the card # or serial challenge. It seems like sometimes if you accidentally enter an extra digit, the system might think it’s more wrong (like if you enter a 3 digit number instead of a 2 digit number). That type of thing usually happens if you accidentally bump an extra number key when typing quickly, or if a key sticks, making it very unfair to give a zero (since it’s not a knowledge-based error, just a small technical glitch).

    Also, to further veer off topic, I’d like to ask about the super slow shipping times. Normally standard shipping requests (as a buyer) take about a half a week to ship. I can understand stuff being a little bit slower in late December, but I still have a shipment request from 2 1/2 weeks ago that hasn’t shipped, plus another one at over a week.

    • We have staff who are reviewing the challenge responses and awarding points as required. We got behind on this over the holidays and are getting back on track with this.

      And, there are some shipping issues, as we are waiting for a large number of cards to arrive from the Canadian office to arrive before we complete some shipments – if your order is part of that, we do apologize for the delays.

  8. So here is a question…. I look at the challenges the last 2 days and all are showing 100% complete but I look at the leaderboard each day and people are shown as accumulating points…. but from yesterday to today I don’t see any new challenges added….How is this possible?

    • The challenges are being updated, as cards are deposited into portfolios…there aren’t huge updates, but there is enough for people to complete them for a handful of points.

  9. understood… will take some extra detective work. Am taking a leap of faith and shipping you guys 105 inserts with serial #’s of 100 or less. so chances are most of these will end up in the challenges 🙂

  10. a little off the subject of submissions..but….I would like to see some mention of major sports moments on the home splash page..with links to searches the related players/teams…like baseball hall of famers elected today..super bowl winner next month, ect ect…

  11. Are all new set checklists being built via Challenges? I’m seeing an awful lot of 2014 base cards and I would think COMC could at least use the checklists from Topps as a starting point instead of starting from scratch on everything. I mean, I appreciate giving us users/customers a chance to earn free credits, but it seems like an unnecessary delay in adding sets to the catalog.

    • why pay someone $13/hr to get the checklist, when they can pay Shoeshineboy $2/hr to create their own?

  12. I just wanted to take a second to mention that as of this morning, all 50 cards in my port are now properly identified, with correct players, sets, years and card numbers. As these are entirely obscure oddballs and Japanese cards, I understand why it took so long, but want to thank the staff for finally processing all of my corrections. I am now finally comfortable with submitting a new batch of cards. So here comes another pile of obscure oddballs, Japanese, Australian, Taiwanese and Korean cards to confound you!

    • These also sell really well. Great to see others picking up the slack when it comes to helping COMC have this kind of inventory.

  13. Regarding: updated Mailbox service: Effective March 7th, 2015

    Cards will be added to your account within TWO (2) Weeks.
    $0.50 per card with a $2.00 minimum charge per package. This applies to standard-sized raw cards.
    $1.00 per graded, encased, oversized, booklets, coins, bottle caps, poker chips, One Touched and/or Screwed Down cards with the same $2.00 minimum charge per package.
    We CANNOT accept Panini Points cards.

    I mostly have 1- card packages send to comc mailbox. i am okay with card scan changing from 1 week to 2 weeks.
    I am just worried about the $2 minimum charge per package since I mostly have 1-card package, even though card processing fee is lowered from $1 to $0.50. Do you still have the refunds for donated cards?

    Thank you!

    • As of March 7th, we will not be reimbursing users for Mailbox cards donated to charity.

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