Cyber Monday Promotions & Shopping Sprees

Cyber Monday Shopping Sprees
Some of our Black Friday Weekend Shopping Sprees went unclaimed, so we just issued 100 more shopping sprees. If you logged into COMC in the past year, you may have won a Cyber Monday Shopping Spree.

Check to see if you won

2005-06 SP Game Used Edition SIGnificance Dual Extra [Autographed] #XSIG-MM - Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan /25 - Courtesy of COMC.comCyber Monday Promotions
Many of our sellers are running Cyber Monday Sales with the deepest discounts they have ever offered. You have until midnight PST today to buy up as many of these items as you can.

Best Deals Contests
Don’t forget to post your best deals by tomorrow night for a chance to win a box of cards.
Learn more about the contest

Free Shipping
We are providing Free Shipping on any order of 10 or more items. This special only applies to items that were purchased in Simplified Shipping Mode, not Advanced Reseller Mode.

Very Large Shipment Requests
If you try to put in a shipment request for more than 500 items, we will process those requests after midnight. They will still get the same promotional rates, but we don’t want to bog down the server with these requests while everyone is shopping today.

Black Friday Update
In case you missed it. Here is a quick video update on our Black Friday Status and other COMC news.

23 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Promotions & Shopping Sprees

  1. I log in to COMC almost every day…even after my longest work days and still didn’t get a shopping spree! Hopefully next year. Thanks for making a great site and keep up the awesome improvements.

  2. No winner here lol maybe next time log in daily to no winner oh well time to add credit anyways go Cardinals

  3. I again would be curious to know what method is used to determine the winners. These days many free randomizing programs are available as is the ability to show via video how the winners were determined…. I wonder why COMC does not make these contests public…

  4. Just wanted to say Job Well Done COMC.

    I have been selling on the site since 2009 and with the all the Promos and other incentives I was able to have my best November sales month ever.

    • It was record-setting for me as well. In fact, I was scrambling at 11:59 last night trying to grab a few more cards before the sales ended. If I only could have had 5 more minutes. I just needed 5 more minutes πŸ™‚

      The problem with Cyber Monday is that it’s a Monday. I couldn’t log in all day until about 10 pm. Oh well. I’m using my proceeds to buy a bunch of Topps Tek. So psyched.

  5. Why make the contest random and actually reward the faithful users? Why not look at the number of times someone has logged in? Or posted comments to the blog? A random user could just have an account but not do much business on the site. This same user could have been randomly chosen for a prize over other more loyal customers. — maybe this is why some prizes whent unclaimed. These contest rules should be reevaluated.

      • They aren’t random, per se. There’s a post somewhere that says what it’s based on (cards bought, sold, consigned, etc.). I guess it’s a weighted random drawing, in that the number of entries you get are based on your activity.

      • Or it is someone sitting behind a computer picking his friends out. Since the drawing is done behind closed doors, nobody knows. Just saying…it is very easy these days to make a contest transparent…

    • The first shopping sprees were all based on different activities. The second batch of shopping sprees were originally issued to random users that had logged into the site in the past year. That turned out to be too broad and the shopping sprees weren’t being claimed fast enough. So I issued another batch of 100 shopping sprees to people based on the number of items purchased and shipped over the previous 4 days. Now that we have a good system in place to randomly assign shopping sprees based on different activities, we will try to do these more frequently.

    • Yes, the system is random. Each time you did a qualifying activity we gave you a virtual ping pong ball. People that had more ping pong balls had more chances to win. That was why we issued a second batch of winners for the Cyber Monday Shopping Sprees. The first batch gave everyone that logged in to the website in the past year one ping pong ball. The second batch was given to people that were actively on the site during the previous few days. The second batch was much more likely to check to see if they won.

  6. Great promotions and sales all week whether you won or lost a shopping spree traffic was up !!!!

    After viewing the video do you still plan to address mislabeled items in the period noted? I do have two items I corrected two weeks ago that have not been changed ?


    • We did blow away our best Cyber Monday. It was almost as big as Black Friday. We set records for number of items to ship as well as number of orders placed. This has forced us to have more people on shipping for the next few days. We expect to get back to our December plan next week.

      • Tim, I have obviously expressed some concerns over the last few months regarding your relationship with B*** , contests and the fee structure …and will be returning the phone call from Steve on Monday… That said three things I find encouraging.
        #1 My 350+ card order that I placed on the 29th was shipped today. I admit I wasn’t expecting it so quickly.
        #2 I noticed an AUCTIONS option (though not functioning yet) in the promotions tab…. if this comes to fruition I would find this to be VERY exciting.
        #3 The catalog is coming together quicker and better than I expected. I was THRILLED when you guys broke away from Beckett and knew it would take time to reinvent the wheel from scratch. I think your staff and the COMC community (including some of my biggest (cough cough) fans have really stepped up to make it happen.

        So while I have been vocal on some issues, I do see the positives that are happening.

  7. So if one person spent $100 on 100 cards that were $1 each they would have 100 entries?

    And say another person who spent $200 on 4 cards at $50 each would have 4 entries?

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