Black Friday Shopping Sprees

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Here is the breakdown of Shopping Sprees that were awarded for Black Friday.

Facebook Peyton Manning Contest
– 1 x $509

Scavenger Hunt
– 2 x $100
– 10 x $50
– 108 x $20
– 237 x $5

Buyers (based on items purchased and shipped since last Thanksgiving)
– 1 x $200
– 200 x $20

Sellers (based on items consigned in 2014)
– 100 x $20

Users were allowed to win more than one of the above prizes.

Find out if you won

7 thoughts on “Black Friday Shopping Sprees

  1. Wondering why I didn’t receive $20 for completing the stress test requirements. I had it completed within minutes and was definitely one of the first 50 people to complete and leave a comment

    • Never mind! I just logged in again and found that I found a $45 shopping spree! Thanks COMC, you guys rock!

  2. Are you going to have a second chance drawing like you did last year for any shopping sprees that aren’t claimed?

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