Black Friday Weekend Contest

It’s finally here, Happy Thanksgiving!  Amazing deals and free shipping await!  The hunt begins. To add to the fun, we are teaming with a few of our favorite websites to offer a contest.

Contest Details:

We want you to share the best deal you got while shopping on COMC over Black Friday weekend.

  • The purchase must be procured between 12 a.m. (PST) Thursday, November 27th and 11:59 p.m. (PST) Monday, December 1st.
  • The post must be made in an approved location, outlined below. *
  • The purchase should be “Shared” directly from your Dashboard or Purchase History.  For instructions, see below. **
  • We’ll let the community cast their vote on who got the best deal over the weekend.
  • You can only win in one location, not multiple.
  • Each entry must be made by 11:59 p.m. (PST) Tuesday, December 2nd in the approved location.
  • We will announce the winners on Wednesday, December 3rd.
  • Each winner will receive a mystery box of cards, based on a sport of their choosing.
  • We’ll break the box at COMC and deposit the cards into the winner’s COMC account with an exclusive, contest-winner-only, 1 week processing service.

* Approved Locations

We are running this contest in the comments on this blog post and also on 3 awesome websites:

Each of these forums will have a dedicated thread for this contest.  Voting will take place in each forum thread for that particular forum and in the comments on this blog post for ours.

We will also be awarding 100 History Points for everyone who participates in the contest, either by posting an entry, vote, or comment within the contest thread or in the comments on this blog post.

** How to Share

From your Dashboard or from your Purchase History, you can click the new “Share” link next to the item you want to share.

Latest Purchases Share

A box will pop up.  To post in a forum, click on “Forum markup” and then Copy (Ctrl+C).  To post in the comments on this blog post, click on “HTML markup” and then Copy (Ctrl+C).

Forum Markup

Paste the markup in the forum post or blog comments, and post for us to see!

We will update this post with a direct link to each forum thread once they’ve started.

Happy hunting!

As always, stayed tuned for the latest news and developments at our FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Instagram pages.

62 thoughts on “Black Friday Weekend Contest

    • I pasted the HTML markup in my reply, and all that shows up is what you see up there—that is, the card and price. As long as I get my history points, I don’t care what it looks like, but I thought you should know 🙂

  1. I picked up a couple of amazing deals on some memorabilia from the big names in basketball:

    2007-08 SPx Winning Materials Triple #WMT-BMJ – Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Tracy McGrady

    2010 Famous Fabrics [???] #1019 – Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neal, Yao Ming /9 [ENCASED]

  2. 1963 Topps #138 – Pride of the N.L. (Willie Mays, Stan Musial) [Good to VG‑EX]Purchased for $7.50

  3. It’s a Clayton Kershaw card. You can’t go wrong.

    2011 Topps Platinum Diamond Anniversary #275 – Clayton KershawPurchased for $0.95

  4. [​IMG]
    2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Future’s Game Relics #FGR-ARA – Anthony Ranaudo /99
    Purchased for $1.62
    Courtesy of
    2013 Topps Heritage Minor League Edition Printing Plate Magenta #124 – Anthony Ranaudo /1
    Purchased for $12.25
    Courtesy of

    Got these sweet cards of Anthony Ranaudo, the #4 Red Sox Prospect! He had an amazing 2014 season: 14-4 AAA record, AAA All-star, MLB Stint (4-3). He looks to be a star in the near future!

  5. 2012 Panini National Treasures Century Gold Signatures [Autographed] #104 – Andre Rison /49Purchased for $9.35

  6. As a Rockies collector, this is a really cool card for me. It has the look of a high end, but without the price.

    2013 Topps Triple Threads Autograph Relics Gold #TTAR-WR1 – Wilin Rosario /9Purchased for $6.25

    • Just comment after a card you think is the best deal. We’ll count the comments and see who got the most feedback.

  7. Always nice to purchase a 1/1 – especially when it is a Superfractor that is graded a BGS 9.5

    2009 Bowman Chrome Superfractor #115 – Jason Bay /1 [BGS 9.5]Purchased for $36.75

    • I’ve made some wonderful purchases in the past on comc — but nothing close to a gem mint 1/1 superfractor. This will be tough to beat! Congratulations.

      • I purchased a canary diamond up & coming star pitcher from the university of SAN FRANCISCO, signed with the San Diego Padres Organization. I will have to say that I think that’s a steal as well as a 5/25 2014 bowman inception silver ink on card autographed BY JORGE SOLER FOR $35.&SOME CHANGE ! PLUS A TON MORE !! I SPENT MORE THAN I SOLD BUT THATS HOW I RIDE ON THIS SITE! THE CANARY DIAMON MAX FRIED WAS A 3/3 CANARY DIAMOND THAN I GOT A UNCOMMON BASE RC BAT RELIC OF MIGUEL CABRERA 2/3 FOR $40 THE MAX FRIED bgs graded 9.5 for $45 #’D 3/3, CANT GO WRONG I GOT A BUNCH OF DEAL DUE TO PEOPLE WHO DONT CARE OR I CAUGHT SLIPPIN. THE CAMERA WAS FROM TOPPS PLATNIUM. AND SAID UN COME ON BASE #’D 2/3. having it graded internally. I had also purchased a couple of Jonathan Gray cards, 1 that was #’D 1/10 leaf metal cards bgs 9.5/10, then a bowman black inception Jonathan Gray 7/35 on card auto for ONLY $7.35!! then I picked up a/an Miguel Sano 11/25 on card auto from 2013 Leaf Blue Prismatic Blue FOR ONLY $35!! THOSE ARE THE TOP CARDS I PURCHASED THIS WEEKEND IN WHICH I HAVE A GOOD FEEL ING THAT THEY’RE BRING ME THE BIG GET RETURN

      • The 1/10 9.5/10 Jonathan Gray was $50.50, he’ll I spent LESS for an Roger maris sterling 5 piece relic bat card…. got a bunch of other cards probably spent $500+ this weekend. All good, I pulled some monstrous hits out of some boxes this weekend and I have to get them up on a site, not like many people care but I pulled out of a sterling box a quad relic Gehrig 4 piece jersey relic card. Picked up an white letter psa 4 mantle, just to totally complete my 69 topps, ALL white last name master set, including any and all sp’s. And then I had yanked a 1/1 making of America – Actor Walter Brennan, and he’s still the 1 & only actor to be an recipient of 3 academy awards for the best supporting actor. Deceased, 1974. The cut autograph, is the darkest, clearest autograph, I have ever pulled out of a Leaf product. I’ve still got a/an box of FL Prime & an box of US basketball 2011-2012, to crack I believe that is what the product is. Which has none other than MJ on the top of the box and the box is light blue, I know that I am CLEARLY OFF TOPIC. ALTHOUGH, I HAVE ABOUT 800 HIGH END BIG DOLLAR AMOUNT CARDS, SITTING ON MY TABLE INCLUDING A BUNCH OF VINTAGE INCLUDING A ’58 CLEMENTS THAT BOOKS FOR $300, I PAID $30, THANKS TO MY LHS….THE MANTLE, CAME FROM A FRIEND WHO TOLD ME THAT HE WANTED ME TO COMPLETE MY MASTER SET OF THE 69 TOPPS. I LOW BALLED HIM AT $200 – TELLING HIM THAT I ALREADY HAD THE CARD. I HAVE THE CARD, JUST THE YELLOW LAST NAME. LOL FINALLY GOT THE SET FINISHED. NOW WHAT WOULD YOU GUYS THINK THE SET WOULD BRING AT AUCTION, OR SHOULD I JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE AND EASY FOR MY RETIREMENT. I PURCHASED THE FINEST RAW CARDS ONLINE, AND THEN ALSO IM IN NEED OF 55BOWMAN’S. I WOULD JUST LIKE TO THANK WHO EVER ‘CARDCOINMIKE'” IS, SINCE IM GOING THROUGH THE PROCESS OF CREATING ONE SET. I SAID WHY NOT BUILD 2 SETS AT ONCE. CONTINUE ON THE 2ND SET DOESNT MATTER. MY SET. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PRISTINE. SORRY FOR THE CAPS IM NOT “YELLING” I TOOK A LONG NAP THIS AFTERNOON, BECAUSE I WAS ABLE TO GET ON HERE AND SHOP FROM MIDNIGHT UNTIL 8AM. MY USUALLY STEAL A DEAL TIME TO GET THE BEST ITEM’S ON HERE. AND THATS MY TIME SCHEDULE, WHICH ISNT FUN I BROKE MY NECK AND BACK. I SUGGEST THAT NONE OF YOU WHO EVEN THINK THAT YOU TRUST THE BEST OF YOUR FRIEND’S; GO THROUGH THE PROCESS OF THIS AND THE PAIN I’VE DEAL WITH ALTHOUGH THE ONLY ONE GOOD THING TO COME OUT OF ALL THIS IS BEING A BEYOND SERIOUS COLLECTION AND MAKING MY PLACE OF RESIDENCE BULLETPROOF. EXCEPT IM NOT. HOPE THAT ALL OF YOU GUYS HAD A GOOD BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING WEEK END AS I COULDN’T EVEN GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND GO SHOPPING. SO I USE COMC AND COMC, ONLY. TO BUY AND SELL. I DO NOT TRUST ANYONE ELSE PERIOD, AND THATS THE 100% TRUTH!!

  8. 2012 Topps Finest Autographed Jumbo Relic Gold Refractor [Autographed] #AJR-RR – Rueben Randle /75Purchased for $2.75

    /75 RC auto Gold Refractor

  9. 2012-13 SP Authentic By The Letter Walt Frazier Auto #d /25 $5.93 is a steal!

    2012-13 SP Authentic By the Letter Signatures #BL-WF – Walt Frazier /25Purchased for $5.93

  10. This is a great PC card for me!! *******Jerry West****1/1**** Plate for $12 ******

    2012-13 Panini Preferred Panini’s Choice Award Printing Plate Black #47 – Jerry West /1Purchased for $12.00

  11. Ok, last one but I like my purchases….Pete Rose Auto ONLY $5 I mean is it even a contest now???

    2012 Leaf Pete Rose The Living Legend Autographs #AU-29 – Pete RosePurchased for $5.00

  12. I cant find any of my post in this thread at all
    2012 Bowman Sterling Autographed Prospects [Autographed] #BSAP-SP – Stephen PiscottyPurchased for $3.17

  13. This is the last time I will get this Piscotty card at this price they are only going up in price
    2012 Bowman Sterling Autographed Prospects [Autographed] #BSAP-SP – Stephen PiscottyPurchased for $3.17

  14. What ” luck” the day after I buy this card he gets traded to Atlanta now I have to hope a Braves fan wants this Card
    2010 Bowman Sterling MLB Future Stars Autographs [Autographed] #BSP-TJ – Tyrell JenkinsPurchased for $1.83

  15. Just want to see how History points work.

    2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #C289 – Chris Davis /1959Purchased for $1.85

  16. I’ve tried posting here a couple times, but nothing is showing up.

    My best purchase this weekend: 2005 Donruss Signature Series Signature Stamps Materials #SST-13 for $20.53 (It was actually free because of my shopping spree money). Gorgeous card of an all-time great with a game used swatch, 1939 stamp, and numbered /100.

  17. 2013 Panini Black Rookies Signatures Material Prime #205 – DeAndre Hopkins /299Purchased for $9.25

    9 receptions 238 yards 2 TD’s… worth $9.25?

    2nd year WR with 1000+ yds and 6 TD’s through 12 games

  18. Realized I made my purchase a day too early on my previous post so I made this purchase to qualify for the History points:

    2005 Topps Heritage Chrome #THC10 – Jim Thome /1956Purchased for $1.15

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  20. Here’s mine – I also posted over at Hobby Insider. Under $11 for an 8-player jersey card with the best goalie in the world and two of the hottest young Habs in years?!?! Any day of the week, but especially on Black Friday!

    2013-14 Score Team 8s Jerseys #T8-BOMO – Dougie Hamilton, Ryan Spooner, Tuukka Rask, Tyler Seguin, Alex Galchenyuk, Brendan Gallagher, Carey Price, Josh GorgesPurchased for $10.75

  21. WHY are my comments from Nov 30th not here it says ” Your comment is awaiting moderation”.

  22. Some great deals this weekend for all it seems. My best had to be a 2003-04 Bowman Gold LeBron James Rookie for $35. I wish I could post the pic, It was listed in Comc as Excellent Mint. The only other one listed on Comc has a condition note of edge wear and is listed at $75. A great PC card for me that I have been eyeing for quite a while.

  23. Billy Kilmer 2008 Press Pass Emerald 1/25 for only $0.95. Lowest print run of any Kilmer on COMC with other more plentiful runs going for 10-20X the $0,95 price.

    2008 Press Pass [???] #90 – [Missing] /25Purchased for $0.95

  24. Ok, it’s time to announce the winner of the Black Friday contest. Unfortunately, we didn’t get as much feedback as we were hoping, and almost no discussion on what was the better deal, so we decided to just do a random drawing of everyone who posted a card and give that lucky winner a box of cards based on the sport of their choice.

    So, we assigned everyone a number, as seen in the list below:

    1 – joelshitshow
    2 – Flutie13
    3 – Greg
    4 – Bobm811
    5 – phosgene
    6 – noah
    7 – ne1113
    8 – Chris
    9 – mike_trout
    10 – Alan C
    11 – Danny Tucker
    12 – Tracy LeVeaux
    13 – samjams3
    14 – Markdaniels
    15 – mickael81
    16 – BigRed
    17 – johnwvideo
    18 – Chuck
    19 – Ben
    20 – abshokie
    21 – dawgfather67
    22 – RGM81
    23 – piperzcrew
    24 – gradishar53
    25 – wphill02

    then we went to and asked it to give us a number between 1-25. They came back with the number “15”, so congrats to mickael81 for being our COMC Blog winner.

    Please contact me (either here or via email – with your COMC username and favorite sport, and we’ll get to work on acquiring a box of cards from that sport, that we’ll break and deposit into your port.

    Everyone else can contact me with your username and I’ll drop 100 history points into your account.

    Thanks to all for being a part of this!

  25. I’m sorry to say this, but this was very poorly run. I am disappointed that the original rules were changed AFTER the deadline. The rule that said there would be voting to decide a winner should not have been ignored when there were already done people who had gotten votes. I don’t intend to sound ungrateful, but the only people who should have been considered should be samjam3, alan c, and I. However, I would like to also say thanks for at least having a oportunity to win free cards after already getting awesome deals.

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