Successful Stress Test

Thank you to everyone that hammered on the site for the past hour. We have successfully discovered some areas of the site that need to be fixed.

We will be taking the site down from 11PM to 5AM to address these issues.

We are extending the free shipping shipping for 10+ items 2 more hours, until 9PM tonight. If you miss that, please just come back anytime from Thursday through Monday to get free shipping.

Also, we will be giving extra prizes to everyone that hit an error or that attempted to purchase store credit during the hour.

Thanks for the help. I hope you enjoyed the scavenger hunt!

14 thoughts on “Successful Stress Test

  1. Just wanted to say that, as a customer and a collector, that I appreciate how much you and the team strive to improve the site, and the hobby.

    Keep it up,

  2. I hope you plan on moving up the free shipping longer since I’ve been trying to have cards shipped to me but nothing is happening. I clicked for them to be shipped but nothing is happening.

  3. When will credit (if any) be added onto account I had a few great cards in mind if I got lucky

  4. I finally got my shipping done (WOO-HOO! I can’t wait to get that Andre Reed auto), but my $25.00 I added to my account is still stuck in limbo. Is there someone we should contact about that?

  5. I guess we should say “You’re welcome” for exposing the areas that need addressing. πŸ™‚ The scavenger hunt was fun!

  6. I was trying to make a purchase for “a guy in a black jersey” when the site stopped working. Also, I already had it lined up to get a Mike Trout card as my favorite player! Still, I’m glad this is getting worked out before black Friday!

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