Our Black Friday Thank You

Thanksgiving is a couple weeks away, and we have so much for which to be thankful.  It’s been a trying year, and we are especially grateful for you!  Let’s celebrate our favorite way, by collecting some cards!

2014 Black Friday Blog

Reasons To Be Excited This Black Friday Weekend

  • Biggest Selection – We are quickly nearing 10 million items for sale, making this our best selection ever!
  • Great Deals – Sellers will be running promotions starting today, so expect unbeatable prices.
  • Win a Shopping Spree * –  We are giving away $10K in shopping sprees to use over Black Friday weekend!
  • Free Shipping ** – Thurs Nov 27 – Mon Dec 1, when you ship 10 or more items that you’ve purchased.
  • Shipping Bonus Credit – For every 100 items shipped in November, receive $5 Store Credit on Cyber Monday!
  • Extended Customer Service – We’ll be taking calls and responding to emails on Sat, Nov 29 from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Win a Shopping Spree

Over the next couple weeks, we will be giving away $10K in Shopping Sprees to use Black Friday, Nov 28 – Cyber Monday, Dec 1.  On Black Friday alone, we will be giving out a couple hundred Shopping Sprees ranging from $20-$200. Everyone who has bought or sold cards with us since last Thanksgiving will be eligible to win one of these Shopping Sprees.  To find out if you won, log into your account on Black Friday.  We will be doing a number of other contests and giveaways as well, so stay tuned.

** Free Shipping

Don’t lose out on snapping up your favorite cards.  Buy them now with store credit, and have them shipped any time Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. Free shipping only applies to items purchased in Simplified Shipping Mode.  Anything purchased in Advanced Reseller Mode is only eligible for a $3 savings.  Expect longer than usual shipping times given the high volume.  We will try to have everything shipping within seven days of your order.  The sooner a shipment is requested, the sooner it will be shipped. For every 100 items shipped in November, receive $5 Store Credit on Cyber Monday!

Come join us in setting a record-breaking Black Friday Weekend!

31 thoughts on “Our Black Friday Thank You

  1. How about offering sellers the .25 submission credit per card sold under the promotion like you did a couple years back. Helps to replenish the site. Or maybe you can offer some type of huge new years promo to thank the sellers who kept on board throughout the whole disaster of the spring and summer.

  2. Cannot buy cards at 6:15pm . Please have a status page so users do not waste time trying to figure out if the site is broken or not. thanks

  3. Any plans on a deposit bonus like last year? I have been waiting to put money in my COMC account, as I don’t want to miss out on Black Friday bonus money.

  4. Why was the link to “view all sellers” for a card removed when viewing the card from within a seller? This was intuitive prior as the buyer could easily see if they were getting the best deal or not. Having to copy and paste the card details back into the search box is not how this should be.

  5. Fantastic stuff. $10K in shopping sprees, free shipping and free promotions starting from Mid November.

    I really want to pat COMC on the back for the tremendous efforts that you and your staff have made in dealing with the challenges that you have had to deal with this year.

    Unfortunately too often it is only the naysayers who take the time to post on blogs. So…. count me as a cheerleader who is really impressed and who really feels like the site is over the hump and ready to take off once again.

    Here are some things I am thankful for:

    I’ve had $525 worth of sales since the beginning of the promotions on the 14th and I will do well over a $1,000 in sales for the first time since March 2014.

    I just checked and I have already purchased over 450 quality cards this month.

    I focus on vintage baseball and hockey cards and the quality of many new cards added is the best I have seen on the site in a long time and right now I have 223 cards that I will be shipping out for my personal collection.

    I submitted 895 cards which were scheduled to be processed by November 20th and all but 62 of those cards have already been added to my account.

    Keep up the great work and thanks again. As for the naysayers I hope they win some of the shopping sprees and check out my cards.

  6. Thanks for the great sale options and I am looking forward to a great Black Friday season! Awesome stuff COMC.

  7. Its not as bad as naysayers post, its not as good as cheerleaders post. Its OK. that is the truth.

    • And so is that. Here’s some nay to say: I would sure like to be able to sign into my account.

  8. I just spent $100+ on SHIPPING. it is borderline acceptable for a longtime user like me, but i have a feeling the much needed retail buyer will never come back if they are forced to pay $100+ on shipping when the whole universe of internet shopping is going “free shipping”. We dont need more sellers, . WE NEED NEW BUYERS COMC, work on some buyer specials!

    • Hey, we see what you’re saying, but remember that the card owners are the ones who set the prices, not us. We can offer free sales so they can lower their prices, and we can offer free shipping (like we are for Black Friday weekend) but what other “buyer specials” did you have in mind?

  9. Shipping prices have always been an issue on this site whether you roll the cost into the card or pay outright. I had considered pulling my inventory from here and having it shipped but the cost would have been outrageous.

  10. You talk about the $5 bonus credit for shipping 100 items in November, but will that continue to be a thing every month like it has been? I’d rather wait until December 1st to ship my current haul, then I have the rest of the month to try and get to 100.

    • There are no plans to end the Shipping Bonus, as it currently stands.

      However, if you have enough cards to ship to get the credit, I’d probably do it during Black Friday weekend, when we have the free shipping. That way, you’d get another $5 to spend on Cyber Monday (December 1st). Just a thought.

  11. Based on the amount of people who are using the free promotion I think it’s time you do away with charging your clients fees to have sales or promotions.

    Another alternative maybe to charge a reasonable yearly fee to have promotions or sales whenever your clients would like to have one.

    I run a business and I realize you need to make a profit but in the end you need to listen and please your clients as all business are still rooted in customer service.

    Thank you.

    • I think there would be a lot of manipulation if it were free to run sales. Every price would be green—but the same as they are today when there’s no free sale promotion (because there would be no disincentive to double prices and then run a half-off sale).

      For some shoppers, the visual contrast of a sale vs. regularly priced items is what makes the sale stand out. I worry about losing that contrast if anyone could run a sale at any time.

      Giving premium members one free 1-day sale every month might be a compromise that could work out, though,

    • A better solution is to only have sales maybe every two months, free to everyone. No more allowing “sales” every day and stop allowing more than 50% off. If they want to sell them cheaper they can lower prices.

  12. The bottom line is in my opinion the sellers and buyers are benefitting from the free sales or promotions.

    However, I do agree with the premise that some compromise regarding having a free sale maybe three days a month should be allowed.

    I am a big supporter and will continue to be a big supporter of COMC.COM but there are issues that need to be addressed.

    I don’t mind the processing fees but if we are paying those fees please include the correct card details and the SRP price.

    Really not much to ask IMO.

  13. cant wait!!! and people, quit whining and complaining, this site rules!! hands down, best place to buy sports cards!!

  14. dear comc

    some pages say $5 credits for 50 items shipping or 100 items for Nov. i shipped 200 cards on Friday but Dec. credits only show $10 pending. i was hoping for $20

    thank you!

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