Black Friday 2014 Sellers Promotions!

In case you missed it, we’re now offering free Promotions for our COMC sellers!

Check out the Promotions Manager link on your dashboard, and you’ll see several options available! You can run “Preview” sales for the weeks before Black Friday, as well as Black Friday weekend. Or just do a special 1-day Cyber Monday sale!



So, head on over the the Promotions Manager page and get your Black Friday sales set up!

9 thoughts on “Black Friday 2014 Sellers Promotions!

  1. As a seller, I am really happy about this….. Site should be buzzing during this.. hopefully the traffic comes

    • I hope a lot of traffic comes, that has always been a struggle. Lots of incredible deals on cards, but just sit due to lack of buyers.

      • Unfortunately this is true, how many cards do you see with multiple copies sitting there for well under what they close at ebay auction for (not including shipping)

  2. I just want to clarify, these are Free, meaning no $3 daily fee, and is there no 3% charge on sales?

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