2014 Black Friday Processing Special

Hello COMC Nation! We hope you had a great “civic holiday” long weekend! While you were doing whatever you do during the 2nd weekend of October, we at COMC HQ used our time wisely to put together a little something for our sellers, something you’ve been asking for recently.

No, not the COMC Swimsuit Calendar…that project has been put on hold, until we renew our gym memberships. 

I’m referring to a Black Friday Processing Special for 2014!

Halloween candy and a Processing Special? Best! Month! Ever!

Halloween candy and a Processing Special? Best! Month! Ever!

This is an opportunity to get the newest and latest products on COMC, just in time for Black Friday. With that in mind, for this special, we’ll only be accepting cards from any 2013-14 (or newer) product. And, there are a few exceptions:

  • No premium items – these will still get our Premium service.
  • No trade show stamps.
  • No National Treasure printing plates.

The fee for the special is 50 cents/item. Unlike our Basic or Premium services, this fee will be charged up front, so you must have sufficient funds in your account to cover the processing fees or you can include payment in package.

  • FYI: There’s a $10 minimum batch processing fee, so you’ll want to send in 20 (or more) cards.

All cards/packages for the Black Friday Special must be postmarked by November 1st. This refers to the USPS postmark on the outside of the package and not any dates generated by our submission wizard.

This part is very important, so please note:

Make sure to write on the OUTSIDE of box by the address label that your box includes a BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL transaction – doing so will ensure that it receives priority treatment.

We guarantee your cards will be live on the site by the Wednesday before Black Friday.  And, the sooner we receive your cards, the sooner they’ll be up on the site, so send them in as soon as possible. Anything received with a postmark after November 1st will receive our Basic Service.

And, as always, stayed tuned for the latest news and developments at our FacebookTwitter, Google+, and Instagram pages.