Get Ready for Black Friday! We Are Hiring.

Our favorite time of year is right around the corner, Black Friday Weekend!  There’s no better time to grab those hard-to-find items and sell some cards!  We at COMC are getting prepared for our biggest shopping weekend of the year and want to give you the heads up to do the same.

2014 Topps Before They Were Great #BG-26 - Joe DiMaggio - Courtesy of COMC.comDeadline

Sellers, mail your items by this Tuesday, September 23rd for the best chance of having them live on in time for Black Friday Weekend!  Everything we receive by Friday, September 26th should make it up in time.

We’re Hiring!

We are gearing up for Black Friday by hiring 10 new people to our Processing Department.  Not only will this serve the holiday, but this will accelerate everything here at COMC:

  • Your cards will get on the site sooner!
  • Your purchases will ship more quickly!
  • The COMC Catalog will build more rapidly!

Please recommend all good candidates email

See Job Description:

Processing Team Member

This full-time position will help us to accurately sort, identify, scan, and organize our incoming inventory.   Our ideal candidate will be focused, observant, self-directed, and passionate about all types of collectibles.  Processing Team Members deal directly with incoming customer consignment items and coordinate efforts using a sophisticated computer system.


  • Ability to stay on task for extended periods
  • High visual attention to detail
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Maintain two-way communication within the identification team
  • Review work at all stages to ensure accuracy
  • Identify and help to investigate issues
  • Maintain accurate records of all activities
  • Help with projects for other teams as needed


  • High school diploma or GED
  • Familiarity with sports and/or gaming cards a strong plus
  • Solid computer skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Salary & Benefits:
Starting salary ranges from $10.00-12.00/hour depending upon experience. After 90 days on the job, employees will be eligible for medical benefits, dental benefits, nearly 4 weeks of PTO/year, and other employee benefits.


15 thoughts on “Get Ready for Black Friday! We Are Hiring.

    • We’re still finalizing those plans – when we’re ready, we’ll make an announcement on the blog!

  1. besides facebook, blog, email blasts…what types are advertising/marketing is being done for black friday? will COMC go to the extent of mailing out postcards to all buyers in the past year? or will a small baseball card size ad be going into all shipments in october-nov. promoting black friday? ads in print publications.

    black friday needs to be promoted to the end user/collector. not the flipper. cards need to leave your warehouse.

    • Thanks for the feedback; I’m not sure what plans are in store for Black Friday this year, but I’ll pass this along to the marketing team.

  2. Hello, this is Mike_trout from COMC. I have a question about the COMC Challenge. How come there has been “100%” progress, but there are still 159,525 items missing information. I would be happy to help in exchange for points.

    Please Reply,

    • Thanks for the offer; we’ve received customer input and we’re now in the process of reviewing and updating the edits we’ve received from users, via the Challenges and the Edit function on the website. As you determined, there’s a lot of edits still to work through and we’re getting them, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    • Hi, I’m not quite sure what’s going on – we’ve alerted the Identification team manager and we’ll be working on this. Sorry for any inconvenience.

      • When I read the tea leaves, my guess is they’re working on the submitted edits, and if they create more challenges, it would increase the time it would take to work through the backlog of submitted edits, which everyone here seems to be complaining about. So it seems OK to me anyway. The only issue of course is that the history points “expired” again from the National, and there isn’t an easy way to get more. It’s always something.

  3. Thanks go to the buyers and sellers that helped Tim (COMC) from a total disaster after the Beckett debacle. Now I want to suggest Tim and COMC folks (processing) to volunteer to work overtime including Saturdays and Sundays to get our cards in the marketplace sooner. Many sellers, like myself, have lost untold income this year because of late processing, missing information for searches etc. Now it is COMC’s time to step up so we get our cards processed in the timely manner we signed and paid for years ago. Again….overtime, if it is not being used to the FULL potential presently, is what the sellers need now.
    Otherwise, I look forward to this new and improved COMC – and becoming #1 in the industry.

  4. Sure feel for Moe nowadays. I liken him to the present White House press secretary having to answer so many questions that seem to have no answers from top management. Moe sure deserves kudos and probably a decent raise in pay.

  5. This info was taken from my dashboard.

    Items in Inventory – 981
    Items w/o SRP – 966
    Items Not for Sale – 788

    I have removed all my comics for sale till I decide what to do with them. Also removed doubles and triples of cards I have to save on fees.

    Still quite a bit of info missing from my stuff and I don’t know what to do. Most of it probably wouldn’t sell anyway even if it did
    have full and correct descriptions but with the info missing we will never know for sure.

    Also still have edits I entered on some of my cards that were showing as pending all the way back from April but now have disappeared and
    there doesn’t seem to be a way to view or send the edits anymore on the card pages.,sh,vDetails,i100

    • I heart you dave peters for pimping your port and arod card. I’m pretty sure I was charged monthly pennies for cards which are still incorrect. they do show up when I filter by cards by “subject to storage fee” I go to edit the errors and the correct information has already been entered for many way back when. I noticed that in my newest submission the errors got fixed right away while the older cards haven’t been touched. I also wish the blog was back on the front page. It’s now hidden. I hope that isn’t intentional.

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