Historical Suggested Prices

About a month ago we rolled out our first version of Suggested Prices. Based on the feedback of many COMC customers, we have revamped our model and just released v2 of our BETA Suggested Prices. This time we have included some charts to help you analyze our suggestions.

For those of you not familiar with our Suggested Prices, you can learn more here.

As I mentioned in my original announcement video, we have the cleanest set of historical sales data ever complied. This gives us a unique opportunity to provide relevant price suggestions without having to factor in so many variables.

Our Suggested Prices are still in BETA testing. We want your feedback. Here are some important details about the COMC Suggested Prices.

Data Sources
We only use COMC historical sales data. We do not factor in sales from any other websites, and we do not use any other guides or services. All of the COMC Suggested Prices are based on a mathematical model that I designed and implemented. We have made no attempt to replicate or mimic any other guides or services. We fully expect that you will find our Price Suggestions to be very different from other guides or services. My goal was to boil down a bunch of numbers into a few easily digestible suggestions. Here are the goals I tried to achieve and what numbers went into generating each suggestion.

  • Suggested Retail Price (SRP): The SRP is intended to be a fair asking price for a retail store. This is currently just a standard markup on our Suggested List Price. We figure it is fair to expect to pay a little premium in order to see the item in-person before buying.
  • Suggested List Price (SLP): The goal of the SLP is to be a reasonable List Price that a seller might use to put an item up for sale on COMC. The SLP is based on the total price that buyers actually paid to take possession of their items. That means we only factor in items that were sold and shipped when generating the SLP. While this is based on confirmed sales, it is not an average. An average or median would leave no room for buyers to make offers without constantly driving the price down. Instead we have factored in a little bit of room for people to negotiate prices.
  • Suggested Wholesale Price (SWP): The SWP is intended to represent the price that sellers can reasonably target if they are trying to sell their item quickly. Often buyers in this price range are purchasing with the intent to resell. That is why we refer to this as the “wholesale” price. This factors in all sales on the site, but we treat port sales and other large offers with a grain of salt.

Chart Elements
Bar charts have been added to the top right corner of each card details page. Bar charts, with additional lines representing suggested prices, have been added to the popup you see when you click on card prices. The bar chart represents the number of items sold in a given quarter (3 month period) for that particular card. The rightmost bar represents the sales for the current quarter, which will just be a portion of a quarter. The sales from all the different conditions and grades are lumped together in the bar chart. The lines represent the SRP, SLP, and SWP. The points are measured on the last day of the given quarter. The rightmost point on the line represents the current Suggested Price. The chart shows the last 15 full quarters and the current quarter.

Partial Sales Data
Because the rightmost bar represents only a portion of a quarter, it will often appear lower than other bars. This does not typically mean that sales have been decreasing for an item. It more often means, that we are simply in the middle of a quarter and we are still adding to the total sales for that quarter.

Charts with No Lines
Some listings do not have enough historical data for us to generate a Suggested Price. You might even find some listings that used to have Suggested Prices, but they no longer have suggestions. This is because we consider older historical sales as less relevant. If the total relevance that was factored into a suggestion is too low we discard the suggestion. Years ago, this data was more relevant and our model may have been able to make older suggestions.

The current model only looks at historical sales of the exact same item in the same condition or grade. Later this fall we will begin factoring in similar products and conditions. This will help enable us to make price suggestions for items such as printing plates. While we may have never sold a particular printing plate, we may have sold a different color of that plate or other printing plates of that player or other printing plates from that set. These data points can help us make recommendations for items that we haven’t sold yet.

Vintage Suggested Prices
We know that vintage card prices are very condition sensitive. Please take all pre-1980 COMC Price Suggestions with a grain of salt. Because we have not factored in detailed condition ratings, we may choose to completely turn off these suggestions if we find that they are too misleading.

Frequency of Updates
We re-run our analysis every night. If a player has a great game, the sales from today will be factored into tomorrow’s model.

Historical Suggestions
You might wonder how it is possible for us to offer Suggested Prices that go back 4 years when we only started offering these suggestions a month ago, and I have to say, that is very perceptive of you. You see, I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos about Astrophysics, and I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. As a result I was able to find two colliding black holes and hitched a ride going faster than the speed of light in order to run the model at different points in time over the past several years.

Actually, I just designed the mathematical model so that I can plug in any point it time and it will generated the suggestions based on the historical data before that point.

Changes from V1
We got feedback that the Suggested Retail Price from our first version of Suggested Prices was too inflated. This feedback has been incorporated into the new mathematical model we use for the new version of COMC Suggested Prices. If you notice an SRP is lower than what you remembered, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the value is decreasing. The entire model was adjusted. It is best to refer to our charts to understand the direction the market might be heading.

Feedback Wanted
Please go play with the site, find interesting data, and discuss it in the comments below and on other forums. We will be monitoring the discussion to find ways to improve our suggestions.

48 thoughts on “Historical Suggested Prices

  1. So you get these prices we either have to do your work for you to get to 20,000 points, or we have to buy a subscription????? Either I’m missing something is once again COMC is trying to get their customers to do all their work for them….Am I wrong?

    • Everyone gets the sales totals for free. The Suggested Prices are something we have never offered before. We are giving it as a reward to those that contribute to the COMC challenge. For those that want the Suggested Prices but don’t want to put in the time with the COMC challenge, they can buy the prices. This helps offset all of our other expenses that have skyrocketed now that we have built our catalog from scratch.

      • I have a much easier solution for you: Just list what the cards have sold for in the past, the sell date and for how much. You don’t need to do all of this work. Most of us have Beckett and have been part of Ebay. We don’t need 3 different prices. We need to see what these cards have sold for in the past. Thats all. No more is needed. If a card never sold, then no data is sold. If a card has sold, you should be able to click on that card and have the list of sale prices and dates. Maybe I don’t understand the logistics of it all, but it just seems as though that would be 100000x more beneficial to sells than all of this. I put in hours doing the Challenges, but stopped because honestly I paid to have my cards listed on your site and I shouldn’t have to also do all the work to get their data corrected. I still have cards without data since the switch over. This just seems like another way for COMC to get us to do your work. You didn’t need to create a catalog from scratch, you just needed to be on the ball earlier when Beckett said it would be dropped comc from using their pricing. Look this site worked well for me prior to the switch. Ever since the switch, I sell 1 card ever 2 weeks!!!! I have some great cards listed for $0.75 and can’t move them. I’ve had cards shipped back to me just so I could sell them on Ebay because I was sick of them just sitting around since the switch. Am I wrong for being frustrated? I haven’t sent in a new card since the switch over because I wanted to see how my sales would be. Well they have been awful and I refuse to send in anymore cards until comc can prove it can fix their areas that are lacking such as catching up on data and forgetting about all this new improvements. I have been asking for months through emails and blog for someone at COMC to show us the sales data from before the switch to after the switch- still NO RESPONSE.

      • We just posted sales volumes for everyone to see on any given item. That is absolutely free.

        During April we definitely saw a dip in sales because we had so many holes in our catalog. Since then we have seen a slight increase in sales relative to the same month in 2013.
        During August of 2013 240,118 items exchanged hands.
        During August of 2014 242,174 items exchanged hands.

        As we continue to fill out more of the catalog and correct more items, we expect that number to grow.

        Regarding Beckett, I am not sure what you are referring to.

        eBay can’t easily do analysis on their sports card sales data because there are so many extra variables (e.g. seller rating, shipping fees, number of items listed, location of seller, time of day listed…). That is why they are only able to offer raw completed sales.

        We also don’t want to give away too much historical sales information because about 50% of items that are purchased on the site are re-listed for sale. Those flippers would not be happy if their potential buyers could see what they paid for their items.

        I see that you sold 12 items in August and 1 item so far this month. You mentioned that you haven’t sent anything new in to COMC in a while. Many sellers find that adding fresh inventory to their port helps attract buyers. We are also investigating new ways to attract more buyers to COMC. Over the next year, we have several different projects planned.

      • If you haven’t sent anything in, then your inventory has become stale. That’s why your sales are down.

        There’s a longtail effect with every batch submitted. That means there will be a chunk of cards that sell right away when a batch goes live, and over time the sale rate will get lower and lower. That’s how it works in stores (LCS, supermarkets, whatever), too. That’s why they are always getting new stuff in and discounting stuff that’s been on the shelf a while. (Supermarkets are more incentivized to do this because food tends to expire.)

        When I submit more cards, I sell more cards. When I take a break from submitting cards, I sell fewer of them. There are other factors at work, of course, but there does seem to be a correlated effect between submitting stuff and selling it.

        As far as the pricing goes, I don’t care personally who has access to what. Whatever contributes to the long-term health of the site is what I would want to see happen. I know you have all the analytics, Tim, so keep on keepin’ on. I can tell you’re really proud of v2, so I’m glad you’re able to show it off.

      • Since you blocked me from responding to your last comment I will finish like this: I told you why I was upset and you gave me a response that kept putting it all back at me. You have lost a customer. Good luck to you.

      • JOEL, the difference with “supermarkets,walmart,etc” is “GUARANTEED SALES”. Sellers (vendors) TAKE AWAY THE OLD INVENTORY and adds new inventory for free. they dont pay to stock and pay to take back the inventory. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

      • Not every business model has such a cushy setup. Granted, the card section at Target/Walmart/Meijer has that setup because the shelves are leased to a third-party vendor. It’s similar to how it works with Frito-Lay as well. But when I get my Post Toasties for 99 cents because the box is dented, that’s because the store has no choice but to sell it to me, give it to a worker, or let me Dumpster dive it out back.

      • Joel, Would you pay or lease to sell products in a store that does not focus on getting customers in the door? The store should be focused on bringing in buyers to buy products. The vendors set there own price to be competitive with their own research, not walmarts or the stores research. The “store” focuses on bring in the consumer. Full page ads, fliers, tv ads, sales all focused at bring in retail buyers.

  2. And those of us who have been selling for years, helping to build your company and paying tens of thousands in fees get nothing. Feels good to be appreciated.

    • We also give the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) to consignors for free. What is your COMC username? I can look into creating another program for people that have made heavy use of our consignment service to opt-in to our BETA testing program.

  3. Not cool for people that pay fees , take delivery, pay submission. Have you ever thought about rewarding the people that pay your bills? forget the freeloaders.

    • OK, that is two votes for additional ways that we can reward people that have used our services. I would love to know your username so that I could design some rewards that you might be eligible for.

      I guess this is a good sign. I have been focused on the functionality rather than the mechanism for how we enable the feature. It is good that people want this so bad.

      • dont do anything for only 2 people. Reward all buyers,sellers and bring in new buyers. “Reward “does not mean only money, rewards could be a campaign to bring in retail buyers that help the whole site and you personally. Some people are taking what you post the wrong way and are going to leave the site, lighten up and take the comments from a CS point of view. dont attack your users.

  4. I am Very excited to see change, whole keeping the site as active as it’s been, I’ve done 150+ card sales per month over last 4 months even with the dip in search ability

    I had given the HOF search request and see your using it. πŸ™‚ Fantastic!!!

    I also suggested a year ago to Steve to cut ties with Beckett!!! What a joke of a publication!!! And EBay – HaHa!!!

    Nothing tells the story better than direct sales on COMC – I was given advice from Steve not to sell at lowest and it’s worked – Same Sales #s, yet I’m only selling less cards – it balanced well, I sell the same amounts in $$ but losing less inventory

    My only suggestion is, we should all be able to store at higher prices without fee, My idea on this is if avg seller is allowed $2.50 and he gets a war on lowest it may only drop prices in the $1-$2 range and you will see more per card sales – meaning your 20% will grow offsetting and creating more revenue

    Also, you will see more submissions because those RCs and Stars that are at .30 cents will rise!!! I tell you your probably looking at a drop in storage fees, witch may drop 30% but your avg monthly sales will go up 60% with ability to price higher and more room to work pricing wars + more submissions – even if you made the Max without storage $1.50-$2.50 without monthly $50 fee, which I think is pointless, because your probably not making much on that service

    Another point to drive home about my qualifications, I also gave the idea to Steve about BGS submissions and I’m sure this is working out GREAT!!

    You guys are doing great, I plan to build with you and not against you – I will continue to be a seller In the years to come and my screen name “401kplan” should envoke long term goals rather than quick profits πŸ™‚

  5. I have no use for any suggested prices for free… No way I will pay for it….Knowing what to price my cards for is the easy part… Knowing what to send in can be a bit more demanding…. Especially when so much of the information is either wrong or incomplete…. ??? Is the worst thing I can see when searching the site … Or Missing… Yeah… That is a blast….srps or slps or whatever it is has been a complete waste on money time and resources…. In my opinion.

  6. Just had 135 cards load 3 days before the 8 week deadline …. Thank you for finally getting around to loading the cards…. out of the 135 cards 25 don’t have the players name so even more work I get to do on Friday night to list my cards…..25 edits plus all of the other missing information as far as card brand type etc…. Getting this done should’ve been where are all the resources were headed not towards some useless suggested price….of course in my opinion

    • I have more than 10 full time employees working on just the identification of cards and population of catalog data. The Suggested Price feature was implemented exclusively by our engineering team. Over the past 9 months we have spent less than 5% of our time on Suggested Prices. Nearly all of our engineering resources have gone towards the catalog. We are hoping that with some refinements people will find some worthwhile value in our Suggested Prices. The more people are willing to pay for Suggested Prices, the less dependent we will be on our other fees. This should be a good thing for you in the long run.

      • I understand wanting to charge for access to SLP’s, etc, for sold items, however $99 is a lot to fork over for an unknown product. I would love to see COMC offer a trial period. $10 for 7 days or whatever price and duration you think is appropriate. I’m interested, but want some type of test drive before committing to a whole year @ $99.

  7. Just a simple idea, but why not try the following:

    Take the amount of cards a person has bought on COMC, the amount a person has sold on COMC, add the two together. Allow them that many ‘free’ full-feature SRP viewings. I’m not going to lie, I did a few challenges, 4,000 some points. I just didn’t have enough free time with my busy life to sit and click and click and click. I have submitted countless other fixes on the report error/correction on individual cards as well, which are not tracked to my knowledge.

    I guess my point is the rest of us would like to have some attempt to view the full feature without paying more. I think if I’ve sold 1,000 items and bought 1,000 items, that 2,000 ‘viewings’ of SRP listings would essentially drive more purchases and listings, therefore increases sales and commissions. I haven’t sent in anything in the last year. I’d like to, but with the beckett/catalog turnover I was very on the fence. As the COMC catalog is getting built and corrected, it is becoming more appealing to submit again. That being said, only allowing access to a select few negates a lot of the effort not only that you are putting into the system, but also for the loyal buyers and sellers on the site.

    • Add me to the list of people frustrated by not being able to see the Suggested Prices. If you want to go by your idea of items bought and sold, I would get about 200,000 “free views”. πŸ™‚

      I’d like to start using COMC again if the Suggested Prices can get us back close to the system we had before with Beckett Prices, but I can’t even see which cards have Suggested Prices at this point because I didn’t do enough challenges. When I am breaking down cases of product, I used to come onto COMC and see which ones were listed at a higher percentage of book price and I would send those in and leave the ones that were already deeply discounted for my bargain boxes. For the last six months, I’ve just been keeping everything. I’d like to get back to where we were before, but I’m not going to get back into heavy submissions under the current setup.

  8. Love the way the site is developing and can’t wait for the catalog. Thanks for all the adds. Won’t complain about missing data. Doing challenges to do my part.

  9. I agree that a historical list of sales is far more useful than SRP,SLP,SWP and quarterly bar charts. Almost by default, this means that the cards that don’t need SLP will have the most correct data (because they are plentiful on the market) and the cards that need the most assistance (rarer cards) won’t have any SLP at all.
    At a price of $99 a year, IMO, you priced the hobbyists right out of the market. I can’t see a casual hobbyist paying this much to get a better grip on their card sales. The price for this type of service would likely fall into the area of $1.99 a month or $20 a year, then increase as the service gets better.

  10. I am also of the opinion you are over engineering this. I know for techies (I am one as well) it is easy and fun to implement all this cool stuff, but the KISS principle is better to live buy. My suggestion is to get rid of SRP or the price at which nothing sells. It is hard to take that seriously when, you see stuff with SRP of $3.00 and 20 cards listed on the site ranging from .50 -2.25. Just give historical data and be done with it. If you are worried about “flippers”, then just give us a retail price and a dealer price. Retail is an average/algorithim of what it “should” sell for. Dealer price is the price similar to taking a card into a shop, cards that you want out of the inventory quickly. You can still leave the actual historical data for purchase via subscription or challenges. The vintage card market has no problem having historical data out there and leaving room for people to make profit on flipping.

  11. I don’t even know where to start I am so confused.

    Ok I guess starting with the challenges. I have about 8000 points for helping with the challenges but I never won any speed records on those and a few times I got less points because of a mistake. I would actually take a magnifying glass to the screen and take my time to make sure I was providing correct info and sometimes I would get one wrong just because the way the card was designed or worded.

    I, like another member who posted above have have sent in quite a few error reports and that seems to go unrewarded.

    I try to check for more COMC challenges every so often to hopefully get to 20,000 points one day but they always seem to be at 100%. Are there new ones in the morning that get filled up by members pretty quick?

    So I am stuck with 0 history points because the 8000 I did earn have expired and I haven’t bought any store credit and I don’t really want to buy them because things change quite a bit at COMC (The Vault).

    So I started to do some browsing like you suggested and either I am doing something wrong or the data for the cards I am looking at just isn’t there. Listed below is a Pro Line Santa autograph and three have sold in the past on COMC. One that sold was mine but I cannot see it in the historical data for the reasons mentioned above.

    But I thought I would be able to see the SRP, SLP and SWP because I have another one consigned but when I click on the SRP it brings me to the message of get 20K points or consign or buy the $99 subscription.


    This isn’t the only card that is like this it seems either so I guess my question is how many items do you actually have SRP’s on and how do we know which ones you do? I can’t imagine someone who pays the $99 being very happy if only a few things have the SRP info.

    Like other users who have posted above maybe just keep it simple and provide dates sold and prices sold for and offer that to everyone free.

  12. Tim,
    The SRP feature isn’t appearing for me, even for all of my cards that I submitted for consignment…

  13. Leave out the negativity, okay. Creating a new price guide is an immense undertaking and kudos to COMC for doing it.
    However . .. I see the same problems that I see in Beckett in inflated SRPs. As one of the posts says above, what good is and SRP when cards are listed for a quarter of that price? I say just go with the historical data.


  14. Jon and David, if you go to inventory manager, for cards that are yours submitted, and that have a SRP, you will see it in the list of cards in Inventory manager. but not in the pop up box for Sales history.

  15. Oh cool I was able to go through inventory manager like you said and some of the listings were showing the SRP.

    The Santa card was not one of them though so I am guessing only some items have the SRP so far?

    There were a few comic cards that had the SRP so it was neat to see how it kinda works.

    SRP – $7.50 – http://www.comc.com/Cards/Non-Sports/1992/SkyBox_Marvel_Masterpieces_/2-D/Silver_Surfer_vs_Thanos/5075292

    SRP – $12.50 – http://www.comc.com/Cards/Non-Sports/1992/SkyBox_Marvel_Masterpieces_/5-D/Missing/5075295

    Again I think this SRP thing will be a cool feature in the future but right now what people need is past sales and prices sold for. Even if you don’t have a card listed you should still be able to see this info because it will help you better decide if its worth it for you to send that card in to COMC.

  16. Any follow up to perhaps getting information that is useful (date sold, amount sold for)?

    Or a follow up to the suggestion of a trial period for the SRP/SLP?

  17. Just to correct one statement of Andre’s. Beckett and COMC had a relationship which began in 2007 just when this site began.

  18. When I do a search for “2008 Goudey” I see that “at least” 7 of the first 25 cards have either wrong or missing data. I didn’t bother looking at the rest.

    • Thanks for the feedback; we’re still working on the card data, so there are still some errors showing. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  19. Could you add “recently modified” as a search function for buyers just like in the inventory manager to allow people to easily find cards that have dropped or gone up in price?

  20. I was thinking about sending a batch of cards in for the first time in a long time. I was looking at the fees .25 for 2 months plus if I list any of those cards for over $50 I will have to pay another .50 WTF. So the only option is 1.00 service for my cards over 50.00. so let’s see I sell 2 50.00 cards = 100.00 – 20% = 80.00 left no wait if I want 80.00 withdrawn 20% of $80 is only $16 so I lost $4 some where – $2 for for listing – 4.00 shipping to comc so for the $2 for my to $50 cards I will get back 74.00 = 37.00 per card wow what a great deal for get ebay or feebay like so many people say. And now you want us to pay $99 to see what they should or may sale for WTF. Keep adding fees people will pay because they don’t know any better.

  21. I want to see the actual sales data. I don’t care what the highest price a card ever sold for is if 200 other ones sold for 1/2 of that price. I don’t want ‘your analysis’ of the pricing — I just want to see how many cards sold for how much and when. I want to be able to see if certain players / sets or types of cards are ‘trending’ up or down [based on MY own personal interpretation of the data]. It is quite common for cards to sell for very high prices when a new product is released, especially before Beckett destroys the product[s] by undervaluing the cards based on some formula. As a seller I’ve still yet to find valuable enough data to determine whether certain cards are worth sending in to sell on your site, or if I’ll end up losing out because of the new fee structure. The ‘highest’ ever price [even with when it sold for THAT price’ is not helpful. How much did the last one sell for? How many have sold for price x [or a range between x & y] etc etc.

    You HAVE the data. I understand the data is valuable, I’d even be willing to PAY a small monthly fee for access to the ACTUAL data in order to create my OWN usable information from the data. I can understand wanting to have a SRP to display to ‘buyers’ so they feel as though they’re ‘getting a good deal’ and or don’t pay $50 for a $1 card, but there’s other factors that should go into an SRP which have nothing to do with your sales data and / or you don’t have enough data available to create. At what point do you want to be a new pricing guide [heavily influenced by your won sales data] & directly competing with Beckett in this regard, vs sticking with one thing – like being a marketplace.

    Personally, unless you have dedicated analysts and resources incorporating sales data from multiple locations & taking other factors into account in order to come up with an SRP – just stick an average and/or min to max range out there [for non-savvy buyers to feel warm & fuzzy] and provide just the actual data [even at an extra cost I’d be willing to pay] You need to put your efforts into making sure your Mario Lemieux cards aren’t labeled as Mark Letestu – as no one is likely to care much about the SRP of a card they can’t find and/or no one can take your SRP seriously if you don’t know enough to look at the PICTURE on the front of a hockey card and know “guy-wearing-penguins-uniform-with-a-C-sewn-on” can NOT possibly be Mark Letestu. It’s embarrassing to yourselves & your sellers, not to mention significantly hurts your [Search Engine & Amazon] SEO DURING the time in which you have the incorrect data AND AFTER you correct the data as many search engines may not recognize enough of a change to update their cached information. Then there’s the DOZENS upon DOZENS of databases/catalog & small marketplace sites which pull data from Amazon with the impression that Amazon is the ultimate all-knowing source for correct data [don’t get me started on Amazon & their data . . .]. The issue is, you’re feeding bad information to Amazon, whose data is pulled by numerous companies and databases all over the place – many of whom may never bother updating their data again. You’ve managed to invent new team names and products for some years – that weren’t released in those years! eg “Rimouski Ocaanic” [an ADDITIONAL misspelled version of the team name] has 31 cards assigned to it. A web search will show numerous other sites, not directly associated with Amazon & your company [but which pull, collate and / or collect data which they then cache or even STORE are now referencing this misspelled version of the team name. The fact that it is in reference to the same cards you assigned to the misspelled version of the team name is evidence that the data originated from your catalog in one way or another. The biggest issue – even if/when you bother fixing this [so ALL the Rimouski OcEanic cards show up together under the single correct spelling of the team name — that information may never propagate it’s way down to those smaller databases. You’ve just permanently introduced a non-existent team [along with several products that weren’t released in the years you have in your catalog] into the industry. And given that the bad information propagated to so many locations — those other sites are almost evidence to SUPPORT the non-existent team. [Amazon does this — they ‘validate’ their own bad data against sites which – somewhere along the line — can be traced back to their OWN catalog thus validating their bad data with their own bad data].

    [Your SRP data is going to end up accompanying other BAD data as it spreads across the internet ad no one is going to understand WHY Mark Letestu cards have such high SRPs [given it’s NOT actually a Mark Letestu card in a majority of the cases – it’s Mario Lemieux. Just make the raw data available to sellers or for those willing to pay a small subscription price, slap a min/max ever selling price on the cards for buyers – and work on fixing the BAD DATA [about 25% of your hockey data is just WRONG] before you make an entire mess that extends well outside of your own site. It is NOT a ‘minor inconvenience’ to have incorrect data. In many cases it is 100% preventing cards from being sold, having the same visibility as other cards & a significant issue. It is also a disservice to the industry as a whole when you provide access to this incorrect information to Amazon to incorporate in their catalog — which feeds numerous of other databases & web sites with this information. Have you even considered the ramifications of upset buyers, [perhaps like my mom who can’t see very well – not well enough to look at the ACTUAL information on the card] that buy “Steve Stamkos” cards — and are not very happy when they get Steve Staois cards sent to them? Considering the number of dumb-buyers I’ve had to deal with on Amazon [no offense to those of you reading this, as your reading this likely means you’re not one of the ones I’m referring to] I’m surprised you’ve not had to deal with numerous returns / refunds via Amazon for incorrectly describing products in the titles [like the wrong player names].

    My point is – you owe it to your sellers to CORRECT your data instead of trying to provide pricing services that are never going to meet the needs / requirements of everyone, require more data / analysis than your utilizing and there’s no reason for it at the current time unless you have the resources. Your time is MUCH better spent addressing what you like call “minor inconveniences” that are 100% preventing certain products from being sold. If your analytics team has nothing better to do than analyze / calculate SRP – perhaps their time would be better spent coming up with a MORE EFFICIENT means of entering & validating player NAME information than the completely ambiguous inaccurate system you are currently using — for which I have yet to understand why you implemented over just typing the actual PLAYERS name. Then your ‘challenge’ program VALIDATES the ‘guess’ you’ve made — using the SAME ambiguous system. At the very least your challenge should show the name you ‘GUESSED’ and ask people YES or NO if it’s right! Then you’d know there was a problem, whereas now, they just ‘validate’ the bad data with more bad data!

  22. Many people have asked for historical data in the form of: date sold, price sold for. It’s simple, but I don’t believe COMC is interested.

    Otherwise SRP is just another Beckett type pricing system that is worthless.

    I’ll keep using ebay’s completed listings to try and find actual sales data. Best alternative for now.

    • My issue is that I want to be able to determine what players/brands are actually selling [what stuff people are buying these days] and if the stuff is selling at a price that would make it worth while for me to send in to COMC. In that regard, eBay data doesn’t help me as it’s a different marketplace which can target different types of consumers. Knowing 20 of a certain card were sold and one once sold for $10, doesn’t help me if the other 19 sold for $.50 [obviously if there’s 200 other people selling the same card for $.25 – it’s a moot point, but when people are asking high prices, I don’t want to send stuff in if it isn’t going to sell and get stuck paying .25/card because 1 once sold for $10. I can’t even count the BOXES of cards I am trying to go through and am very frustrated overall not being able to locate a lot of them due to bad data [despite having contributed the correct data – in some cases months ago] and am debating what to do with the stuff.

      For the prices I’d likely get, it’s not worth [myself] photo’ing every card & dealing with eBay, and I don’t mind the .25 for COMC to do it – if I had the data I need to be able to know WHICH cards [players, teams, certain brands etc] people have been buying at decent enough prices. I have mostly hockey, everything from base cards from the 70’s through the latest products, parallels, s/n au/gu rookies – the whole 9 yards. I only collect certain players but buy boxes/cases of stuff and if I know I can get at least $100 for something, I’ll put it up on my parent’s eBay account, but I have all this other stuff I don’t want to deal with on eBay. I looked into Becket’s marketplace awhile ago, so I could list against their catalog & for the majority of stuff people would buy without photos [base cards in nrMnt-mint condition] and had thought they were expensive for the services provided, but then I’m looking at 4,000 cards I pulled so far to send in to COMC & at $1,000 up front [for which it may take them weeks to list and / or due to bad data may not have been stuff I thought they didn’t have] Beckett’s marketplace isn’t sounding so expensive. [That’s just the cards I pulled so far – I have dozens more to go thorough AND some baseball/football collections my dad wants me to do something with]. If I’m needing to risk $0.25 / card [plus the .25 they take from the other end – raising the sale price], I feel like I should be able to decide whether or not to send certain cards in based on all of the available data [most of them don’t even HAVE an SRP] and not random charts and graphs and what one card once sold for.

      • If you felt like throwing away a weekend, you’d make a killing at a card show. Judging by what you say you have, if it was a busy enough show, you’d probably get bought out by another dealer before the weekend was up. Just a thought.

      • My dad has a collectible store. He used to run his own card shows locally & would get a few tables at the larger ones [Sportsfest & National]. That was probably decades ago & my dad’s health is really bad. I recently started just taking him to the National [i had to push him around the event in a wheelchair] & it was really weird for him to see how much the industry’s changed since he last was at a show. [That was what finally convinced him to let me put a lot of the inventory up online]

        We talked about doing a few local shows & just bringing boxes of AU/GU [mostly non-star] stuff & putting it out at 3/$10 & lowering the prices as the inventory dwindled down so we wouldn’t end up having to bring anything home but the biggest issue is his being away from the store & needing the employees to do the heavy lifting at the show.

        I started to even go through & [attempt] to count / organize the ‘junk’ AU/GU of my dad’s to put up lots on eBay and/or sell off to a liquidator at $0.50 – $1 each but a lot of the stuff isn’t even junk. [Gold or Patch variations, alternate ink colors etc]. I don’t know a lot about the not-hockey cards, but some of the players were even [listed in COMC as having sold at some point in time for a maximum of] $10 – $20.

        Regardless, for anyone following my long posts, I ended up working with someone over at Beckett Marketplace who got us setup for an account. For people just browsing the marketplace, there’s no BV pricing and a lot of the people who buy from BMP don’t necessarily subscribe to the online price guides. There was a lot of chatter on forums that BMP had ‘high’ prices, but having gone through what other sellers have [so I can price my stuff accordingly] it’s mostly the rare / highly sought after cards [that beckett seems to undervalue often] which only one seller has that are priced high. The rest of the stuff was competitively priced [mostly at less than 1/2 BV]. I think some of the people who complain about the high prices [on the better/rare cards] made it sound like the prices were too high for them to buy things and RESELL them to other people while making a profit [based on some of the comments] which means there are people out there willing to pay more for those cards — BMP sellers are just reaching them directly.

        I’ve come across a few errors so far [not nearly as many as COMC] & although I’ve reported them, my options are to either nag Beckett to correct them – which they usually will do — or I can create a ‘custom’ entry to sell the card. The monthly fees are high & they take a % of sales [a lot of which is for the CC processing] but I’m not paying a fee per card just to ‘list’ something that might never sell.

        They haven’t yet implemented an ‘offer’ button, but they publish the email addresses of the sellers & having listed some of my own [uber-cool really rare] cards at really high prices, I’m sure most sellers [like myself] would be willing to take offers on cards if you email them. Even possibly trade for stuff.

        I like COMC as a means of buying inexpensive stuff for my own collection[s] and/or for my dad to resell in his store, as well as buying stuff I think is cool & trying to ‘flip’ it while it sits in my account, but for the massive amounts of stuff I’ve got here, a lot of it can sell via stock photos [or even no photos if people are trying to fill sets & you guarantee certain conditions] so COMC’s model isn’t ideal for most of the stuff I need to get listed online. Some of the AU/GU stuff might do well, but the amount of time needed to see if the card is listed, if people are already selling it & try to figure out if it’s worth sending in [given the high up-front fees] along with the significant delay [and risk someone else is sending the same stuff in] and inability to locate cards due to missing names/wrong names etc isn’t worthwhile financially or from a ‘use-of-my-time’ aspect.

        [I must have ‘edited’ & updated / corrected several thousand card entries on here, some of them months ago [back in June] & many of them have yet to be ‘approved’. I was very disappointing at the lazy approach to card identification using ambiguous 4 character ‘codes’ to identify the players AND the same ambiguous codes were used to ‘validate’ the correctness of the information. Even if they wanted to ignore the published checklists, it would have taken less time to actually key in the players name than the amount of time it is going to take [if they ever decide] to change the 75% of Mark Letestu cards in their catalog which actually feature Mario Lemieux on them. The first 2 of the first and first 2 of the last is so ambiguous, I can’t understand how they arrived at that as a ‘shortcut’ and despite the significant amount of errors caused by it — CONTINUE to identify cards in this way and CONTINUE to ‘validate’ the incorrect names in their challenges by having users enter the same ambiguous information – at the very least they should just ask users if they arrived at the correct name or not, or have users enter the entire players name. While manufacturers do have some issues with their checklists, it would have been much easier to fix those one-off [highly documented and often well known] errors than trying to clean up the mess they’ve made [at least of the hockey cards]. Beckett may have some card numbers incorrect or production run / memorabilia errors — but the cards can at least be FOUND by the players name in their database. I have stuff that stopped selling as soon as the name[s] were removed and despite numerous requests to repopulate the correct data for months — still sit with ??? not selling in my account on COMC.

  23. I agree with you on the ambiguous characters. Seemed like a massive waste of time (for the crowd who was doing the data entry), unless there’s some aspect on the back end that I’m missing, where this data entry method makes sense. To make matters worse, the data entry for Race Driver names, wrestling names and Magic The Gathering, had users type in the full names, rather than the first two, last two. Granted, those are much smaller checklists and the larger sports would have taken longer, but here we are 7 months later and the “major” sports still sit in limbo, data-wise. At least in wrestling and racing, the player names are spot on.

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