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We are looking for a few good people to add to the COMC Team.  Are you looking for a fun job, working with fellow collectors, for a company that’s going places?  Do you know someone in the Seattle area who would be a great fit?  All interested parties should email their resume to hr@comc.com.  If you refer someone, have them mention you, and if we hire them to a long-term position we’ll thank you with $250 in store credit!

Identification Specialist 1

Do you know the difference between a refractor and an X-fractor?  Can you identify a short printed card?  Could you tell a parallel from the base set?  The Identification Specialist will help us to accurately sort, identify, and list sports trading cards. Our ideal candidate will be passionate about collectible sports cards and have an exceptional attention to detail. Familiarity with computers & 10-key / data entry is a strong plus.


  • Sort received inventory, and add condition notes accurately where required
  • Identify unlicensed, unsupported, counterfeit, altered, or suspicious inventory
  • Identify the catalog information for many thousands of trading cards each week with the aid of a sophisticated computer system
  • Correct or update database information where appropriate
  • Maintain excellent communication within the identification team
  • Review work at all stages to ensure accuracy
  • Maintain accurate records of all activities


  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent training and experience
  • Extensive knowledge of collectible cards is required. Individual must possess functional knowledge of diverse collectible card brands (including but not limited to Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, Leaf, Fleer, Donruss, Bowman, Goudey and other sports and non-sports brands)
  • Strong computer skills required; knowledge of Microsoft Access a plus
  • Strong 10-key and data entry experience
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Salary & Benefits:
Starting salary ranges from $12-14/hour depending upon experience. After 90 days on the job employees will be eligible for medical benefits, dental benefits, 4 weeks of PTO/year, and other employee benefits.

Processing Team Member

This full-time position will help us to accurately sort, identify, scan, and organize our incoming inventory.   Our ideal candidate will be focussed, observant, self-directed, and passionate about all types of collectibles.  Processing Team Members deal directly with incoming customer consignment items and coordinate efforts using a sophisticated computer system.


  • Ability to stay on task for extended periods
  • High visual attention to detail
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Maintain two-way communication within the identification team
  • Review work at all stages to ensure accuracy
  • Identify and help to investigate issues
  • Maintain accurate records of all activities
  • Help with projects for other teams as needed


  • High school diploma or GED
  • Familiarity with sports and/or gaming cards a strong plus
  • Solid computer skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Salary & Benefits:
Starting salary ranges from $9.25-$12.00/hour depending upon experience. After 90 days on the job employees will be eligible for medical benefits, dental benefits, 4 weeks of PTO/year, and other employee benefits.

Order Fulfillment Team Member

This full-time position will provide warehouse support, assisting with all shipping activities in a safe, accurate and dependable manner.  Ideal candidates will have high attention to detail and dexterity to work quickly using both hands processing small, valuable items.

Responsibilities include:

  • Retrieve and process warehouse orders through a computerized system
  • Provide fast and accurate retrieval and processing of outgoing orders
  • Demonstrates delicate manual dexterity, handling small, fragile inventory with great precision and care over extended periods of time and at a swift pace
  • Report errors and missing inventory to shipping lead
  • Interpret and prepare invoices
  • Participate in the inspection and physical count of incoming and outgoing materials
  • Verify goods received against purchase orders or invoices
  • Maintain inventory, and handle items with care
  • Assist leads and managers in all organization projects

Desired Qualifications:

  • High School diploma, GED or equivalent training and experience
  • Familiar with sports cards, gaming cards, or collectible items preferred
  • Ability to multitask and excellent hand dexterity
  • Strong sense of urgency
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal & communication skills
  • Positive work attitude and strong team player
  • Basic mathematical skills

Salary & Benefits:
Starting salary ranges from $9.25-$12.00/hour depending upon experience. After 90 days on the job employees will be eligible for medical benefits, dental benefits, 4 weeks of PTO/year, and other employee benefits.


31 thoughts on “We’re Hiring!

  1. I actually emailed in asking if I could help with the non sports/comic card card section of the website a couple times now and have not heard back. I mentioned I would be willing to work for minimum wage or even store credit.

    In the past before the Beckett changeover I had submitted quite a few reports for cards that were missing information not only for myself but for other users as well. At the time I was happy to see the info updated quite quickly.

    Flash forward to today and the non sport/comic side of the site is still a mess with all sorts of missing information. I am really unsure why all the information I provided before the Beckett fiasco disappeared and would hope it would have been restored by now.

    My offer is still open to help out with that side of the site.

    Also while I was here I wanted to ask about storage fees. I thought I read somewhere that storage fees would not be charged if there was still information missing from listings but I think all my items last month were charged for fees missing info or not.

    Another thing I wanted to ask about was the comic book section of the site. I think I made a mistake sending in my comics before the changeover occurred. At first I was looking forward to try to sell some of my comics on the site but now after months of having them listed I think I sold maybe two comics. One thing I did not realize is that COMC would tack on a dollar shipping for each comic. I thought for sure if my comics didn’t sell I could lower them to $1.00 and they should move. But with the dollar shipping fee even lowering them to a $1.00 will cost the customer $2.00 for each comic.

    What I have been doing now to just blow out my comics i lower the price of some of them to .75 cents to avoid storage fees and just to be rid of them.

    Was also told at the time for comics that OverStreet price guide would be used to help value comics but I have not seen that happen yet.

    Lastly wanted to check on the COMC vault. Even when the COMC vault page did work there was no real link to find it from the COMC site. Now it appears that the vault is just gone. I only had a few things added to the vault but I was wondering if the vault will be back or will everyone who submitted items to the vault get their fees back for that service if it isn’t coming back? Another part of the vault that appealed to me was how COMC would take items listed on the vault to actual card shows and I wanted to check and see if that is still happening or not?


    • David, You are the kind of person they need. I hope they can address your issues and I’m interested in seeing if they do.

  2. if there is a way to do some of the computer remotely to help with the catalog building, missing names,edits, I’m sure theres some people interested, myself included.

    • There should be a way for people to work from home and help build the COMC catalog. In the past I had worked for a website where I would login with an admin username and password and this would allow me to edit and add information.

  3. I agree with David. I made the mistake of submitting a group of NASCAR cards just before the **** hit the fan. The NASCAR section is full of mistakes. Same with the vintage baseball section. None of my corrections have been fixed. I don’t think things will ever be fixed. I would have better off throwing my cards in the trash.

  4. I agree I submit error changes quite a bit..I like the COMC Challenges..however I understand that mistakes will be made..and there should be someone that could be at home..QC’ing these and making the changes as they go through the database..

    • Hi, we’re nowhere near the UW campus…we’re in Redmond. And, you can give both your name and your COMC username when you refer someone, just to be sure. Thanks!

  5. Would love to do some work from home. Been collecting for 25 years. If COMC decides to hire out of state employees, I’m ready. Would need to be part time though.

    • Hi, thanks for asking, but the way the system is designed, we’d need people to be in house for processing and identification.

  6. I hope they hire these warehouse/shippers soon. It is taking a long time to get a shipment out the door once requested. At least 5 business day or more.

    • Hi, the Standard shipping service has a 7 business day window from when the order is received by the shipping team, to when it’s picked up by USPS for delivery. Right now, the shipping team is seeing orders leave the warehouse, on average, just over 4 days after the order is placed. But, yes, they are hiring for the shipping team, too – as the holidays are just around the corner, so we want to hire now and make sure the team is ready for the push, later this year.

    • Hi David; we’ve found that the most effective card identification process is a group effort. In our office, the majority of the Identification team works in one large office, and are able to use each other as a resource when identifying cards. That’s a little more difficult to do remotely.

      • I said it was the “most effective” method…and, there’s no time line for a specific user’s cards. we’re working on getting everyone’s cards done, as soon as possible.

  7. So I received an email from HR and I have officially been turned for a job at COMC, which is fine. But now I would like to respectfully request some answers to my questions above and would like a time frame of when my items will be listed correctly with COMC.

    I think there has been more than enough time to get my items listed and cataloged correctly and would like to know what the problem is?

    My opinion is that you don’t have anyone there who knows much about nonsports / comic cards and that is why I initially offered to work for you.

    I will not be providing anymore information for free as last time I did that it all disappeared and has not been restored.

    Please provide an answer here for everyone to see.


    • Hi David,

      We’ve been working on the edits for the better part of August, in an effort to get caught up; when you consider we had hundreds of users supplying thousands of edits, it’s taken us awhile to work through them all. We’ve at 92% completion for the card catalog, and yes, a lot of the non-sports/comic cards make up the 8% that’s left to do and we’re going to focus on getting that last bit done, once we finish the edits and corrections.

      There’s no “problem”, just more submissions via the crowd-sourced inputs than available resources to work through themas quickly as the crowd would like…but, we are getting through them.

  8. Ok I don’t want to become a blog hog by posting so much but up there in the comment you say COMC is trying to get everyone’s cards listed as fast as possible but I am not sure that is entirely true. It seems the efforts have been more focused on the sports card side of the site and getting that up and running and the nonsport / comic card side of the site has been neglected.

    I will keep an eye out for updates to my items as well as others items from that side of the site to see if going forward some things get done but from past experience I have info submitted 4/3/2014 still marked as pending review.

    It’s just very frustrating knowing all the work I have submitted in the past for my cards and other users cards as well is gone and doesn’t look like its coming back. Also equally frustrating is when I offer to work for minimum wage or even store credit and am turned down.

    Will wait and see if things will start to get updated.

    Also was hoping you could follow up on my other unanswered questions about storage fees being charged for items that are incomplete?

    Also was hoping to get a response for the comic book side and if Overstreet comic price guide will be integrated into COMC as promised.

    Thanks again

    • Ok, as for your other questions:

      There are no storage fees charged for any cards with incomplete information/data – that’s been the standard procedure from the beginning of the transition.

      I don’t know of any plans to use Overstreet or any other comic pricing guides.

      And, the Vault is dead. It was shut down in April, and it won’t be back.

      • Well my account was charged storage fees for items missing info.

        Also what happened to the Overstreet thing and why is that all of a sudden off?

        Will people get refunds for the fees they paid to have their items listed on the vault?

      • If you were charged storage fees on any items with missing information, please contact staff@comc.com with the details and we’ll take a look at it.

        We never officially stated that we would be working with Overstreet, in re: to comic pricing – those were rumors, at best.

        And, anyone who was charged fees for listing on the Vault would have been reimbursed by now – but, since we initially waived fees for listing cards on the Vault, as part of the introduction to the Vault, but didn’t actually start charging fees, I don’t think we ever had to reimburse anyone.

  9. Oh and the COMC Vault and if that will be coming back and were cards listed on the vault taken to the Nationals and other shows as promised to showcase and sell.

    Thanks again

  10. The vault was not free and I even went to double check my fees and I was charged for what was called a rescan fee which was $1 an item.

    When the vault first started you had to submit which items you wanted to be part of the vault from your inventory. Those items were then removed and rescanned for better detail and then deposited back into your inventory to be listed on the vault and that was like I said $1 per item.

    I only had a few items listed on the vault to try it out but one thing I liked about the idea is that the vault cards would be taken to shows like the national and displayed and possibly sold.

    As for the Oversstreet deal I was told by a very familiar member of COMC over the phone that comics would indeed be priced with Overstreet and the way it was said it didn’t seem like a rumor it seemed like a fact. Now maybe that employee misspoke and it was before the Beckett fiasco so maybe that had something to do with it. Knowing I would have access to Overstreet to help price my comics was a big factor in my decision to send in so many comics.

    Not trying to be a jerk but maybe I should apply for your job as I seem to know more about COMC than you do.

    With that said I still like COMC and still have faith COMC can be a great site for other things besides sports cards.

    Thanks again

    • You asked about fees for listing items on the Vault, but you mentioned rescanning fees. While it was part of the Vault, those are still two different things. Also, the rescanning fee was $0.50, not $1.

      We took the Vault cards to the 2013 National card show in Chicago, but that was the only time it happened – the Vault cards never traveled again.

      We never made any official announcements re: Overstreet and that employee was probably out of place mentioning Overstreet in the first place.

      And, you know where to send that resume…HR@COMC.com – we are accepting them.

  11. Listing fees, rescanning fees, call it whatever you want there was still a charge and it wasn’t .50 cents it was $1 an item. You can go into my account and double check.

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