New Search is Live + Free Promotions & Free Shipping

The new search infrastructure that I mentioned in my last video is live, and it is now the default search. To compare it to our old search, you can simply check or un-check the Use New BETA Search checkbox. Note, the old search results may be a couple days out of date. We are measuring how fast updates appear with the new search infrastructure. If there are lots of promotions or other activity, it looks like it might take a couple hours to reflect all of the new prices.

UseNewBETASearchWe want to stress test the new search infrastructure, so please try it out. As an incentive, we are allowing sellers to run FREE Sale promotions for the next week, and we are also offering free shipping on orders of 20 or more items. Shipment requests must be submitted by midnight PST Wednesday, July 23rd. Items purchased from Advanced Reselling Mode are only eligible for a $3 shipping discount.

New Search Features
You will noticed that the filtering options offered on the left have changed a bit with the new infrastructure. It is now a LOT easier for us to add new search related features. You can expect to see new features light up from time to time over the next several months. This is some of the ground work for our new SRP.

Search Performance
Search results are consistently snappy. No more really slow searches. Also, the new search infrastructure has the ability to automatically scale up to support any level of demand (in theory). That is what we want you to test.

For the first time we have decoupled the search functionality from the rest of the website. This means that the database that tracks asking prices and ownership of items is no longer bogged down with all of the search requests. This is a big deal. Last Black Friday our database server was basically maxed out the entire weekend. Now we should be able to support more than 10 times the traffic and still have great performance.

Let us know what you think of the new search. What search features would you like us to add?

41 thoughts on “New Search is Live + Free Promotions & Free Shipping

  1. I’ve noticed that the Beta search function does not allow for partial word results. For instance, when searching without Beta, you can search “Leb Jam” and it will bring up everything that matches, even if partial matches (so everything Lebron James comes up). With the Beta search, no results come back from the same search. Any chance the Beta search will eventually pull partial result searches like the old search would?

  2. What about search results that filter how many cards a seller has? For instance, if I searched “Derek Jeter”, the search results could show that seller 1 has 600 Jeter cards listed, seller 2 has 400, seller 3 has, etc. etc., etc. This could make bulk sales for sellers much easier. It would also help buyers find sellers who have a lot of the cards they need so that they can quickly fill up their cart and make an offer to a single or few sellers.

  3. for the sales promotion page: why can we only view 3 at a time for pricing. what was the reason behind this? it would be more time effective for pricing to see 50/100+ at a time. can this ever be fixed? thanks.

    • I think we originally did that because we didn’t expect that people would do too many customization to a sale. You can now choose up to 100 from the size dropdown.

      • Awesome that you’re changing that, limiting the displayed items to 3 made it a lot harder to set up promotions. However, there seems to be a bug with that right now. Whenever I change the numbered of displayed items to anything larger than 3, and attempt to edit one of the items past the third one displayed, all of the newly displayed items disappear entirely and the changed value is not saved. Experiencing this issue on both Firefox and Chrome.

  4. Big time props from this corner. IMO, this week-long promo is crazy good and I hope sellers realize it – and get the word out to collectors in their own social media circles. What better way to drive traffic than offering the free shipping > 20 items? At the risk of sounding like a homer – seriously – what company do you know that tosses out these many bones and actively seeks/responds to input? If I were a COMC employee (shipping dept in particular over the next 7 days), I’m thinking ‘are you kidding, another roll out’? Sadly, you know the entitled will still find something to complain about.

  5. How can we search for more than one item at a time? For example, I’m looking for 2 cards from one set. Just to keep it generic, let’s say it’s cards 123 and 234 from the 1979 Topps set. On ebay, the search string would be: “1979 Topps (123, 234)”. How can I find both cards in one search on COMC? I’ve already tried several different methods I thought might work, but no luck. Thanks!

    • Of course, the very next thing I try works! In case anyone else cares, to do the same search as I requested, here’s the search string: “(1979 Topps 123) | (1979 Topps 234)”. That character in the middle there is usually called “pipe” and can be found on most keyboards as “shift \”. I hope this helps other collectors.

  6. I like the team categories on the side bar but man is it slow now. Not Beckett Marketplace slow, mind you, but slower than before.

    I also don’t like how the years disappear now. Before I could chose cards from the 50s and then change to 60s on the sidebar but now once I select 50s I’m stuck in the 50s until I go back to baseball.

    • What browser are you using? Because I’ve always had to go back to baseball to get out of a decade search, and I’ve been here a little over a year now. I would just right click on the decade and open a new tab and then close the tab, instead of always clicking back,back,back.

    • We were running into some issues yesterday morning. It was cleared up by the afternoon. The speed should be much better now. Basically we bumped up the resources allocated for searching.

  7. Thanks for the free sale I really appreciate it! However I have been somewhat disappointed that I have not seen any soccer challenges. But as always keep up the great job.

  8. Tim, my sale prices are not showing up when you search one of my cards. For example Michael Jordan pricing is not green/sale. Can this be fixed? Thanks!

  9. Can you change the search when searching years? Ex. I used to type in “85 mcgwire” and it would pull up all cards related to 1985 with mcgwire in it or just type 85 topps and a card number. Now it doesn’t grab any of these unless I add the “19” to 1985 or “20” to 2005. I know it seems minor but when searching tons of cards every week less is more.

    Also, I know we are awaiting the SRP but for port sales can we lower the min offer price to 10% of asking price until the SRP rolls out later this year? I know some people prefer it as is but realistically I know when I have a 10%-12% port to sellI versus a 20%+ port. I do like to leave the guys that buy my ports room to make money as I am impatient as anyone on here and they help me out by buying them when I need the cash for processing etc.

    Btw awesome jobs guys, things are rounding out nicely and myself along with may others can’t wait to see the new pricing and I already love the changes to search features a ton more than before. Time to load up for football season and Black Friday!

    • Your suggestion for searching years has been implemented. Nice catch.

      Keep an eye on the port sale issue over the next month or so. There will be some changes, but please let us know if it still needs improvement.

      • Would love to see the port sale improvements ASAP. There is something wrong when you will allow 5 cent commons listed at $40+, but you will not allow a port sale under 20% of asking price.

  10. Please add BGS submission option of minimum grading 9.5 or no slabbing of lower grades. I only like to build BGS 9.5 cards. Please think about it, I am sure lots of COMC users who grades also like this option. Thank you!

    • Helpful for vintage too. Some cards are better left raw. I’m taking delivery, shipping to PSA, and shipping back to COMC because this feature isn’t available. Time-consuming and expensive.

    • I agree on the price range filter, it would be my #2 most helpful buying tool on Comc.
      My #1, would be a filter based on card type (ie, base,insert,parallel, etc).

      I collect Ripken, Bonds and Griffey Jr and it get’s exhausting checking back every couple of days and filtering through a mountain of base cards, looking for stuff I dont have. Under the old system, I could just as easily type in what I’m looking for, but well, things have different names now.

  11. If you go over page 100 of a search either by clicking on page 101 at the bottom or by typing in a higher page number you get a blank page that says “oops you have went past the maximum of 10,000 items in your search” I have tried this many different ways and can’t find the cards I’m looking for without doing a auto search under a sport or numbered search. Also, I used to be able to type in something like,SP or whichever I was searching and search all sports at once with parameters like serial numbered or memorabilia and search pages that way but you can’t perform that search anymore either.

    • HI; unfortunately, with the switch to the new search architecture, this is going to happen. It’s a limit set by the software, but we’re working on means to help improve the search results, and assist you in finding just what you’re looking for.

      In the meantime, can I ask just what you were searching for, in general? Were you looking through someone’s port? Or, where you checking prices/players/years? If you want, you can send the url of the search results to, and we can see if we can find a work-around for you, to help out in the short-term until we can find a better, long -term solution.

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