Lucky 7’s for the National!

Hi COMC Nation! For the last few weeks, people have been watching their calendars and they know that The National Sports Collectors Convention is right around the corner. People also know that with the National, they’re going to see a COMC Processing Special announcement…they seem to go hand-in-hand, don’t they?

We’ve been working on this for a little while now, and it seems like the time is right to let you know that we’ve finalized the details and we’re ready to share them with you!

$77 Flat Rate Special

Just in time for The National, and to coincide with our 7th Anniversary, starting today (July 3rd) we’re offering a $77 Flat Rate Special for one 550ct box.

  • Use the Submission Wizard to notify us of the submission
  • Limit 1 550ct box per person
  • Single row, no jammed in minis, nothing in the sides or laid on top. (See the picture below)
  • These cards will be processed within 7 weeks of receiving
  • All submissions must be postmarked by Monday, July 28th.
    • (Please note: any cards submitted under the National special that are priced over $50 after processing will be subject to the $0.50 basic item upgrade fee.)
One Box, One Row, No More, No Less.

One Box, One Row, No Less, No…Mo’? (That rhymes, right?)

For those of you who will be in Cleveland for the National, you can drop your cards off at the COMC Booth to avoid any of those extra shipping costs. And, our friends in Canada can also take advantage of this special, by sending their submissions to our office in Burnaby.

Thanks for your patience as we rolled this out, and in the meantime, feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments below and stay in touch by following us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

52 thoughts on “Lucky 7’s for the National!

  1. C’mon guys, after all the waiting with the catalogue issues and such, I think members should be seeing an offer that does not limit the amount of cards we can submit for the special National offer. Furthermore, it should be based on a “per card” rate as opposed to a flat 550 ct. box rate seeing a lot of us would have jersey, patch, booklet, etc. cards that we would like to submit. I have well over 1500 cards I wanted to bring to Cleveland to submit, so this is a bit of a let down. Last year in Chicago, I do not recall a limit on how many cards we could submit.

    • Last year was $70 for a flat 660 ct box and was also limited to one box…the previous year was unlimited, but if I recall, they were flooded by submissions and were having problems getting them all processed…

    • The limit last year was a 660-count box for the promotion, but they accepted additional submissions under whatever the normal rules were at the time.

      • There may have been a limit last year, I don’t recall, but I am positive the overall offer was better. I would have anticipated with the issues the site has faced the last several months that the National Offer would have been an eyeopener. Not the end of the world, but I would have liked to have been able to drop a few 1000 cards off in person in Cleveland.

      • I think they will have an apology promotion once the catalog is done and there is an SRP for every card. Having a bigger promo now just means it will take them longer to get those things done.

  2. It seems that we’ve been paying more and more for less and less over the past few years. I sent in a bunch of 2014 Bowman and Football in early June (just after release almost) and stuff is barely showing up now. Very disappointed with the continued shrinkage of the National ‘special’. May go back to Sportlots if this keeps up.

    • We use both sites for different types of material. . This “special” does not carry much weight unless you are filling the box with $50+ items to avoid the “upcharge” for sending quality items to the site.

      • Yeah, but if you have $50+ items, unless it’s unique, then you’re fighting against eBay for pricing. Hate seeing something that sells on eBay for $10-20 on COMC for $40-50 because /reasons/.

  3. Jason we haven’t used Ebay in years so I don’t have the frame of reference but if there is that sort of price discrepancy then I can see where there would be an issue.

  4. I understand that you don’t want “jammed in” mini’s….but is there anything stopping me from sending in a 550 ct box filled with minis assuming that they are not jammed in?

    • As long as you have a single row of cards, you could do that…just know that we won’t be accepting “double rows” of minis, however.

  5. I’m surprised your offering a special at all with everything you are having to do right now. I can’t believe how entitled some people act. Thanks for the special, and I hope it doesn’t bury your staff even further.

  6. I love this promotion every year, but maybe you should have pushed this back until you catch up on your back log of over due cards. I have somewhere around 200 that were due back in May.

  7. Can you confirm number of cards in inches? The picture shown in the post is roughly 11″… Is this the maximum allowed cards for the 550ct box?
    I only ask because my local card shop only sells boxes 9″ and 12″ and nothing in between.
    If the max is 11″, is it okay that I use the 12″ box with cardboard or foam filler to take up the extra inch of space in the box?

  8. i have the same question. is it the box that you’re allowing or the 550 card max? like i gu/thicker cards. i was wondering if this is a 550 box or 550 card sub. thanks

    • It’s 1 550 Ct Box…whatever you can safely fit into the box (as you see in the picture) applies for the Special.

  9. What is the best way to ship a 550-ct box? I don’t have much experience mailing packages…

  10. Folks… here is a kicker! According to their facebook page you will still get hammered by the upcharge if your cards are over $50. Even though this was not mentioned anywhere in the fine print of the special. Glad I found out as I had 483 $50+ cards ready to ship out…

    • I’ll peel one off before letting it go.

      You do realize for the extra 50 cents you get a higher quality scan, which reduces the chance of the item being returned, right?

      • Joel for what I was planning on sending in…I wasn’t worried about returns… The point is…until it was updated today, several days after the launch of the promotion there was no mention of anything other tan 550 cards for $77. Imagine my surprise when an extra $241.50 would have been added to my bill…..

  11. If I have already completed the submission wizard and printed out my form before I saw this, do I need to make any changes to the submission form or make a notation on it to make sure I only pay the $77? Thanks!

    • It should say “National Special” on the form. That’s how you’ll be sure you get charged the correct amount.

  12. Hey Moe how long will it take for all the 550 cards to get up live online? I yanked a kris Bryant redemption today and have some low numbered cards including some red ice’s, silver ice jumbo box top loader of ABREAU & an on card of him, also I have a WHOLE BUNCH OF 2014 bowman in which I HAVE ABSOLUTELY BEEN MURDERING THEYRE PRODUCT! I would like to know when the promotion ends, HOW LONG IT TAKES FOR THE CARDS TO BE POSTED UP ONLINE & ALSO I WOULD LIKE TO GET SOME SUPER’s up there ASAP! ALSO THE KRIS BRYANT REDEMPTION YEAH BABY ! SOOOO STOKED! THANKS MOE! GO NINERS !!!! SHE HAWKS are PATHETIC TAPE DONT LIE !!

    • The National Special will see your cards deposited within 7 weeks of being received…and, the special ends on July 28th.

      If you have some really hot cards, I would recommend using the Premium service to get them on the website sooner, rather than later.

  13. Dear COMC

    I have a box that’s 12 inches long and I could only get less than 500 cards (all basic cards, no thick cards) inside. Is this box acceptable for the Nationals promotion? (The other 10 inches long box I could put 400 cards in, but I saw your example photo measures 11 inches which I can’t find one) PLMK, thank you for the great job!

  14. Hi Moe,

    I didn’t see this addressed, is there a specified inches criteria, like we had in the prior promotions, that we can use if don’t have a 550 ct box on hand and would be sending the cards in multiple smaller count boxes like 200 count boxes for example?

    Thanks Moe and COMC.

    • Hi; it’s one 550 ct box…if you look at the picture, it’s 11 inches of box. I wouldn’t recommend sending in several smaller boxes, as I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the National special deal.

  15. Here is something else that I did not see addressed anywhere…I submitted a special and the $77 was charged immediately before the first card was even processed…I may have missed that somewhere in the fine print…but FYI everyone

    • Oh man, that kind of sucks. I thought it would be done the same way as the other. Seems kind of odd to do it before anything is processed b/c what happens when they don’t meet the timeline?? Do we get some $ refunded or will they say “Well you paid a flat fee….”. I just boxed everything up too. Hmm….

      • It’s always been our policy to give a 50% discount on processing fees for any cards that don’t meet their due dates – that’ll be the case with the National special, too.

  16. I have about 10% of a batch of cards not processed that had a completion date of May 27th. COMC has had them coming on 4 months. Now I see there is one (1) card being processed every week it seems…..seriously. I have already missed the hockey hot window for sales during the NHL playoffs that I had planned for in Dec. 2013, that were in that parcel. I am concerned that the completion goals have been later and later from initial estimates. What is COMC’s prediction, goal or whatever you want to call it for cards sent in for basic processing now? Do I have a chance for baseball to be processed before the season is over? Or do you suggest I send in football of hockey?
    We need some realistic and calculated answers to your processing completion dates. And you say you are processing the higher dollar cards first? That may be an advantage to your bottom line and a help to the owners of those cards but wouldn’t it be fair to everyone if cards were processed in the order they were received? After all, a dollar card sold by a newbie may be just as enriching as a $100 card to a dealer. And the newbie may not be turned off before he/she has the opportunity to grow into a high dollar buyer/trader.
    Please give us some answers that we can rely on realizing you put your self in a position with Beckett that turned your world upside down and you are trying your best to get it straightened out. Looking forward to getting the other cards of mine processed and looking forward to reasonable processing in the very near future. I have many boxes ready to be sent but cannot formalize a plan what to send and when.
    One other thing – if I put a note to process a certain player or group (that is neat and orderly for processors) you should honor that request or have you started doing that now? Thanks in advance for the consideration and butt chewing but we have skin in the game also. And I do like your business model and understand the predicament you are in and wish you the best for your goals…..sooner than later I hope.
    Best regards,
    Ken Swope

  17. If I’m going to the National in person can I submit more than just a 550 count box? I realize only one box counts for the promotion, but could I hand you a bunch of other boxes to save on shipping? Should I create a submission ticket for those as well and somehow mark I’ll be delivering at the National?


    • You can submit as much as you like to us in Cleveland, but only one box will go towards the National processing special. Thanks!

  18. I may be wrong but I think my maths right. Regular Processing is 308 * $.25 = $77. I just filled a 550 ct box and got 324 cards in it. So i’m looking at a savings of $4 correct? So I guess it is a special….. I guess the point of this is: Do not think your getting 550 cards processed for $77. Just a fyi so people don’t feel screwed.

    • It just depends on what you’re sending in. I save my thinnest cards to submit just for these types of promotions. MTG and Pokemon cards as well as stickers are ideal for this promo.

    • Don’t send in thick cards or GU for this and maximize your savings…last year at the nationals, i thought I brought enough cards, I was about an inch short, so I just started buying random cheap autos to just fill the rest of the box…this year, I have about 485 cards in my box so far and about 1/4 inch left

  19. I would never submit any cards to this website until the pricing/catalog/ and submission time issues are fixed. Not for 14 cents a card, not for 5 cents a card, not for a penny (okay MAYBE a penny). There is absolutely no reason to wait 7 weeks when you’re paying $77. I have no problem running my business on eBay. using only their special sales, and my 50 free uploads a month, and turning out profit while taking the pictures myself and shipping myself.

    In the last 7 weeks, I’ve sold 135 cards, and turned a total profit of $175 (after fees, and cost of product). That is $175 that I wouldn’t have made if I sent the cards to COMC, and still would have paid them to wait. I’ve never seen a more senseless program than having someone else do the work for you, and paying money up front for that service, and wait so long. It’s RIDICULOUSLY more rewarding to know you did it yourself. I still buy cards from this site but I would never, EVER, sell here. This place is strictly for big market dealers to sell. People like me who sell $1-2-5 cards can’t survive this system and it chases people like me away from ever considering it.

  20. For a site that was on the rise, I do believe COMC has officially become a wasteland. The sellers have no idea what’s going on and the system doesn’t even work remotely close to what it use to. I STILL have cards that say “Missing,” even after I submit the edits. Wasn’t it a policy that if your cards weren’t submitted on time before the deadline, that the entire submission was essentially free. Which worked out for COMC because the submissions use to be on time; as people were able to expect the submission. Now I don’t know what’s going on. Quite frustrating when players still have other player’s name in the listing. On anther note, a few months back I bought a Giancarlo Stanton auto for dirt cheap. A day later, I check my account and it was completely missing, Turns out COMC decided to take it back from me without a reason at all. I didn’t appreciate that very much. What is this site now? It’s not what it use to be. I’m not trying to be a negative Ned, but come on……’re leaving us in the dark, as well as our sales.

  21. I live in a town that has no card or comic shops so I went to the next city over on bus and bike and was only able to get a 660 count box that is about 12 inches long. I really want to take part in this promotion but cannot find a 550 count box.

    Would it be ok to maybe just pack in like 11 inches worth of cards and leave the last inch filled with packing materials?


    • I think they’ll be OK with it. It seems like the actual promo is technically for a certain length of cards, I guess you could say.

  22. I didn’t see it mentioned – thought I would ask. Will you guys be processing these like a “Basic” submission where cards will go live as they are processed or will we have to wait until the end of the seven week period to see any of these. Hopeful they will be going live as they are processed.

  23. To all if you concerned about the length of time it takes to get your promo listed 499 of my roughly 550 have already been posted to the site lightning fast. While this promo is a down grade to last year, it is my understanding that the goal is to ensure that everything going forward is on time, and everyone remaining to be id’d by the end of July. This may not include corrections and the missing data cards, but at minimum they will be listed.

    • I take issue with people’s promo cards being live already when I’ve been waiting months for you guys to finish my order. I get if your late by a week it should be 50% off, but when your late by months it should be free. Should also be first come first serve. Just don’t seem right. You cats don’t have time for this promotion or Nationals, stay in the shop and get your work done.

  24. So I just filled a 550 ct box but with a good bit less than 308 cards ($77/$0.25). I had a bunch fo five star and other thicker cards – so I guess I won’t be taking advantage of this promotion as it would actually cost me more than a standard submission. I will still submit it in person at the national…but not under the national deal…

  25. To all those who have been concerned with the 550ct promo, at last count, 545 cards have gone live from my submission, and they haven’t closed it out yet. These promotions are a good opportunity to pick and choose what to send it. I sent 545+ 2013 Topps cards from a case I just broke. This was a great time to get those smaller dollar cards that you have been debating for a while in to COMC.

  26. You cats still running this promo? It says it expired but yet the ad is still up on the home page?

    • Hi…sorry, we just haven’t had a chance to take it down yet – sorry for the confusion.

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