New enhancements

We’re still working hard adding info to our database, completing overdue items, and correcting errors, but we also want to continue moving forward in other ways.  You may have already spotted a new feature we are rolling out: enhanced page content. Our non-ID team has developed this new way to improve the site, and we’re excited to share it with you and hear your input on what pages you would like to see enhanced.

We’ve begun by adding some extra details for popular players. You can take a look here at the new enhanced page for Michael Jordan:

Michael Jordan Page

We’re going to continue to expand this feature to more players, teams, and sets.  If you have a favorite, let us know in the comments, so we can build our list.  We have pages up already for Ken Griffey Jr., Wayne Gretzky, Bo Jackson, and several other players.

Benefits to Enhanced Content

A key benefit of this new feature is that pages with more relevant content are easier to find when people search Google or other search engines.  An easy-to-find page has more eyes seeing it, which leads to more sales for those items and more buyers on the site. Getting our sellers’ cards in front of more eyes is always a top-tier goal here at COMC, as is expanding our buyer base. This project helps to do both at the same time. Eventually we hope to have many enhanced pages, potentially even including enhanced content on personal portfolio pages.

Catalog Project Status

We’ve said it before, but we continue to appreciate the patience and involvement of our amazing community. We’re approaching 90% complete data on the site which means we’re digging into some of the harder sets to research and list, but we’re committed to finishing this project all the way. We also want to make sure you know that our team is reviewing all the submissions you’ve made using the “edit” button. We’re methodically moving through them, focusing on the highest-value items first, and we’re grateful for your help in getting all this crucial data.

Enhance Content – How You Can Help

This new project is one you can help with too. Our initial rollout pages have some new video content made by our team here at COMC, but we hope some will come from great outside sources. If you know of an awesome box break vid that does a good job of highlighting a popular set or a great mailday vid that shows off some sweet cards of a particular star, let us know in the comments – we may use it to enhance the content on COMC!  Thank you and please chime in with a comment telling us what players and sets you’d like to see with page enhancements on the site!


18 thoughts on “New enhancements

  1. Good idea, perhaps this could one day turn into something of a wiki where users could submit facts and other useful information such as detecting counterfeits, variations etc. As always I appreciate how hard COMC is working to make this the best sports card site in the world!

  2. Love the efforts to make the site deeper than just a place to buy and sell cards. I would love to see it become something like a multimedia, interactive Standard Catalog for the 21st century.

  3. Shocker, once again you still can’t complete anything you started but want to move forward on new projects hahaha. Amazing…

    • You don’t get anywhere in business doing one thing at a time, focusing on it until it is 100% complete, especially when you have salaried employees with specific skills. Otherwise you have a bunch of specialists sitting around, saying “now what?” while the team decides what to work on next.

      This is actually a good sign because it means they have a road map to complete existing projects and can now start to explore other options, such as the one described here.

    • I assume your referring to the Catalog project. I am sure you can appreciate the mammoth effort putting something together like that is. I personally am impressed that even when COMC is probably stretched as far as it can go resource wise their people are still thinking of new ways to innovate and help us sell more cards!

      • Dom- I’m referring to the fact that COMC continues to work on new projects but hasn’t completed any of the original projects to date. What good is expanding the business if you consistently miss deadlines and have blank data on your site?

        Joel- they have had a road map for the past year years in instituting the new catalogs of sports figures, coins, ect but those are still incomplete. Then they move onto the next project as if nobody would notice. Its a horrible business model if you hire people with a set of skills but don’t have work for them. That’s on the business not knowing their own ‘road map’.

  4. one thing I’d like to see here that would be relatively easy to implement, would be a distinction between base cards and other cards (inserts, oddballs, stadium giveaways, etc). Currently, there is a filter for S/N cards, but I’d like to also be able to search through a player’s inventory without sifting through 400 base cards at a time.

  5. A list that shows the top 100 players sold for each sport by year and month. It would be nice to see how many cards have sold of Jordan, Jeter, Trout, Manning, Brady, etc.

  6. I’d like to be able to know when someone adds a short print to the 2008 Goudey set so I can complete my set. Every time I search “2008 Goudey SP”
    I get Steven Pierce??? I used to be able to get all the short prints…SP stands for “short printed”


    • I can’t wait for them to identify SPs. Helpful for GQ/A&G/Heritage as well.

  7. Upgrades to the inventory manager would be nice. Being able to filter by price range, acquired date range, set, year, auto, etc. All of the features eBay has.

  8. Honestly, I would have to agree with the others. Why not focus on current issues rather than moving with new initiatives. Trust me, I understand the need to gain an edge in the marketplace…however, at what cost. I haven’t complained about lag issues on other forums and continue to be an advocate for COMC; it’s just odd that you would move to future state rather than focusing on current state? Just my .02.

      • LOL. I am just getting sick. No reason to have a port sale anymore. The cards I have 90% are lowest on here and at about 50% of book or better and I list a port for sale, and getting such low offers, I am not sure if people think my prices are at book or what, with no SRP how do you communicate with a buyer as to the value of what your selling. example $400 in cards I am asking $100 and offers are $25. SO no port sales for me till something is done about that.

  9. I would also like to state that I have no use for further “enhancements” while I still have cards with missing/incorrect names in my port. It has prevented me from sending in new material.

    • same here. I have been holding off for quite some time. but whatever new base cards I do send it, they will be priced at $50 each so I can be on the front page all the time and raise prices even more with every offer I get.

  10. I was wondering since we are already hooked up with amazon if we could have a similar deal with eBay that way we could control some of the overpricing that is going on and have more exposure of our cards to more customers. Thanks fozzie

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