Status Update & Seller Tips

Catalog Status

The trading card catalog we began building from scratch less than 6 months ago now has just surpassed 3 million listings, and we have have scans of more than 90% of these listings. Just in the past 7 days we updated 190,000 listings, more than 5% of our catalog. This pace is made possible because of the tens of thousands of hours that COMC Nation has logged on the COMC Challenge.

While our crowd sourcing effort has already collected most of the critical data, we are still processing that data and improving the volume and accuracy of our catalog. We will continue to introduce new challenges, but we will not likely need the same amount of effort we needed previously.

Processing Status

We deposited more than 100,000 items into accounts last week and we are on pace to deposit the vast majority of the past due items by the end of the month.  There may still be some stragglers from obscure sets, but that will be less than 1% of our current pipeline.

Last year, our One Month processing service took 30 days on average. Over the past 6 months, our new, Basic processing service has taken about 39 days on average. Our goal is to get that average down under 28 days, and we expect that will be possible later this summer. In the meantime, we have some tips to help you get items on the site as quickly as possible.

Seller Tips

  1. Always use the Submission Wizard to ensure we have all of your information correct.
  2. Make sure all of your cards are oriented the same ways and sort your cards by thickness to speed up the process for our identification experts and our scanning team.
  3. Submit as many items as possible from products that have complete catalog information (see list below). We can process items much more quickly when we have the manufacturer’s entire checklist fully integrated prior to processing the items.  Also, buyers can easily find your items when they have complete, accurate descriptions.
2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Signatures #S-LME - Lionel Messi - Courtesy of

2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Signatures
#S-LME – Lionel Messi

Here is an example of the value of tip #3. It typically takes 2-3 weeks for us to process 2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Soccer cards with our Basic processing service, about twice as fast as our current average.

Complete Catalog Information
2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Soccer Cards

2005 Donruss Classics
2005 Donruss Throwback Threads
2005 Leaf Certified Materials
2008 Upper Deck Documentary
2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition
2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition
2011 Panini Limited
2012 Elite Extra Edition
2012 Panini Cooperstown
2012 Panini Golden Age
2012 Panini National Treasures
2012 Panini Prizm
2012 Panini Signature Series
2012 Panini Triple Play
2012 Panini USA Baseball National Team
2012 Playoff Prime Cuts
2013 Panini America’s Pastime
2013 Panini Cooperstown Collection
2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition
2013 Panini Golden Age
2013 Panini Hometown Heroes
2013 Panini Pinnacle
2013 Panini Prizm
2013 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks
2013 Panini Select
2013 Panini Triple Play
2014 Panini Donruss
2014 Panini Prizm

2004-05 SP Authentic
2009-10 Court Kings
2009-10 Panini
2010-11 Elite Black Box
2010-11 Panini Threads
2010-11 Playoff National Treasures
2011-12 Limited
2012-13 Elite
2012-13 Elite Series
2012-13 Panini Crusade
2012-13 Panini Flawless
2012-13 Panini Immaculate Collection
2012-13 Panini Prizm
2012-13 Panini Select
2012-13 Panini Signatures
2012-13 Playoff National Treasures
2013-14 NBA Hoops
2013-14 Panini
2013-14 Panini Court Kings
2013-14 Panini Crusade
2013-14 Panini Elite
2013-14 Panini Gold Standard
2013-14 Panini Intrigue
2013-14 Panini Pinnacle
2013-14 Panini Prestige
2013-14 Panini Prizm
2013-14 Panini Titanium
2013-14 Timeless Treasures
2013-14 Totally Certified

2005 Donruss Classics
2007 Donruss Gridiron Gear
2007 Score
2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear
2009 Playoff National Treasures
2010 Donruss Elite
2010 Panini Threads
2010 Playoff National Treasures
2011 Timeless Treasures
2012 Gridiron
2012 Panini Black
2012 Panini Contenders
2012 Panini National Treasures
2012 Panini Playbook
2012 Playoff Prestige
2013 Panini Absolute
2013 Panini Black
2013 Panini Certified
2013 Panini Contenders
2013 Panini Crown Royale
2013 Panini Elite
2013 Panini Limited
2013 Panini Momentum
2013 Panini National Treasures
2013 Panini Playbook
2013 Panini Rookies & Stars
2013 Panini Select
2013 Panini Spectra
2013 Prestige

2005-06 Upper Deck The Cup
2010-11 Panini Luxury Suite
2011-12 Limited
2011-12 Panini Certified
2011-12 Panini Titanium
2012-13 Fleer Retro
2012-13 Panini Rookie Anthology
2013-14 Fleer Showcase
2013-14 O-Pee-Chee
2013-14 Panini Dominion
2013-14 Panini Prizm
2013-14 Select
2013-14 Totally Certified
2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy

Multiple Categories
2008 Donruss Americana Sports Legends
2010 Panini Century Collection

Help us prioritize which products we work on next. What are the top three sets you would like to see added to this list?

42 thoughts on “Status Update & Seller Tips

    • I’ve been thinking about this. You have analytics that we don’t. I would like you to rank page views among those with “???” in the page title, as well as trending search strings that result in “???” or null results when they shouldn’t be null. Whatever is at the top of these two lists, that’s what you should add to the catalog next.

    • Hi! We will get the gaming and non-sports cards completed, too…it’s all time and resources, but they will be done. And, you’ll see a quicker result if you use the “edit” function on the card, and submit the information for the card. Thanks!

  1. Top three baseball:

    2014 Topps Pro Debut
    2014 Topps Heritage
    2014 Bowman

  2. Why are there no Topps Sets in your list of complete catalog information sets? Did Panini and Upper Deck Supply you with some sort of electronic checklists where Topps was unwilling or unable to do the same?

    • We could probably include a bunch of vintage Topps sets because we have examples of all of the cards, but we don’t have a manufacturer checklist to cross-reference to help ensure accuracy. Topps does offer a bunch of checklists for the most current years, but our team hasn’t focused on them yet. Based on the above requests, we will likely add some of those soon.

      • I am glad I read thru the comments first, My preferernce for new sets to be finished would be vintage, I understand the checklist issue and If i can help in anyway LMK. I been collecting older sets for awhile (ie. error cards etc.) To me these seem the easiest to do since no tons of inserts/parallels etc. Thank you, keep up the good work.

  3. Also, why do you say these sets have complete catalog information when there are cards on your site within some of these sets that still have “???” for their subset name? One example 2012 Playoff Prestige football, there are currently 731 cards in the subset category “???”. These cards are a mishmash of different subsets and parallels? Sure doesn’t seem like complete catalog info to me.
    Keep up the good work, and I do see improvements every day.

    • Good catch. I spoke a little too soon. Most of the sets listed above are completely done. We are currently working on the others and should have them done next week.

  4. Can you just clarify what you mean when you say you have “complete catalog information” for a particular set? What information do you need to have before you call the catalog for that particular set complete?

    Similar to what darin2200 pointed to, 2008 Upper Deck Documentary is listed above as complete, yet only 20% of the listed cards (918 of 4,573) have full information, generally player names (determined by searching for “missing” with the search filter). Considering that the cards are identified by number, it stands to reason that, with complete catalog information, you would be able to take a card like “2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold #1761” with player information missing, and know that it could only be of one player: B.J. Upton. Furthermore, the set is labelled inconsistently, with some cards assigned to a player, and others to a team. An argument can be made that either (or both) is the correct way of identifying cards from the set, considering its composition (the cards chronicle an entire game, but show photos of individual players on the fronts); however, were catalog information to be complete, one would expect cards to be consistently labelled either by team or by player, but not one way in one instance and a different way in another. The following cards are an example of this. Both use the same picture of Justin Morneau, but one is identified by team and the other by player.

    Thanks for the update!

  5. When will the catalog be exposed as a web service? Since the catalog was source by tens of thousands of hours by the crowd, it seems fair that the crowd have access to the data.

    Also, what additional data do you plan to gather using the challenges? For example, player positions or metadata currently defined in the set/card titles, e.g. die-cut. It sounds like you plan to slow the effort as you near parity with the old catalog, however, the COMC challenges were an incredible success (you should take a minute and reflect on how extraordinary the data collection effort was.) You have a unique opportunity to build a complete database. Parity should just be the first step, not the goal.

    Once you guys catch your breath, are there plans to modernize the web site? While it’s functional, it’s using technology and usability features from a decade ago. It seems like the site could benefit from a facelift (modern organization and usability design, indexing/querying improvements, significantly smaller page sizes, async web patterns, mobile support, etc.)

    Lastly, where can we report bugs in the web site (not bugs in the catalog or card data, but functional issues in the web site?) There’s a fair number of bugs I’ve noticed that I’d like to provide repros for.


    • We are considering the best ways of exposing the data for others to use. We want our catalog to be become the industry standard. What is your scenario? How would you like to use the data?

      We are by no means nearing the end of challenges. We are just slowing down a little. Over the next couple months we are focusing on getting back to parity. Our goal is to continue improving the catalog all year, and we will likely continue to use the challenges to make major improvements beyond that. FYI, some things like Die-Cut are already being tracked by the way our team is building our set names. So we won’t need to use challenges to get some of this data. We just need to expose it for search filters.

      We have lots of plans for improving the site, building mobile apps, and much more. But catching our breath first sounds like an excellent idea.

      You can simply send mail to to report bugs. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Suggestion unrelated to this topic. Can you add a counter in Promotions Manager so the user running a promotion knows how many times other users have clicked on their promotion. Something similar to what the Classified Manager has. Thanks for your consideration.

  7. Topps base sets first. Might as well start from the beginning, then progress can be observed. 🙂 o.0

  8. The NHL draft is in 2 weeks. Some people would like to buy cards of the players they think are going to be taken by good teams. The number 1 draft pick is Greg Redquest. Not really, but that’s who you should search COMC for if you’re looking for Griffin Reinhart cards. At least the ones which even have a name. I would think with the NHL draft so close, sets like 2012-13 & 2013-14 In The Game Heroes and Prospects would have some priority. I’m even fairly certain the CHECKLIST — with the correct players’ names is published on the ITG website. I would even go so far as to say [although I can’t be certain] they’d provide a checklist for you to use specifically for your catalog of ALL their cards, if you’d ask them for one [along with the production runs for each parallel tier that aren’t usually printed on the cards themselves].

    WTF is Greg Redquest ? You have THREE Greg Redquest cards, all of which are priced $1 or less & probably overpriced at that [based on the sets they’re in]. Who decided to map GRRE to Greg Redquest instead of the guy with [much] more expensive cards who happens to be THE NUMBER ONE draft pick? Whoever made that decision should NOT be in charge of hockey cards. Even if you needed to programmatically determine who to pick — whose cards do you have more of [this would require actually prioritizing the ‘prospect’ cards who will soon be drafted — as you have many more than the 9 cards of his. The only 4 cards that show up when searching his name are the ones I submitted corrections for!

    If no one has brought this to your attention maybe you do not have a lot of buyers/sellers of hockey cards. Perhaps this is because no one can locate cards of players like Griffin Reinhart [or any of the other draft picks / hot rookies] & they assume COMC doesn’t have any hockey cards anyone would be looking for.

    I collect goalie cards. You have 33 [hockey] cards that show up when searching Ron Martin [no idea wtf he is]. 2 of them actually feature a guy named Ron Martin, the most expensive of which [also likely overpriced] is $1.25. 27 are a brand new goalie rookie/prospect for the MONTREAL CANADIENS, whose cards I might actually buy — if they showed up when searching for ‘Robert Mayer’ [he’s the guy featured of 29 of the cards you have labeled as ‘Ron Martin’]. 2 of the cards feature Roman Hamrlik, likely due to the cursive font on the card & non-hockey people entering data — which would be OK — if you’d asked them to enter the entire name of the guy on the card, at which point — only those 2 cards would contain incorrect data — for which I would hope eventually someone would be so kind as to inform you there is no hockey player named Roman Mamrlik.

    It doesn’t take a hockey expert [or rocket scientist] to figure out it’s more beneficial to map ROMA to the player for whom you have 29+ cards of, priced all the way up to nearly $60 than the player who is on 2 cards from the mid-90’s which according to your history data have never before sold. I get that it is going to take time to complete the data entry, I don’t understand why you aren’t actually using the player’s entire name. Or having someone who’s heard of hockey PICK which player should be mapped to the combination of only 4 letters from the first and last name. At least if you’d included 3 characters in the first and last names, you’d have ensured to hit a vowel [with the exception of Martin Frk] at which point COMPLETELY different names like Ron and Robert or [more importantly] Griffin and Greg can be differentiated.

    At least for hockey [I don’t know much about the other sports] cards from the 80’s & 90’s aren’t even sell-able. I have several thousand Wayne Gretzky cards from this era which aren’t even [‘real-world’ value] worth the $0.25 I’d have to pay you to scan them if I tried to sell them. And if there are people overpaying for 2010+ base cards, please let me know who these people are — I have 10’s of thousands of great cards they can certainly pay $1-2 / each for. The cards that people want to buy / flip & I would assume therefore sell are the hot rookies and draft prospects — those which you’ve managed to lower in your priority of by allowing WRONG data to be entered — giving the ‘appearance’ of completeness.

    If nothing else you should figure out all the wrong mappings & correct them so at least the cards with names identified would be correct. Does anyone care if they can’t find a $1.25 90’s Bowman parallel of Ron Martin? or a 7th Inning Stretch card of Greg Redquest? I would think the person trying to sell their $50 Griffin Reinhart card would like to do so before he gets picked by a really sucky team like the Panthers or Sabres [no offense to those in Florida or Buffallo — I’m just saying his card would be MORE valuable if he were picked by a team in Canada or one located along the Eastern Seaboard mainland, so short of some insider knowledge or the GM/Coach formally announcing their intentions to pass on the top pick, in regards to Griffin Reinhart, it’s probably a good idea to sell high now — before he’s drafted].

    For those of you thinking Bennett will be going first [despite the over-hyped media controversy regarding his inability to do a pull-up], & trying to stock up his cards — you’ll need to spend hours combing through the ITG H&P sets of players with no names for the past 2-3 years if you want to find any of his cards on —

  9. I guess this whole ordeal is taking longer than you thought. I realize you want to dot your eyes and cross your tees in order to make it appear that “your” catalog is totally original…which is fine. But such blatant mistakes really make the COMC Team seem like a bunch of Keystroke Kops. Why not trust a few of us with expertise in particular fields and help you out?

    Shouldn’t this be “our” database and not yours? Will you share the information or control it?

    I know Red Sox cards and I know Red Sox players, but I know for certain that Ken Griffey Jr. never played for the Red Sox:

    Tom Seaver did play for the Red Sox, but not in the year or the pictures depicted on this card:

    Carl Crawford did play for the Red Sox and even later during the year this card came out. But he isn’t in a Red Sox uniform, nor does the team logo represent this:

    Why is it that when I type in “Russ Gibson” I get “Rudy Giuliani” cards as well?,so,=russ+gibson,i100

    I won’t even bother getting into the endless “???” and “missing” data points.

    Get an expert for each team to verify the actually team and actual player…this will free the COMC Team into set and year identification (which is incredibly lacking in many instances)

    You could have one or more expert (customer) per team. I am sure there is at least one for all the major sports in the community. They would be trusted sources so that given all the information already given, they could correct things and a employee at COMC could trust but verify their information.

    Seems like a time saver for you…and for the people you are serving.

    The checklists should be made public to all that would want to enjoy them….after all: we built them, right?

    My $0.02 🙂

  10. I should note that I did a search under “Red Sox” and under “lowest price”…except for the Russ Gibson search which I did under “Russ Gibson” (may God bless his soul). But in any case, I found these circumstances upon many search functions I performed….try them for yourself….

  11. Btw, guys, is it only me or sellers who upload new cards on COMC.COM really doesn´t know how to price their cards?

    After all these changes from Becket to own catalogue (which was not done because of COMC, I´m well aware of it), it seems to me that new cards are being too overpriced…

    I´m in hockey cards, so I´m talking only about them, I don´t know the situation in baseball or football…

  12. Honestly I think it is to each their own how they price.. “overpricing” is in the eye of the beholder. Granted my stuff tends to be the cheapest (or close) on most things it isn’t on everything because I am set up to sell on Amazon. So I have a built in 20% risk in everything that is listed. If you have the only card on the site (or one of just a couple) then supply and demand will dictate whether someone “overpays”… I recently finished a 1970 Kellogg’s set and paid well over book for the last 3 commons I needed because I frankly was sick of waiting to finish the set.

    • I agree with that in most cases, but when someone is listing a card that will never sell for more than $5 (and usually sells for $1-$2) for $49.75 or a card that, if everything broke right, might sell for $20 for $500, we’ve moved well-beyond maximizing profits. There’s a price that someone might pay if they really need a card and then there’s asking $6,000,000 for a 1983 Toyota Corolla.

  13. Spiffy I see where you are coming from. I haven’t seen much of that here though my searches are pretty tight to either the few vintage sets I am working on or Detroit related stuff for the store. I would question the rationality of someone listing a card in the way that you mentioned…and also the system that would put that type of card on the front page..

    • Tony, you´re absolutely right. Everyone can put his onw price tag on his own card. I have no problem with it. Point of my post was that in recent times (AB – “after Beckett era” 🙂 ), it seems to me that a lot of sellers try to profit on this non-existence of book value on this site.

      This is a real life example – hockey card from junk wax era which is listed on ebay for BIN $0,99 (and there´s not only a single copy of it) is listed here for $50.

      You see my point now?

      I think, this could be potentially very dangerous for the whole community. Me, personally, after seeing these prices, I started once again going more on Ebay, as you can grab many cards cheaper there. That´s just a fact.

  14. So how do you combat that? When I was a dealer on Beckett, the largest (and often highest priced) dealer there was always pushing Beckett to raise the MINIMUM prices on the site.. He offered many excuses but the real reason was he could not compete with people selling for 15 cents what he was charging 30.

    I stood up against that…and any idea about big brother controlling prices of merchandise that did not belong to them.

    So how does COMC “encourage” what you…(and in the example you gave), and I would consider to be something more reasonable without treading on the rights of sellers to price cards how they want? I am not saying with certainty that they shouldn’t do something…I just would be concerned about how they would go about picking which items to…and not to price control…

    • In an ideal situation, this problem should “fix” itself when we finally see these SRP numbers in action. I dont know why they aren’t active yet (or if they are, I haven’t seen any). But Comc’s answer to Beckett’s BV should bring a lot of these prices down. It still wouldn’t fix the problem if the card in question is the only card listed on the site, but for the bulk of the other cards, it should provide a necessary solution. Unfortunately, we seem to be stuck in “hurry up and wait” mode.

  15. all non logo panini junk products,are they ______ _______ fill in the blanks.
    At the very end they ask what 3 sets would you like to see next.IDK maybe some topps sets you idiots!!!

  16. Thanks for the info on how you would like cards to be sent – I will try to pack them this way for you.

    I was wondering about your Amazon listings, you have a lot of info on Amazon listing that you don’t have on COMC, there must be a way to pull back this info to update listings on COMC.

    I have 5 stores in the UK and we use software called Linworks – this lets us book in all our items in our back end and from that point we can list these items on any secondary sellers sites we like – like eBay and Amazon.

    Working very closely with Amazon for some time I know for a fact that they have no problem with sharing back your info – the listings made by you are yours and they don’t have a prob with you taking that info back, I have done this many times.

    It seems to me you have a hell of a lot of non-sport and wrestling cards up on Amazon that are marked ??? on COMC, there must be some way you can pull that listing info back and use it to put the info back on the cards you have in COMC. This is not scraping for info – they want you to be able to manage your listings and if that means sharing info you have already sent them they don’t have a prob with that

    I know you program your own site but it may be worth the time to see how this is done by other company’s so you could use that info to set something up.

    The other thing I have been noticing about your listings on Amazon is the quality of the pictures – they seem to have dropped quite a bit in recent months, seems odd you would make Amazon listings with quite ruff pictures, this does not help you sell cards if the picture is not up to scratch. Is there any resion for this – was wondering.

    As for sellers selling items for too much – well they have paid their money they can TRY to sell them for anything they like – but I do get this could put people off.
    To be honest I just send in anything I have siting about and a lot of the time these are just commons – comc is not really a part of my company I do it cos I have stuff siting about and I think it’s a good service and a bit of fun – but I do use a bit of software called Terapeak that will tell you what cards sold for on eBay and amazon and all so what they did not sell for.

    I know you can find out that info more or less on EBay its self – Terapeak just makes it easier – until we have a price guide up here – eBay sales are the price guide.

    It is interesting to see that a LOT of common base cards do sell for more on eBay than you can pick them up on comc for – but it works the other way as well, I think traffic is a lot to do with that.

    But even before the old price guide was taken away from comc there were a number of sellers who are happy to have their common cards up for too much – there is not much you can do about it.

  17. What I would personally like prioritized is some way to get us History Points. I earned tens of thousands of history points in the COMC challenge, but they all expired 30 days after being earned. I have a COMC badge which is supposed to get me unlimited access to the COMC Suggested Retail Price, but this feature hasn’t been rolled out. Meanwhile, the COMC challenges are 100% complete and there’s no way to earn additional History Points.

    Some workarounds you could consider:

    * Give everyone a few hundred or a couple thousand History Points per day – enough that they can actively purchase items on the site, but not so many that they can scrape the site or whatever.

    * If a person has no History Points, make it so they can still see the number of that card which sold, even if they can’t see the price. That’s the number I care most about, and I can’t see how that information hurts COMC.

    * Consider giving anyone with a “Founding Contributor Badge” unlimited access to History Points, since the Suggested Retail Price feature hasn’t rolled out yet.

  18. Hi COMC team. Thanks for your support and a great effort you’re doing with the new catalog. I realy appreciate it. Keep on good work!
    Still, there are some things You might want to consider or improve:
    1. As You asked, I manually typed or corrected most of my cards in April 2014 to help You build the catalog faster and make my cards more likely to sell. We have end of June and most of them are still under “Pending Review”. I used full name of sets, player’s name, teams. I even identify language of my cards in international versions of some sets to make it easier for You guys. Is there anything I can help You to make that process go faster?

    2. Some names are badly typed or atributed by default. Im interested in buying basketball cards, so please let me gve a corresponding exaplme: Derrick Rose cards are in many cases under Dennis Rodman name (and vice-versa), both are considered a fairly good players but You understand there might be some perplexity.
    If You want to find a Dikembe Mutombo cards You might want to look for ‘Dick Murphy’ as well, as there were more than 250 cards assigned this way, at least when I checked several weeks ago. Just an example, there are many similar mistakes or mistypes. Should we report such cases or will they be corrected further, when the catalog is finished?

    3. I sent some new cards last month, some of them are already done (thanks), but several were classified as “Unsupported”, like this Dominique Wilkins card for exaplme (item# 14787857) : Actually it might be desribed as well as “1990 Wasatch NBA All Stars #19 Dominique Wilkins”, as that is the name for this set. Nevertheless, I can’t set a price on that card in inventory panel as it says ” This item must be graded or authenticated before listing for sale, Contact Support”. The same message comes with my Shaquille O’neal card (item # 14787858). It there anything we can do with that stalemate – as I understand, the submission fee was already taken and at the same time I can’t sell it through the site, even with an Unsupported tag on it 🙁

  19. Site is improving by the day!

    Couple questions:

    1. How/when will SRP functionality be available to general COMC users?

    2. Is there any way to sort of indicate to the seller (and for that matter the buyer) when a player/subject/set/specific card is seeing an increase in demand? As a seller this would be useful in evaluating if I need to update a price point for a card. As a buyer this would be useful to know while looking for cards to purchase at a low price (meaning a seller didn’t get around to updating a price on a “hot” card) to then sell high.

    Top 25 “hot” cards
    Top 25 “hot” players
    Top 10 “hot” sets
    For each sport…Maybe a weekly or bi-weekly update?

    I think something like this would stimulate more sales on your site in general…so potentially everybody wins (except maybe a seller who isn’t following the market trends/player performance).

    Does this make sense at all?

  20. I’d love to see some level of “hot” on every card, every player, every set.

    Something like an Amazon Best Seller ranking. You click on a card and see it is the #1,297,147th best selling card on COMC, or the 184,293rd best selling card for baseball or the 25,297th best selling Yankees card.

    This could also be expressed as a percentile – sales rank divided by the number of applicable items.

    COMC had something called a “Heat Index” a while back, but it was heavily weighted by the number of the card in stock. So, “Cool Papa” Bell was #2 “hottest” player on the site, even though all of his cards would sell for like 25 cents. They’d just sell really fast for 25 cents.

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