Free Promotions, Free Shipping & Improved Search

More than 4,000 people have tried the COMC Challenge. Our progress on the catalog is amazing.  We are so grateful for all of your efforts.  We have been progressing at about 1% per day.  Just three weeks ago we were at 60% of the basic set name, card #, and description data.  Today we crossed 80% of the basic information.  We expect to reach 90% by mid May  The last 10% will likely be a long-tail that takes several months to finish.  Along the way we will have many errors we will needed to fix up, but by the end of the year we will have an amazingly rich and accurate catalog.

To celebrate the amazing progress, we are letting our sellers run a FREE Sale Promotion and we will be offering Free Shipping to buyers as well.

BlakeGriffinImprovedSearchFree Promotions – Sunday to Sunday
Hundreds of sellers will be running Sale Promotions from this Sunday through the following Sunday, May 4th.  Get ready to take advantage of the savings!

Free Shipping
To accompany all of the great sales running next week, we will also be providing FREE shipping for orders of 20 or more items.
Note: If you were the original consignor of an item or if you bought it in Advanced Reselling Mode, you will be eligible for a $3 discount instead of free shipping.

New Inventory
We just deposited more than 100,000 new items into sellers accounts in the past week.  We are now fully caught up on Premium and Mailbox processing services, and we are making progress on getting our Basic service back to it’s 4 week average target.

Improved Search
Last night we re-enabled the ability to browse by Players and Team. Over the next few days we will be hooking up the ability to filter your search by attributes such as Serial Numbered, Memorabilia & Autographed.

We have already started to see some really cool improvements to our  new catalog.  For example, we have college teams now.  Ironically, this improvement has created the need for an improved Browse Teams page because we now have thousands of Teams instead of just a few hundred.

I can’t express enough how grateful we are for having such a loyal and supportive fan base.  Thank you for helping us through this transition!

19 thoughts on “Free Promotions, Free Shipping & Improved Search

  1. so is it helpful if we hit the edit or report error buttons on incorrectly labelled cards (like when a Brent Hughes card is marked Brett Hull) or will these types of errors resolve themselves?

  2. On a wekeend when I have time, I will go through my inventory and do just that.

  3. I am really enjoying the changes thus far – I think sales are being impacted a bit during this, but I love seeing where the actual cards have “traded”. This is much better than Beckett’s worthless guidelines. It makes COMC much more like the stock market, which is much, much, cooler and more representative of a “real” value for the cards. Keep it up guys!

  4. One of my biggest hopes, and one of the main reasons I put so much time into the “challenge”, is that you are planning to implement a visual reference base for all these cards — in other words, that we will be able to search for ALL the beautiful scans in the COMC database, not just the ones that are currently offered for sale. You have the means now for the most comprehensive and richest guide in the hobby; it will be incredible if we will all have access to that!

  5. I’m glad this is moving along well. I have some suggestions:

    1. Offer higher store credit incentives for items that take more time to decipher. I’ve noticed from comments that people just skip over anything that isn’t immediately identifiable, such as cards with tiny print.

    2. Relatedly, while I like to fill in details for cards I know, such as cut signatures with no printed names, exhibits, tobacco cards, etc., it is VERY frustrating to enter the correct information only to be told at the end that it was incorrect. If your in-house people don’t know what something is, why is there incorrect information already on file? Just leave it blank. This is also an issue with players with nicknames printed on the front that are different from the name printed on the back and in other circumstances.

    If I think of more I’ll add it. Overall I think while some people are giving up on the site, most people are hanging in there. I think the upcoming promo is a good idea; you need to encourage buyers to come back and hopefully the catalog is done enough that this promo will work. I still have some cards listed as 2015 ??? that seem like they should be easy to identify, but I’m guessing the issue isn’t identification at the point, it’s integrating the new data onto the catalog.

  6. Just wondering if you will have the ROOKIE CARD search filter up and running at some point as well???

      • What guidelines are being used to determine what is a rookie card? Without Beckett’s shackles it does allow for a renewed debate 🙂 As long as the rules are consistent, I don’t care what they are.

  7. Was hoping to ask about the comic card section of the site. I have submitted some edits at the beginning of April and they are still pending review.. I don’t mind filling in the blanks for my stuff and even for others people comic cards but the questions I have asked previously were missed I think.

    Will the info that I have submitted in the past for comic sketch card artists come back at some point?

    How can we get our items edited and updated?

    I want to edit and fill in the blanks but I don’t want to make a bunch of edits and have them pending and never get done or have all the info lost again.

    Any chance some members will be able to update stuff without review?


  8. I like the change and especially the free $’s. I’m new but my sales have not gone down during the transitions, seems like the transition helped smaller sellers to get exposed more based on their prices.

  9. I would like to see your reply to the question about reporting errors. I have taken the time to report numerous errors but have yet to see any corrected. I am not talking about missing information but clear errors like wrong numbers assigned or wrong player names. It appears that once you make an assignment of information or number, it will be a very very long time before it gets corrected on its own. I would like to know if it is worth our time to send error corrections.

    Also, if you now have the new traded information, will you offer current buyers or sellers some opportunity to see it?

  10. i purchased more then 20 cards during the promotion week, when i go to shipping, its still trying to charge me the $3. how do i get my free shipping?

    • Hi, you had to have the cards shipped out to qualify for the free shipping, not just purchase them. Sorry for any confusion.

  11. My question is when selling a port,( i recently tried selling my baseball port ), i was getting offers of 20% of asking price which I understand but my port was already at about 50% of book value but buyers don’t know that since there is no reference point. In other words a buyer of a port has no idea what the asking price is compared to book value/SRP. So when they make a 20% offer on my port its actually only about 10% of book/SRP but they don’t know that and when I counteroffer I am sure they are thinking I am crazy for counteroffering 50% of asking which is actually only 20-25% of book. So I was wondering is there going to be something that tells buyers what percent of asking price is compared to book/srp. Or better yet, offer a way for buyer and seller to communicate during the port sale process(the only way i could currently do it, is post a classified ad describing my ports). Should be a way to describe your port within the process of listing the port for sale.

  12. Sorry if this is an FAQ that I simply couldn’t locate, but is there a typical max. limit (as a buyer) for how long I can wait before I should have past purchases shipped?? (I don’t intended to wait *years*, but one of my last orders I’ve intentionally delayed shipping for already a couple of months–b/c of planned add. purchases, along with a presently temporary residence.) Thank you!

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