We’re Back…in Card Show Mode!

First, a sleepy, furry word from Tim:

Thank you for your patience while we transitioned to our new catalog.  Welcome to a new era for COMC.com!  We are grateful for the outpouring of support we are receiving, and we appreciate feedback as we continue to work together, building our new catalog.

As we mentioned previously, the next few weeks will be a bit rocky with missing data, errors, and many opportunities for improvement.  Everything submitted is for sale as usual, but items that are missing data are harder to browse/search. The current state of the site is “Card Show” mode.  Just like when you go to a card show and browse tables and bins looking for those rare items and special deals, that’s a bit what shopping on COMC will be like for the near future while we rapidly build our database.  We are optimistic about the speed at which you will see improvement, as our data increased by 10% in one day alone!  Your contributions have been significant.  You’ve made a big difference!

Ways To Make It Better

  • The best way to help populate data is still by playing The Challenges, as the data entered there is normalized. When you assign a team name like New York Yankees to a card, you’re essentially bucketing that card with all the other Yankees cards. Be on the look out for new challenges and prizes!
  • You can submit missing data or corrections for existing data for specific cards in your inventory or for sale on the site:
    • Go to the Inventory Manager in your Dashboard.  When you find missing/incorrect data in your inventory, click the Edit link next to the item description:

Inventory Manager

    • When you find missing data in the Search Results, click on the item and, at the top of the page next to the description, click the Edit link:

Search Results

    • From Edit (from your Search or Inventory), you will get a popup where you can enter data that is missing or needs correction:

Catalog Details

    • Please keep in mind, edits you make to a card are not normalized, meaning if you enter the correction to Teams: “New York Yankees” or “yankees” or “new yyok yankz”, the system won’t bucket it with other Yankees cards. It is still very helpful to use the new Edit feature, as it flags the card as incorrect and lets us know your correction suggestion.  It is just a less efficient process than playing the Challenges and will take more time to correct, as someone here will need to review each correction.
    • Please DO NOT USE the Report Error function, as that is used for reporting ID errors. These will go to the wrong team.

As we said previously, we won’t charge storage fees for the month of April.  We expect to have player and team search functionality fully restored by the end of April.  In May and June, we will be working on more advanced search functionality, such as the type of memorabilia.

Suggested List Price (SLP)

We were hoping to have the beta version of our pricing suggestions live today, but we ran out of time.  We will release it soon and let you know more as it develops.  Once our SLPs are live, contributors who earned at least 20K in Challenge points will receive free SLPs while it is in beta.  In the meantime, we have turned on the “Going Rate” feature.  This feature may help you price your cards by showing you how many like items are on the site and the range at which they are being priced.  While we have previously had quite a few requests for this feature, we have hesitated to turn it on to prevent a race-to-the-bottom with pricing.  We will be monitoring how this feature is being used, and if it remains good for the COMC ecosystem, we may choose to keep it enabled.

Going Rate

Going Rate Feature

The other way to receive helpful pricing information is to click Sales History to the right of the items in your inventory. This activates a popup which tells you the condition, how many are for sale, how many have sold and shipped, and at what price.

Sales History Feature

Sales History Feature

We hope you enjoy COMC while it’s in Card Show mode, and we will continue to let you know as things develop here.  Please continue to contribute to the catalog and let us know what we can do to create the best collecting experience!

27 thoughts on “We’re Back…in Card Show Mode!

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  2. Great job COMC! No easy feat to do what you did. Tim- can u provide an update on the legal battles? Thanks

  3. great to see you back.i wish you the best of luck. ty for all your hard work!

  4. Great Job Guys! Maybe now you all find some sleep! Thanks for all you are doing for the hobby.

    I hope your legal team burns those other guys to the ground for trying to out another great source for all collectors/dealers. I for one will never invest another dime with them.

    I will gladly DONATE a percentage of all my sales for any legal fees and hope many others will do the same. Please set something up on my account and I will kick in 10% of all my sales for as long as it takes. I know it isn’t much but if every seller joins in and donates any percentage it will help a ton I’m sure.

  5. Do you know when the funds from the challenges will be funded?

    Sent from my Galaxy S®III

    • Hi Ryan,

      We hope to get the Challenge prizes sent out in the next 24 hours. Thanks for participating!

  6. Great job, and keep up the good work!!!
    Don’t let the other guy win!

    F U Bec****

  7. Editing the items in your own inventory is great, but it seems if I do more than one correction/ addition on one card I get some kind of error message and the rest of the corrections are deleted. Please make a statement when this is corrected

    • The workaround I have used is to close the window and reopen it for each change. For example, I add the name and submit it, then close the window. Then I reopen it and add the team, etc.

    • Hi, RRTrading. What browser are you using? I haven’t been able to reproduce this error on my end.


      • To replicate the bug I’m seeing (maybe the same as RRTrading’s, maybe not):

        Mac 10.9.2
        FF 28.0
        Click the “edit” link for a card to get the pop-up
        Enter information in one of the fields and click Submit
        After the confirmation appears, enter information in one of the other fields and click Submit

        Now you get the error screen. If you click Back and re-enter it, this time it takes. But then if you try to do a third field and click Submit, you’ll get the error again. I found it easier to just close the pop-up after fixing one field at a time.

  8. My issue is the same as joelshitshow described, although I have not tried his suggestion for a workaround.

    I’ve used firefox and internet explorer on a computer with windows vist, and firefox on a computer with windows 7.

    • Right, I see it now. Looks like it’s happening for FF, IE7 and IE8. We’ll get the dev team on it. Thanks!


  9. What will be the turnaround time for approval on user submitted corrections to cards?

  10. Awesome work! Quite an undertaking!

    A suggestion…as a collector of graded rookie cards (primarily hockey), is there a way to search for just BVG, BGS or PSA graded cards. If there currently is not, is it something that you would consider?


  11. I am not a seller (yet) just a buyer. I specialize in teams. While doing a search I saw many cards’ teams misidentified. For instance: I saw Reds cards included with the Red Sox and also other cards where the player’s names didn’t synch with what was listed…should we report such errors? Or do the “Challenges” take care of this?

    What about missing player names and card numbers? Should we fill these in on the error report? Or would this be more time consuming for you guys?

    Personally, I would find this more pleasurable going through cards I already have or might want, than to go through endless amounts of minor league cards with exuberant price tags that have been just collecting dust at the warehouse for years…

    I ask because I am sure I am not the only one thinking this.

    • I’ve been using the popup thing to fix card numbers, names, etc. It’s tedious and slows me down, but I figure it is helping. So I am hoping someone will answer your question because if it isn’t helping, I won’t keep doing it.

  12. I have been busy trying to add info to all my cards and had a couple of questions.

    Before the switch over I had helped identify some non sports sketch card artist for both myself and other collectors. I kept track and the info was updated pretty quickly. Now I see all that info is gone on my cards and was wondering if that info that was provided just recently will come back at some point?

    I also wanted to ask about the set name section and if there will be a sub category for the various insert sets within the main set.

    One example is the 2003 Fleer Transformers Armada which is the main set name but then there are various inserts within that set I have listed below.

    Autobots/Decepticons Die-Cut Cards (1:6 packs)
    Comic Art Cards (1:9 packs)
    Poster Cards (1:9 packs)
    Flappers (1:18 packs)

    One last thing I wanted to ask also is if there will maybe be a space in the future for the odds to pull a card?


  13. I’ve been editing my own inventory and though I don’t have as much as some others, it’s painstaking.

    BTW, are the players’ names supposed to be in the description? That’s where they’re showing up.
    Also, what would qualify as possible entries in the description field? Serial #? Jersey? Auto?

    • I put in description field something like these notes:

      ser /xxxx

  14. Why did player name and card number etc. get taken off, surely Beckett doesn’t have a copyright on what Topps and other companies call their sets or ball player names.

    • The entire catalog on COMC was taken from Beckett. Without its permission, it all went away. That’s the reason for all the challenges. Collectively, everyone has recreated the catalog from scratch during the past month or so.

      • That’s what I don’t understand about the whole Beckett thing. How many different ways can you type in 2014 Topps or 2014 Topps Heritage or whatever. Plus I have a lot of non sports comic card stuff that wasn’t even in the Beckett database I don’t think and all that info disappeared.

        I am still somewhat concerned that all the info on past errors I reported on individual cards will now be gone.

        Also holding back on editing because the cards I have edited are not getting updated and are still pending. I don’t want to edit a bunch of things and find out I did it wrong or something else is going to change.

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