Much of Site Unavailable Tomorrow

Hi, COMC Nation,

April 1st is our drop-dead date when we need to transition all the data on to our new catalog.  Due to this, starting midnight PST tonight, most of the site will be down for approximately 24 hours.  You will still be able to play The COMC Challenges and access our blog, but you will not have access to your account or any items on the site.  Additionally, once site functionality returns, please be prepared for missing data.

Due to the transition pains, we won’t charge seller storage fees for the month of April.

Please help us smooth the transition by playing The COMC Challenges, and ask your friends to do the same.  This is the best way to help the COMC Community get up and running with the best data as quickly as possible.

Learn more about why we are doing this.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

11 thoughts on “Much of Site Unavailable Tomorrow

  1. I understand that the $1 store credit per 1,000 points will end at midnight, but if we reach the 20,000 point mark after midnight tonight, will we still get the contributors badge? Or, must that be completed before midnight as well? Stoked to see how this project will turn out, thanks COMC!

    • The first 500 get the badge. The importance of getting there by today is so you get better/more/earlier/something access to pricing data.

      My first reaction was that this whole thing was an April Fools’ joke, but if they’ve gone on record to say there will be no storage fees, then it can’t be an April Fool’s joke.

      • Ok, I’ve heard it both ways on first to 500, and whoever reaches 20,000 before the deadline. I’m aiming to get there today (would have been there ages ago, but I was out of the country for spring break). Anyways, only 2000 more points to go, so I’m going to go bang those out!

      • Yeah, the timing is a little odd, but this is definitely not an April Fools gag.


    • Hi, Hollywood42. The official cut-off for the Contributor badge is midnight pacific time tonight. If you hit 20K at any point – before or after – you will still get beta access to all of our new pricing data as we begin to incorporate it throughout April.


  2. I didnt know my deal hunting in the pre-dawn hours (while drinking my coffee) was an addiction before today…but I do believe I am having withdrawals from browsing promotions.

    Working in customer service for a decade taught me a lot about how people handle change…which usually isnt well. However I hope to see the site bounce back online quick and better than ever -even if that takes a little time.

  3. That’s a programmers beard for sure! Good luck guys. I really regret not being able to get my contributor badge, hope there is another challenge and it’s not too late.

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