It’s Almost Time For Spring Cleaning!

Spring is on the way, and COMC wants to help you get ready.  We’ve been getting a non-stop flood of new items, so we are going to be offering everyone on our site 3 free promotions to help clear out inventory.

Free Promotion #1: Sunday, March 16th – Saturday night, March 22nd

Free Promotion #2: Sunday, March 23rd – Saturday night, March 29th  

Free Promotion #3: Sunday, March 30th – Saturday night, April 5th

Once you’re logged in, simply go to the Promotions Manager page from your Dashboard and you can set up your free sales.  You can go back and edit your promotions any time before they go live on the site.  We are excited for this next season and we hope you join us in making this spring a huge success!

13 thoughts on “It’s Almost Time For Spring Cleaning!

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  2. I love these promos, but I wish they were more spaced out. They really get the smaller sellers into the game, where the $3 promo fee is usually a huge barrier to entry.

    Right now, you’re offering 21 days of free promotions for Spring Cleaning, and you offered another 5 days of free promotions for Black Friday. That’s 26 days of free promotions any seller could have.

    I’d love to see everyone get a free promo once per month, on a day of their choosing, regardless of the size of their port.

    Suppose Spring Cleaning was a 9 day affair – starts on a Saturday at Midnight, continues through the week and the next weekend. Plus, you had the Black Friday specials where everyone gets 5 free days of promos. Then, everyone gets one free day per month.

    That’s the same 26 days of free promos per account, but on any given day there would be dozens of promos from people who don’t usually hold promos. There would be a reason to log on to the site every single day, because you never know what you’re going to miss.

    Alternately, there has to be some way for the smaller seller to participate in everyday promos for less than $3 per day plus 3%. A person with 500 cards in their port valued at $500 running a 25% off sale isn’t going to recoup that $3. All of the money they make in additional sales is going to go to the $3 fee.

    As an example, my son sold 26 items during the Black Friday promo for a total of $19.11 That was a pretty good haul for him, given the size of his account. But if he was paying $3 per day plus 3% for those sales, it would have eaten him alive.

    Anyway, I appreciate the opportunity. Sales are locked and loaded.

  3. My only problem with this which I stated on another blog post here the other day is the lack of communication when the spring cleaning was going to run, after I had saw already was the dates after it was an option on the promo page. I brought this up last year that one week notice wasn’t enough time for sellers to load more items on, heck even a 4 week notice isn’t enough time anymore. Sales are great thru this special as i call it the black Friday of spring. The only response I had from Tim was stay posted because Comc didnt want to have to many announcements at once. I took that as there may be a special to help get cards on in time but I guess my post wasn’t read correctly or understood.

    Whatever happened to this seller advocate you guys hired to notice these types of things and see what the sellers needed. All I keep seeing over and over are changes and communication breakdowns. I love this site but you have to think of what can help the consigner get cards on the site and have them sell, not just the buyers. I would think a 6 week notice would help on things like these. The same thing happens almost every year at black Friday. The specials aren’t posted until the very last minute. I guess I am just Highly, extremely, very , disappointed in the breakdown of communication here after I know for a fact many other people on here have had the same complaint about being notified in time to get cards on in time that will sell during these two times of the year and it just happened again. Not looking for anything special, free, or a processing special, just a heads up long before these things start.

    So how about a heads up on how the new pricing will work, or port sales since the book value goes to a real time market value, how will that affect the min offers on a port, will prices be updated daily? Or are you guys just going to roll it out and explain the details on march 31st at the last minute. I know your busy working on pricing etc. But you can’t just stop operating….

    • I guess we both rambled to much to elicit a response. If you post about a customer service issue or have a good idea you almost always get a response within two hours, but a rambling or complaint gets you nowhere. Im a big promoter and fan of COMC and will continue to be but just like Monday night football, Come On Man! I know you cant please everyone and its a trying time but not asking for much.

      • Hi, BigRed. We’re running flat-out internally getting ready for the Vegas Summit next week and the switch-over to our new internal catalog. We don’t want you to feel like we’re not listening – we can’t always reply but we do read every comment. I actually mentioned your comment to Tim and he said he must have misunderstood initially when he replied – the Spring Cleaning promotion has pretty much always been geared towards helping sellers clear old inventory off the site rather than getting new inventory.
        That said, we hear you on wanting more advance notice.


      • Thanks for the reply Jeremy. Can we get a few weeks notice on the new suggested price and the implications it will have on port sales etc. and any other changes?

        Thank you!

  4. Great, I just set up my sale for the first week of spring cleaning at 25% off. I want this to be a true sale so I have not changed my prices at all. Last year was a lot of fun and I hope this year will be as well. Enjoy!!!!!!

  5. There needs to be a way to set a minimum price for this to be effective. I have 9,000 cards in my port, a lot of the cards are in the 20-30 cent range, which means a 50% discount is 10 to 15 cents, that means I lose money. I would love it if there was a way to set minimum price to 25 cents.

  6. I have a a spring cleaning sale running. (Thanks by the way) I also have cards that are due to be processed in the next week or two. I don’t want the newly listed cards to be a part of this sale. Will the sale prices only apply to current inventory or will my newly listed items roll into the sale? Thanks, Rick

    • Hi, rick. Great question. Any cards that you price will automatically have any currently running sale discount applied to them, so if you want them not on-sale, you’ll need to wait to price them until your sale is over.

  7. I don’t know what’s up with this site. the last couple of weeks when I try looking at my offers it said the site was busy. now I’m trying to buy a card and the buy it now is not working. I clicked on it like 10x it loads and then nothing so I try again and nothing so I said F it I’m not buying that card anymore. so I wonder how many sells did I not get because somebody else is having the same problem. I’m just sad because I like this site but when it’s not working right it cost everybody money like the guy I was trying to buy from. that’s my 2 cents thanks

    • I love it when I have trouble getting offers to load. It means the site is busy. This is a nice problem to have.

  8. Any chance some of my cards will get listed before the Spring Cleaning sales end? 3 weeks and not one card uploaded into my port. I was hoping some would be ready to go by now….

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