Did someone say “Championship Parade”?

Hello COMC Nation – In his bid for the title of “Best Boss Ever”, Tim has made the announcement that any COMC employees who want to attend the Seattle Seahawks Championship parade would be able to do so – and, he’s even supplying bus passes for everyone, to help them get downtown. How cool is that?

Someone order this mug for Tim...stat! (Wait, does he even drink coffee?)

Someone order this mug for Tim…stat! (Wait, does he even drink coffee?)

With that in mind, we’re going to be a little short-staffed around the office on Wednesday. Our shipping crew is pushing to get more orders out Tuesday, and will be in early Wednesday (before the parade) to make sure we don’t fall behind in getting your orders out.

Also, Moe (Go 49ers!) will be running solo in the Customer Service department, as Norbert and Greg are heading downtown later tonight to secure their positions along the parade route. We wish them well, and hope they don’t freeze to the pavement overnight…in the meantime, any replies to your questions or concerns on Wednesday may be a little slower than usual.

Operations will return to normal at COMC on Thursday. However, our staff may never be the same.

3 thoughts on “Did someone say “Championship Parade”?

  1. i need to learn from Tim when managing my own company. This is what a great boss should be like

    • Their workers get awesome benefits (paid time off, healthcare, etc.). I want happy workers handling my cards, so it’s ideal for me 🙂 And considering Seahawks fans may never get to be this happy again, they should enjoy their moment in the clouds. (It’s not their moment in the sun because the sun does not come out in Seattle.)

      • Actually, it’s been very sunny out here the past few days. Colder than cold, mind you – but there couldn’t have been a better day for a parade.

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