COMC Hot List: December 4th to December 18th

Hello COMC Nation! So, there’s all this talk about “Turkey-this” and “Something-Friday” and some dude named “Santa” sneaking down chimneys sometime in December? Really? Sounds a little dodgy to us, ya know? But, you know what’s totally legit? That’s right, the COMC Hot List! It’s that time, once again, where we let you know what cards we’re thinking are going to be big sellers and we give you the opportunity to get them on as quickly as possible.

So, here it is…the COMC Hot List for December 4th to December 18th!

The Hot List Theme

Since one of the biggest American holidays of the year (Thanksgiving, in case you missed it…) just passed us by, we thought it would be fun if we made the theme somewhat holiday-related. So, we’re accepting any Topps Turkey cards, as part of the COMC Hot List.

So what does being on the Hot List mean?

COMC wants to encourage our users to get these hot cards into your accounts to offer for sale as quickly as possible, so starting today, any cards submitted for the Hot List will qualify for our “Hot List Special” processing. With this service, you will receive One Day processing at the special Hot List price: $0.50 per raw card and $1.00 per graded, encased, or jumbo card.

  • Clearly write “Hot List Special” on the outer mailing package and/or the address label.
  • $5 minimum batch fee (We recommend submitting 10+ items.)
  • 200 item maximum per week
  • Must be postmarked by December 18th, 2013
  • Can be mailed to either our US or Canadian office
  • Any submissions received on a Friday or Saturday may not be processed until the following Monday.
  • Submissions with non-Hot List items mixed in will be downgraded to One Week service.
  • Redemption cards may qualify for Hot List pricing, but will take up to a week to process.

You’re welcome to submit Hot List batches at the same time that you submit other batches with different service levels, even if they’re mailed in the same package, but please make sure that each batch is clearly separated and labeled, and that “Hot List Special” is written on the outside of the mailing package and/or mailing label. Failure to have the outside of the package properly marked may delay the time in which your cards are processed.

Thanks for your input for this new Hot List! Be sure to watch our FacebookTwitter, and Google+ pages for the next Hot List Call Out in a week!

And, for our friends outside the United States, please join us on our new COMC International Facebook page, and follow our new COMC International Twitter feed.