10 Tips for a Successful Black Friday

Black Friday weekend is the biggest shopping weekend of the year.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you have a successful Black Friday on COMC.

Tip #1: Start shopping now
We expect that about 90% of all items on the site will be on sale when Black Friday comes around.  So get things in your shopping cart or on your watch list so that you are ready to scoop things up as early as you can on Friday.

Tip #2: Purchase items with Store Credit
During big shopping days the fastest way to purchase an item is with Store Credit.  If you have to wait for PayPal or Amazon to notify us that they have collected payment for the items in your shopping cart, those items may get scooped up by someone else.  So get your account funded as quickly as possible and start shopping.  Plus, you get an extra $5 for every $100 of Store Credit you purchase on Black Friday Weekend.

Tip #3: Don’t wait for the search results to update
Once 12AM PST comes around, we expect to have more than 6 million items that need to be discounted.  It will take some time for the search results to reflect the discounts. However, the sale prices will be live everywhere else.  That is why having items in your shopping cart or watch list is so advantageous.  The Product Details, Item Details, and Make Offer pages will all reflect the discounted sale price immediately at midnight.

Tip #4: Use “full-price” offersFull-Price
When you put multiple items in your shopping cart you can make one offer to each different seller.  If that offer is equal to the seller’s discounted asking price, the offer will be instantly accepted.  This is very handy if a seller is running a steeply discounted sale.  It allows you to quickly purchase their items all at once.

Tip #5: Snag the biggest discounts first
Start by going to the Promotions page and use the new dropdown to sort the list of sales so that you can easily find the best deals.  If you already have a bunch of items in your shopping cart from that seller, you can bring that seller to the top of your Make Offer page by clicking Make Offer on any of their items.  If you don’t actually want to purchase that item, you can simply remove it from your Make Offer page, and then you can proceed with making a “full-price” offer to quickly scoop up their items.

Tip #6: Be sure to request shipment before midnight Saturday
You get 5 times the entries for our Cyber Monday Shopping Sprees on items that are purchased and shipped on Friday and Saturday.  Also, you will get a $5 store credit bonus for every 50 items you have shipped in November.

Tip #7: Be patient, and enjoy the hunt
We will be working around the clock to try to keep the servers running as smoothly as possible, but we expect to get more traffic than ever before.  So we might run into some new stresses.  We will do our best to help people out.  Some actions might take longer than normal because of the high traffic.  If one part of the site isn’t working optimally, try another part of the site.     

Tip #8: Remember this is just a hobby & enjoy the holiday
There will be a buying frenzy, and you will miss out on some great deals.  That is part of the game.  It is OK, keep shopping, and get as many deals as you can find.

Tip #9: Sellers, Respond to offers quickly or turn them off
If you will not be able to quickly respond to offers over Black Friday Weekend, we recommend making sure your Minimum Offer Percentage is greater than your promotional discount.  This will prevent buyers from making offers.  If you choose to accept offers over the weekend, please respond as quickly as possible.  The buyers are trying to get extra credit and prizes.

Tip 10: Sellers, be sure to approve your Black Friday Sale early
If your promotion is approved before midnight on Thursday, this will make sure that your sale goes live as early as possible.  We will try to get other sales live as quickly as we can, but they will need to be staged.  Worst case, the search results may not get updated until the following day.

Happy Hunting!

11 thoughts on “10 Tips for a Successful Black Friday

  1. All I ask is that my Sales History page is accessible and that Offers load. Keep those two things going, and I’ll be able to respond to offers within minutes. Thanks and good luck this weekend.

      • More then think coolz!!! My sales over the last three years have doubled every year. I stock up on as many ports and cards as I can just for this day

  2. I have a lot of cards due to be added on 11/30. I was hoping they’d be up by now for the sale since you guys will be swamped over the next two days. Will they still be up by the 30th?

    • We’ve taken into account how busy things are going to be over the weekend, so we’re making an extra push to ensure we meet all of your processing deadlines. If your cards are scheduled to be due on the 30th, then they’ll be ready by the 30th. Thanks!

      • Thanks Moe, today has been a blast! The site has ran great for me and I’ve moved plenty of inventory!

  3. Sorry for first post ( fixed typos)
    I purchased 20 items in simplified shipping mode with store credit and then went to request shipping, It still showed a $3 shipping charge ( plus it cost 25 cents extra per item in simplified mode so $8 shipping actually)
    I thought free shipping was active.

    • Site is updated. Free shipping only applies to items purchased in simplified shipping mode.

      Yes, we have an advanced reseller mode option that lets you buy without the per item handling fee. This is intended only for people that are planning to resell.

  4. Hey Tim, I know you can’t tell us, but do you ever laugh when you see some of the “Sales” some people offer on the site? I’ve been looking through cards all day, and some of the sales people offer are 50% off, but they priced all of their cards 50% higher to start. So their cards are on sale for full BV prices haha. I just thought it was funny to share that!

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