5 Black Friday Specials, Including a $500 Shopping Spree

It’s that time of year; there’s a chill in the air, the sun’s going down a lot sooner than it used to, and those jack-o-lanterns are sitting comfortably in the compost pile. (We hope so, otherwise “eeewwwww”…)

You know what else is coming up? Of course you do – the biggest holiday season of the year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…and Black Friday.  Two words that mark the beginning of the biggest shopping weekend of the year. And COMC is going to be right in the midst of it.

For weeks, people have been asking us about our Black Friday Specials. Trust me, we were wanting to tell you. But, we also wanted to wait until the time was right, and we’re pretty sure that time is now.

Here’s what we’ve got planned for Black Friday!

Free Shipping

It’s one of our most popular specials and we’re bringing it back for the Black Friday weekend. We’re offering free shipping on all cards that are bought between Friday, Nov 29th and Monday, Dec 2nd. Please note, to qualify for this special, there is minimum purchase of 20 items and they must be purchased in Simplified Buying Mode.

Note: Items purchase from Advanced Reselling Mode, items purchased by buying another seller’s entire port via a Port Sale, or items purchased from the old CheckOutMyCards website do not qualify for free shipping, but you can still get a $3 discount by shipping 20 or more items.  You can switch your buying mode in the Profile and Options page.

$5 Bonus Store Credit for Every $100 Purchased

All Black Friday weekend (Nov 29th – Dec 2nd) you will receive an extra $5 store credit for each $100 of store credit you purchase.  Limit of $50 bonus credit per day.  That is a total of $200 bonus credit if you purchase $1,000 store credit each of the 4 days of our Black Friday weekend.

$5 Bonus Store Credit for Every 50 Items Shipped

Last August, we introduced a Shipping Credit when purchasing items in bulk.  Normally you have to purchase 100 items in a calendar month in order to get the extra $5, but for the month of November, you get the $5 for every 50 items you purchase and have shipped by 11:59 PM PST Saturday November 30th.

And, as the Shipping Credit is deposited on the 1st of the month, any credit you earn in November you can use in December…just in time for Cyber Monday.

$5 – $500 Cyber Monday Shopping Sprees

100 COMC customers will win a Cyber Monday Shopping Spree.  One lucky customer will get a $500 shopping spree, and the rest of the winners will receive shopping sprees worth between $5 and $100.

Winners will be randomly selected based on the number of items that were purchased and shipped in 2013.  Items purchased and shipped on Black Friday or Saturday will receive 5 times the chances.

We will announce the winners on on our Facebook page on Sunday November 30th.  You will have all day Cyber Monday to spend your winnings.

Free Promotions

On top of all the promotions that we are giving away, we are encouraging all of our sellers to run their own Black Friday Promotions. Since we are not charging them anything extra to run the promotions, we expect to have more than 1,000 sellers running promotions on more than 5,000,000 items. This means there will be lots of great deals happening across COMC.com – sellers will be able to customize their markdowns up to 80% off their original asking price.

There you have it. We have a little something for everyone, and you won’t even have to get out of bed to do your shopping…does it get much better than that?

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28 thoughts on “5 Black Friday Specials, Including a $500 Shopping Spree

  1. Fantastic job guys; this should really boost the Black Friday sales.

    I am a little unclear on how the Free Shipping and $5 Bonus Credit for 50 items ship will work. I have some questions that when answered should clarify things for me and others.

    If I buy lets say 200 items during November in the Advanced mode and then ship 200 other items purchased in months prior to November do I get a $3 discount on shipping and a $20 shipping credit?

    If I have 50 items that were delivered to my comc mailbox and I ship those out do I get a $5 shipping credit?

    If I buy 50 items in Simplified mode and then ship 50 items that were purchased in Advanced mode do I get a $5 shipping credit?


    • Hi!

      Let me see if I can help out on these questions:

      The free shipping only qualifies on 20 items or more that are bought during Black Friday Weekend, while you’re in Simplified Buying Mode.

      The Shipping Credit is only paid for items that were shipped from COMC during the calendar month. Any credit you earned for cards shipped in previous months has already been paid; credit paid on October 1st is for cards shipped in September, credit paid on November 1st is for cards shipped in October, etc.

      Unfortunately, items from the Mailbox do not qualify for the Shipping Credit; it’s just for cards that are bought and shipped from COMC.

      Shipping 100 items in November would qualify for $10 of Store Credit; it doesn’t matter how you buy the cards via COMC.com, it just matters that they were purchased and then shipped from COMC during the month of November.

      I hope this helps clarify a few things…please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more follow up questions or concerns.

  2. good job to promote buying!
    to bad there isn’t a bigger benefit for us sellers this year.
    to bad us sellers can’t get the .25 for each card sold again this year.
    is it at least possible to adjust the % off daily like last year. it would be nice to have the option to do 15, 20, 25 and then 30% during this time.

    • Hi!

      Unfortunately, we don’t have the adjustable sales like last year…the only way to modify your sales during Black Friday Weekend would be to to delete the current sale and start a new one, with a different sale percentage. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Hi,

        I can’t guarantee that there’ll be less traffic on the servers after midnight, especially during Black Friday weekend. If memory serves me correctly, Tim didn’t get a whole lot of sleep during that weekend last year. However, if you were going to make any adjustments, that time of night/morning might be your best bet.

    • Yeah it doesn’t seem like there’s a real benefit to selling besides just moving inventory.

      What I mean by that is that there’s no credit for sellers or anything like that. Seems to be geared completely towards buyers. Not a fan.

      I think after I sell my remaining inventory I won’t be sending more things to COMC as it seems to have begun to go downhill ever since the Beckett change.

  3. Thanks for the deals. Do the 50 items have to be bought in November to get the $5 credit? Or can we include items we previously bought to reach the 50? Thanks

    • Hi!

      To qualify for the $5 shipping credit, 50 items have to be shipped from COMC during the month of November. For every 50 you have shipped from COMC< you get $5 of Store Credit. Thanks!

  4. Can’t wait to buy and sell on this promo! If we purchase the qualifying 20 items for free shipping, will other items we have waiting to ship be included? Thanks!

    • Hi!

      Other items can be included in your shipment, if you mark them as “Add to Shipment” via your “Inventory Manager” page. Thanks!

  5. Why is there no .25 bonus for sellers this year? What is the real point for me to discount my cards if there is no advantage to be gained

    • Hi!

      This year, we wanted to do something for all the buyers on COMC; things like offering Free Shipping and the Bonus Store Credit for shipping cards.

      Now, it’s not like we forgot the COMC sellers – without you we’d just be a sharp looking website with no content. By encouraging our buyers to buy more cards, our sellers would reap the benefits of the buyers taking advantage of the extra credit and free shipping we’re offering.

      We’re always striving to strike a balance, to ensure that everyone we work with is satisfied with their COMC experience. Your input is valuable and we encourage people to continue to talk to us, to let us know what works and what doesn’t.

      We hope that you’ll use the Free Promotion we’re offering for Black Friday Weekend, but that choice is up to you.

  6. Hey guys,

    Any plans to offer other promotions thru December? I ask this because I am trying to decide whether or not i ship cards 2 week or 1 month processing.

    • Hi,

      We don’t have any plans for any December promotions; it took us a few weeks to recover from Black Friday 2012, so we’re trying not to stretch our resources out too far this time around.

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  8. Hi,
    I’m assuming the purchases for the black friday promotion begins at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 29th. Which time zone will this be based on?

    • Hi,

      This is based on Pacific Standard Time, since we’re located in Redmond, Washington. Thanks!

  9. This is one of the best days in the industry, great job and looking forward to it. At what time does Black Friday officially begin on COMC, 12am Eastern or another time zone?

    • Black Friday starts at 12:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time..since we’re located in Redmond, Washington. Thanks!

  10. Hello, I just purchased $100 in store credit, but the $5 bonus is not showing in my dashboard. Does this take awhile to show up, or did I do something wrong? Thanks.

    • Jason, the credit should be showing up automatically. Try refreshing your browser, and if it doesn’t show up, please email customer service (staff@comc.com) with your username, and we’ll take a look at it from our end. Thanks!

  11. Is the shipping credit working? i shipped over 200 cards so far this month and see only at $10 credit? It also says “Items to next $5.00 Credit 100” should it be 50 to next $5.00 credit? just double checking. thank you.

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