New Customer Service Hours: 9-5 PST M-F

Customer Service Changes

Goodbye to Nathan

It’s a bittersweet day.  Today is our Customer Service Lead Nathan Richards last day with us.  So many of you have gotten to know and love Nathan during his time with us and sent us glowing feedback letting us know.  We will all certainly miss Nathan and wish him well in his future endeavors.

New Team

Not to worry, our Customer Service Team continues to be in good hands.  Account Manager Norbert Strub will be overseeing the team’s success.  We are also thrilled to add to the team, Maurice Smith, who manages our Social Media, and Greg Long, one of our most senior employees from the ID team.  Both Moe and Greg are avid collectors with great personalities who are thrilled to get to know you.

New Hours

ONE CHANGE: Customer Service Hours will now be 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday.

We have shifted our core Customer Service Hours by an hour later upon review of peak web traffic times.

Please say goodbye to Nathan and welcome the new team in the comments.

Be sure to watch our FacebookTwitter, and Google+ pages.  And, for our friends outside the United States, please join us on our new COMC International Facebook page, and follow our new COMC International Twitter feed.

9 thoughts on “New Customer Service Hours: 9-5 PST M-F

  1. Whatever you were paying Nathan. It wasn’t enough…He is/was the absolute best and helped me many times in which I appreciate.

    • Nathan definitely set the bar very high. He will be missed. Fortunately we have many great people working at COMC, and now you will get to meet a few more of them.

      There are many benefits of having our headquarters near Microsoft. However, this was a casualty of being too close to the Microsoft eco-system. We have plans to help COMC grow so that we can eventually steal Nathan back. In the meantime, we wish Nathan the best, but some of our employees suggested that we find ways to sabotage his new job so that he will have to come back. Maybe we should publish his new work phone number as an alternate customer support line.

  2. Nathan will be missed for sure, he has listened to my numerous rants about this or that, provided whatever insight he was allowed to offer on my concerns, and solved many breakdowns or errors I had experienced on my end and COMC’s end. Thank you for all of the great service you have provided Nathan!

  3. I would like to know how can I look up cards to buy that are graded cards from all sellers. I just can’t seem to find a way to do this on the web site? How is it done just to find a graded card in MLB from any seller selling one?

    • Hi!

      Sorry for the slow response, I was waiting to hear back from another department before replying.

      Currently, there is no way to search for graded cards from all sellers. We’re always working on improving the COMC search engine, to better improve the user’s experience when looking for cards on our website. In the meantime, you could try using acronyms like “BGS” or “PSA”, and you’ll get results based on those parameters. Thanks again for your comment.

  4. Sad to see Nathan go. He was very helpful to my company in many ways. Norbert has already stepped up for us so I can see that the customer service will continue. You guys have set the bar high. Other sites fail miserably when it comes to their integrity and professionalism especially when compared to COMC

  5. My order on Black Friday was 34 items and I was charged $3.00 shipping on them…total price was $89.00 plus $3.00 shipping….why was I charged for shipping? It was suppose to be free! Cancelled a second order on Saturday until this issue is resolved.

    • Hi David;

      Some of the first Black Friday orders still got shipping fees attached to them; we’re catching up with them and refunding those fees. Thanks for your patience.

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