The New COMC Bulk Price Editor

During the days of the original website, Tim introduced the Bulk Price Editor – a tool that made pricing cards quick and easy for those who had submitted large quantities of items for consignment.

When we moved to, we had to discontinue the availability of the Bulk Price Editor, as the technology of the new website was incompatible with the way the Bulk Price Editor was created.  We knew it was a popular tool, so it was always our intention to create a new Bulk Price Editor, one that was compatible with

After a lot of work and effort on Tim’s part, we’re able to announce that the *new* Bulk Price Editor is available as a Beta download.

Please note that using the Bulk Price Editor takes up bandwidth on the COMC servers, so we ask that sellers limit their usage to adjusting their prices on a monthly basis. We want to keep the Bulk Price Editor as a free service, so we ask everyone to be kind and not overuse it.

Bulk Price Editor DOWNLOAD (login required)

System Requirements:

– Windows XP or later

– Microsoft Office Access 2007 or the Access 2007 Runtime (Free Download)

How to Install:

– If you don’t have Access 2007 or are not sure if you do, download and install the Access 2007 Runtime from Microsoft. (If you download the Bulk Price Editor without Access 2007 Runtime, you’ll get a message telling you to download and run the Access 2007 Runtime first.)

– Download and install the Bulk Price Editor (login required).

How to Use:

– From the start menu or the desktop, click on the Bulk Price Editor shortcut.


– This will bring up the Sign In page on

– After you sign in, the Bulk Price Editor will start downloading the items from your inventory.bulkload

– When this is done, you can search through your inventory for groups of cards that you would like to perform bulk operations upon.


– Once you have selected the group of items you would like to perform a bulk price change to, you can select the type of bulk operation to perform.


– When this is complete, you can review the pending price changes.
– You can click in the green cells to manually edit any of the pending price changes.
– Finally, you can submit your price changes to

Thanks for your patience as we worked to bring back the Bulk Price Editor. Again, we request that users limit their price changes to about once per month – this will not overtax the servers and will allow us to continue to offer the feature for free. Please use the comments section below to let us know how it works for you, if you have any difficulties in the process of loading or running the Bulk Price Editor, and feel free to share any ideas or thoughts you may have.

20 thoughts on “The New COMC Bulk Price Editor

    • HI! Since the Bulk Editor is built on MS Access, it’s only going to be available for Windows. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

    • A clarification: Moe is correct that this version of the BPE cannot be made available for Mac, but we are looking into what it would take to eventually incorporate the editor into the COMC website. We’ll defintely keep folks posted on that.

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  2. love the idea of the tool however anytime I try to set all my unpriced cards that are under $2 to 75% off high book it crashes on me. now every time I try to load it I get an “error 11 – division by 0” after which the program immediately closes itself. . .

    • Hi Brian; I’ll pass this info on to our devs, and we’ll get a solution to you as soon as we can.

      In the meantime, maybe you could try uninstalling and then reinstalling the program? That’s worth a shot…

  3. Forgive my stupidity — I did get the program to load up, but also got the same error as Brian. When you get to Step 4, don’t you have to pick just one of those options and blank out the other three? Otherwise they would conflict, correct? Or is that why I’m getting the error?

  4. Okay, so it’s been three days since I made the changes in my store and lowered my price by 50% on everything with a BV of $10, and I have not seen any changes in the prices yet. Thoughts?

  5. I think this may have been me being an idiot. I was looking at the prices that came up when I first clicked on my post, and I think they WERE discounted, it just doesn’t show that until you get a little deeper on the card. I made 10 sales yesterday, so that’s a start!

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