Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

We would like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to our northern neighbors and use the opportunity to offer some autumn news and specials.

COMC will be attending both the Vancouver Sports and Retro Collectibles Show in Langley, BC on November 1st, 2nd, & 3rd and the Sportscard and Memorabilia Expo in Mississauga, ON on November 8th, 9th, & 10th.

We will be accepting drop-off submissions of up to 5000 cards, so you can save on the cost of shipping.  In addition, we are offering our Canadian Fall Promotion from today until November 29, 2013.  Refer your friends to us and if you are a new consigner, let us know and welcome aboard!

This great deal is available for any batch sent to our Canadian office:

COMC Consignment
4311 Canada Way
Burnaby BC  V5G 1J3

The Special:

  • $0.20 per raw trading or gaming card
  • $0.50 per graded, encased, or jumbo card as well as any other supported collectible
  • User Account not required to be funded at the time of shipment (account still required to be funded before cards are uploaded)
  • Cards in penny sleeves are acceptable
  • Cards in toploaders and cards requiring condition notes subject to $0.05 handling fee per card
  • Maximum 5000 cards per household
  • Minimum 25 cards
  • Cards will be live within 10 weeks of receipt of shipment
  • All shipments must be postmarked no later than Nov 29, 2013
  • Mark your package “Canadian Fall Promotion”
  • Non-Canadians are welcome to use this special but will be responsible for all customs and duties associated with the submission.

COMC Canada also continues to support all regular services at this time in addition to this special except for consignment of comic books & magazines and COMC Mailbox.

Unlock Another Special Offer in time for Black Friday:

By taking advantage of our One Month Processing or our Fall Promotion Special, consigners with 200 or more cards can designate 20% of their submission to our 2-Week Processing at the One Month Processing Rate. This will allow sellers to segregate cards they want on the site for sale in time for Black Friday November 29, 2013.   Simply label 20% of your submission as 2-Week Processing and the remaining 80% as One Month or Canadian Fall Promotion.   Submissions of 2-week processing on its own will be processed as 2-Week processing at it’s regular price of $0.35 per regular sized item.   Cards must arrive (ie. not postmarked) before 11:00am November 14, 2013 at our Canadian Office to allow us to process them before Black Friday.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you at the show!

5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

  1. Sooooo…..does this mean that the one month/20% processing special applies to shipmens sent to the Washington address? It was plainly stated that the Canadian fall special was for any consignor but had to be sent to the Canadian warehouse but wasn’t clear about the one month/20% processing special. Just wanted to know if this post was mainly for our friends up north or is there another announcement coming for all other members? Or maybe I just overlooked it. Thanks in advance for any insight!

    • Hey Big Red! I just checked with Julia, and this particular special is strictly for cards sent to the Canadian warehouse.

      Now, you’re still welcome to send cards to Canada, if you’re willing to deal with Canadian customs and duties and all that – or, you can wait for when we make an announcement for the U.S. Black Friday Special – that blog post should happen next week. Thanks for your patience.

  2. I appreciate the efforts to save me money on listings, but what about the buyers? COMC’s biggest issue seems to be bringing in people to buy these cards.

    • Hi, Thanks for the feedback – I just wanted to let you know that we’ve got some Black Friday specials lined up for COMC buyers, too. Without them, we’d just be a storage facility for sports cards.

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