COMC Hot List October 2 – October 16

Hello COMC Nation! This is one of the best times of the year, and the COMC crew couldn’t be more excited! Football is in full swing, the baseball playoffs have just started, and the hockey season is underway! Can it get any better than that?

Well, how about a new COMC Hot List? While over-indulging in the overload of sports happening right now, we’ve managed to set a little time aside to pull together a list of sets and players we think are going to be pretty hot over the next few weeks. So, check out the Hot List for October 2nd to October 16th:

Giovani Bernard

The Hot List Theme

With the start of the 2013-14 NHL season, and the double draft class that the card compaies have put out – we’re making 2013-14 Hockey RC’s the Hot Theme – meaning any NHL player whose Rookie Card is part of a 2013-14 hockey set is eligible for the current Hot List.

So what does being on the Hot List mean?

COMC wants to encourage our users to get these hot cards into your accounts to offer for sale as quickly as possible, so starting today, any cards submitted for the Hot List will qualify for our “Hot List Special” processing. With this service, you will receive One Day processing at the special Hot List price: $0.50 per raw card and $1.00 per graded, encased, or jumbo card.

Trent Richardson

  • Clearly write “Hot List Special” on the outer mailing package and/or the address label.
  • $5 minimum batch fee (We recommend submitting 10+ items.)
  • 200 item maximum per week
  • Must be postmarked by October 16th, 2013
  • Can be mailed to either our US or Canadian office
  • Any submissions received on a Friday or Saturday may not be processed until the following Monday.
  • Submissions with non-Hot List items mixed in will be downgraded to One Week service.
  • Redemption cards may qualify for Hot List pricing, but will take up to a week to process.

You’re welcome to submit Hot List batches at the same time that you submit other batches with different service levels, even if they’re mailed in the same package, but please make sure that each batch is clearly separated and labeled, and that “Hot List Special” is written on the outside of the mailing package and/or mailing label.

Thanks for your input for this new Hot List! Be sure to watch our FacebookTwitter, and Google+ pages for the next Hot List Call Out in a week!

And, for our friends outside the United States, please join us on our new COMC International Facebook page, and follow our new COMC  International Twitter feed.

7 thoughts on “COMC Hot List October 2 – October 16

  1. Has anyone else seen a drop in sales over the last two to three months? I deal mostly in baseball cards, so I understand that the season is winding down, but my sales are down 66% or so despite continuing to add new 2013 cards and undercutting others on a daily basis. I’m concerned that COMC isn’t getting the same amount of traffic, but it could be a number of factors. Am I the only one struggling?

    • I’ve seen a drop in sales …’re not the only one struggling ….things are not the same as they were before.

  2. I’ve noticed that items aren’t moving as fast also and this includes baseball, basketball, football, hard to find inserts, #ed, and JSY cards. I’m sure things will ramp up at the end of the October as COMC nation gears up for Black Friday. I was hoping to hear something this week on COMC’s plans for BF before I decide when and how many cards to send in just in case there is a processing special. Looks like we will have to guess as far as what and how many items to send in since realistically I would’ve needed to have known any info by the 20th to give me time to allow for four week processing and time to price items so they are on by Nov. 20th. It takes me up to a week (when and if I can find the time after work) to sort , pick and choose which items to send in on top of that if I were to send in a couple thousand. Nathan/Moe can you offer us any insight on BF specials etc. please?

    Also, I can’t help but wonder if losing the Beckett Pricing has driven buyers and sellers away or not. I personally have given in and bought a subscription and still enjoy having it available although I dislike paying so much for skewed information. I have noticed some of my favorite sellers and best buyers are either not adding more items, not buying at all, or are gone. I hope Black Friday is successful as it has been in years past. If we could hear about plans for the future of the site or how processing and new accounts are going that would be great.

    • I would really appreciate some news on how they’re going to get better like they’ve promised. They should realize that if they’re consistently taking in several times more cards then they’re sending out, then something is broken. I also believe that losing the Beckett pricing likely has something to do with it. If people were scamming Beckett and checking prices on COMC, then that would be a lot more visits to COMC which would mean more sales. I have so much tied up in COMC financially that I’m getting to the point where I have to decide if it makes sense to continue with them.

      • Hi! I wanted to take a quick moment to let you know that we know we’ve been pretty quiet recently.

        But, our being silent doesn’t mean we’ve been inactive. We have some news that we’re preparing to share with everyone in the very near future. All’s I can say right now is that the COMC Blog is going to get really busy in the next 2 weeks, with some new announcements and news we’ll be sharing with everyone.

        Thank you all for your patience and for being a part of the COMC Nation.

  3. Well, all I can say is this isn’t very much of a reply or information to provide to your consignors time to plan for Black Friday and Christmas Sales.

    • Hi BigRed…my reply on Friday was to let you know that we aren’t ignoring you – we hear what you’re saying, and we’re aware that sellers need time to prepare for the holidays that are fast approaching. But, it also works both ways – COMC needs to prepare for them, too. And, you’ll see the results of our preparations very soon.

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