New Social Media and the COMC Hockey Pool

Greetings to the COMC Nation! We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our new COMC International Facebook page, as well as our presence on Twitter as COMC International.

We’ve introduced these new venues as a means for our friends outside the United States to communicate with us, so we can address any issues that arise and to help them meet their needs as international customers of COMC.

Everybody into the pool!

We’re pleased to announce a contest for all our hockey loving friends. We’ve set up a hockey box pool for the upcoming 2013-14 NHL Season.  We’ll be offering prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place – the prizes will be determined on the number of participants in the pool, overall. The more players we have, the bigger the prizes we’ll give out.

Entry is really easy:

First: Score the COMC Social Media Hat Trick, by liking our COMC Facebook page, our new COMC International Facebook Page, and following our new COMC International Twitter page.

Next: Go to COMC Hockey Pool to register your team. Be sure to use your COMC username as your team name for easier identification.

It’s a beauty!

Then: Set your lineup and you’re good to go!

Along with the grand prizes at the end of the season, we’ll be giving out monthly prizes of COMC History points, based on the pool standings at the beginning of every month. We’ll also give a random team a prize of COMC history points, just for participating. So, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to win!

Be sure to sign up as soon as possible, as the season starts on October 1st and the deadline to enter and make any changes to your team is October 6th, 7pm PDT.

Good luck to everyone who signs up. Game on!

And, as always, be sure to keep up with all the news and company updates by following us on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube pages.

6 thoughts on “New Social Media and the COMC Hockey Pool

  1. The history point giveaway would be a great idea if they actually worked. For the last month when I click on ” history” after clicking on the price of a card the whole sales history info box disappears and I get no sales info whatsoever and no other page loads. I had previously emailed and Nathan responded letting me know that it was being repaired, then it worked for a day or so and now its back to more of the same for last two weeks. Please fix the issue asap as there is no worse system than a broken one.

    • Hi BigRed! We’re checking our browsers here and it seems to be working fine on our end. I’ve contacted Nathan to let him know, but in the meantime there are a few things you could try to see if they help.

      If you’re using Firefox as your browser, try clearing the cache. Then make sure you’re running the latest version – it should be version 24.0. You can check this by going to the Help on the Menu Bar, then clicking on “About Firefox”. That will tell you the version number, and automatically start the update process (if it needs to be updated).

      Good luck and please contact us at if you continue to have issues with the history point system. Thanks!

      • Well, obviously it was something on your end that was corrected as I made no changes to my browser, immediately after your post I went and tried a card and now it all works great. Thanks for correcting the issue!

  2. So the word on the street at Beckett is the Pied Pipper has convinced some other dealers there to invest hundreds of dollars in equipment and hours of time to scan stock images to compete with COMC. Then in a sick twist, Beckett will charge dealers for the use of those images even though it is the dealers who are doing all the work… They are being convinced that random stock photos will put them on a level playing field with COMC even though COMC lets the buyers see the exact photo of the item being scanned. A few dealers appear to have seen the light that this is total bunk but it is incredible the straws that are being grabbed at. Thank you COMC for doing things the way you do, for keeping jobs in North America instead of outsourcing to India and for providing a stable platform and value. Mostly, thank you for treating your customers with respect. Something the folks at Beckett have NEVER seemed to figure out. I feel bad for my buddies over there who are being sold YET ANOTHER bill of goods. Leaving there with years of data and work having been put into it was tough….but wow…to hear what is going on there now…

  3. I’ve never had any problems with the History points system or the Sales History Feature, I’m not saying you didn’t Big Red, I’m just saying it was not everyone having issues. And I have been using it the last couple days. Thanks COMC for the promotion, and thanks for always being so responsive to peoples issues and concerns.

  4. Hey! I just wanted to reply with a quick “thanks” to you guys for the kind words. COMC has been and will be about the people who use our site and our service – without you, we wouldn’t be here. That’s why we work as hard as we do, to ensure the COMC experience is as positive and enjoyable as possible for everyone who uses our website.

    You know that our doors (well, “doors” being email/blog/facebook/twitter, etc) are always open to questions, comments, and suggestions on how we can make your time on better for you. Thanks again and have a great day! 🙂

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