Don’t Miss Out on The National Special!

Happy Friday COMC Nation!  This week has truly been a photo finish kind of week as the Team returned from Rosemont.  Before heading into a very well deserved weekend, we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to take advantage of the National Special before it’s gone for another year.  To recap, it is:

National $70 Flat Rate Special

  • Limit 1 660ct box per person
  • Single row, no jammed in minis
  • If you don’t have a 660ct box, please measure no more than 11.75″ of cards
  • These cards will be processed at a 6 Week Processing speed
  • All submissions must be postmarked by August 22nd

Don’t Forget Canada

Also, we wanted to remind all our friends in Canada that they can send their submissions to our Canadian Warehouse and save both time and money on the shipping.  If you haven’t ever tried out this service, please send your items to:

COMC Consignment
4311 Canada Way
Burnaby BC  V5G 1J3

All submissions must be postmarked by no later than August 22nd whether they are heading to our US or Canadian locations.  This kind of a special only comes around once a year, so don’t miss out on getting a deal that brings the average submission price down to $.11 per card.  Have a great weekend and be on the lookout next week for some stories from the National.  Be sure to also keep up with us on our FacebookTwitter, and Google+ pages.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out on The National Special!

  1. What? Nothing for the buyer…the life blood of COMC? Without us, there is no revenue…no cash flow..

    • Hi Brian! We agree, card buyers are incredibly important to COMC.

      However, without the card sellers, the buyers would have nothing to buy on But, don’t worry – we’re always thinking about what we can do for both our sellers *and* buyers. This time around, the sellers are getting a little something special…we’ll be doing something for the buyers soon enough. Thanks!

      • Oh, we still have cards to buy on other web sites. Just want you to know you’re not the only game in town. Nothing worse than a warehouse full of cards!

  2. So can I use 2x 400ct boxes and only measure 11.75″ with the rest decoy/donated base??? Cheers

    • Hi Johno! Yes…as long as the boxes are marked for the National special, and measure up to 11.75″, then it’ll qualify. If you have cards you wish to donate, please make sure they’re marked clearly, and we’ll process them accordingly. Thanks!

  3. Can I use the $20 off First time Seller Special Coupon along with this National special?

    • Hi Abel! Yes, yes you can use that First Time Sellers Coupon. Just be sure the coupon is in the box! Thanks!

  4. Was happy to participate in the promotion and as a buyer and seller I am glad COMC is bringing more cards for me to buy to the site. Thankful for the promotion without feeling the need to beg for more…

  5. hi, if i post mark 8/22 in Taiwan post office and takes about 3 weeks to arrive to Comc, is that acceptable? thank you!

    • Hi! As long as the package is postmarked by August 22nd, it’ll still qualify for the National special. Thanks for asking!

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  7. Didn’t get to print out the labels for my submissions but I did write down the submission codes. Is that acceptable if I write them on the outside of the boxes I’m sending in?

    Let me know so I can get these out tomorrow. Thanks

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