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As we announced on Wednesday, the COMC Vault is now open for business!  Because the Vault is brand new, some questions have come up, so we wanted to take a moment to address them.

The Vault is supposed to be for high-end, so why do I see items listed at $40.00?

The $40 is the cut-off point that allows us to offer a lower consignment fee to our sellers. While The Vault is generally geared towards items valued at $100+, we want to give our sellers the opportunity to try it out with some of their mid-range items and take advantage of the lower fee structure.

In many cases, items are offered at a lower price on The Vault than on COMC because of the reduced commission fees. If you wish to search for higher-priced cards only, use the dropdown menu on the left-hand side of the Search Results page to display items in various price ranges.

The Vault seems like a separate site from COMC. Why doesn’t one site direct users to the other for more search results?

At the moment, COMC and The Vault are being treated as two separate websites.  As we wanted to release The Vault in time for The National, we haven’t implemented all of the features that we have planned for the site. We will be adding many, many more features in the coming weeks and your feedback helps us prioritize which features we do next.

Can Vault Credit be used on *or* Can COMC Credit be used on The Vault?

When an item sells on The Vault, the seller receives a deposit into their Vault account for the sale price less fees. That balance can be used toward items in The Vault or cashed out in full. We are currently considering ways to support the transfer of Vault Credit to COMC, and vice versa.

If I run a COMC Sale Promotion will that affect the Vault eligibility of my items? 

No, these items will remain Vault Eligible. COMC Sale Promotions only affect the price of the item on COMC and do not affect Vault list prices. Sale prices are momentarily only viewable on

Thanks for the great questions and suggestions that you’ve sent us so far. Please continue to share your thoughts and questions regarding the Vault, or any of our other services here on our blog, and be sure to check us out on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

16 thoughts on “Vault Questions

  1. The problem I have, when a person goes to COMC the first thing they see is a big black banner to go to the vault, a new person will not even know the regular COMC exist.

    • Hi John! Thanks for the feedback – we’re just really excited about the new Vault service we have, so we wanted to make sure that visitors to the website were made aware of it, by making it the first slide in the slideshow we have on our home page. We’re still working on the interconnectivity between the two sites, as we mentioned in the post, so we’re sure that people will be quite aware that exists and is going to be there for their buying and selling needs.


  2. Hey moe I was just wondering of the 27 to 30 cards I just got back from grading are there with you guys in Chicago? I have a serial #’d 1/36 triple rookie card signed by Paul goldschmidt Eric hosmer and Freddie freeman with they’re game used relics and it came back a 9.5 on the card and a 10 on the autographs

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    • Hi Mark! If your cards were ready to go by the time the COMC team left for Chicago (July 29th) then they should be at the National. Good luck and thanks for being part of the Vault.


  3. Are you guys taking offers on cards at the show. Meaning are u sending us offers from people looking at cards in Chicago?

  4. I just bought a vault item with the intention to flip. But there is no choice for that…

    • Hi Coolz; we don’t have the mechanisms for flipping cards on the Vault yet, but it is something that is in the works. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  5. Thanks Moe, I think the 2 biggest feature that needs to be implemented is Flipping & converting to COMC credit (25% extra , to be equal 20% cash-out fee from COMC)

    • Hey Coolz; I’ll pass that on to Tim and the devs…I think he’s still a little tired from his Chicago trip. 😉

  6. Are the select (higher priced) offerings listed for sale on the new Vault site going to continue to be included within search results on the standard COMC site, as is the case at the time of this posting? I certainly hope so, because I don’t want to have to run two separate searches on two separate sites in order to be sure I’m seeing all of the available listings for a given player, etc.

    • Hi Michael; As long as sellers are listing the cards on both and the Vault, then they’ll appear on both. However, some sellers are choosing to list their Vault-eligible cards on the Vault only. There are no plans to integrate the listings. Thanks for your question.


  7. Hey guys –
    Quick question that I could not find the answer to on either site. Is there a direct way to submit cards in to the Vault? Only thing I could find seemed to suggest going through the standard submission process and then noting the “vault eligible” cards to be moved over – wondering if there is a more direct method.
    Thanks for your help and sorry if that is information that is addressed elsewhere.

    • Hi Joe! You are correct; the only way to submit cards to the Vault is via the standard submission process. When the cards are deposited into your account, you can then transfer them to the Vault. Also, you can choose to make them Vault-exclusive, or have them available on both the Vault and Thanks for asking.


  8. Do you have an estimate date/ timeframe to when the flipping feature & convert to comc credit feature will be implemented? Thanks

  9. A few questions:
    Do fees go in effect tonight?

    What show(s) has the cards travelled to since the National?

    How are sales trending?

    Any progress on updating this site to become more user friendly?

    Is there a monthly storage fee for $X value?

    Sorry… Just curious. There hasn’t been a status up date in 2 months.


    • Hi, thanks for the questions. We do apologize for the lack of updates regarding the Vault – it’s still relatively new and, therefore, still in a Beta state. Please know that we’re still working on how we can improve the Vault experience for our sellers and buyers.

      I’ve forwarded your questions onto the crew who are overseeing the Vault and they’ll be able to provide some more detailed answers relatively soon – but I wanted to reply to this sooner, to let you know that we have seen your questions.

      I can tell you that since the Vault is still in a Beta stage the storage fees will *not* be going into effect today. I don’t have any answers for your other questions, but they will be forthcoming.

      Thanks for your patience!

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