Vault Questions

As we announced on Wednesday, the COMC Vault is now open for business!  Because the Vault is brand new, some questions have come up, so we wanted to take a moment to address them.

The Vault is supposed to be for high-end, so why do I see items listed at $40.00?

The $40 is the cut-off point that allows us to offer a lower consignment fee to our sellers. While The Vault is generally geared towards items valued at $100+, we want to give our sellers the opportunity to try it out with some of their mid-range items and take advantage of the lower fee structure.

In many cases, items are offered at a lower price on The Vault than on COMC because of the reduced commission fees. If you wish to search for higher-priced cards only, use the dropdown menu on the left-hand side of the Search Results page to display items in various price ranges.

The Vault seems like a separate site from COMC. Why doesn’t one site direct users to the other for more search results?

At the moment, COMC and The Vault are being treated as two separate websites.  As we wanted to release The Vault in time for The National, we haven’t implemented all of the features that we have planned for the site. We will be adding many, many more features in the coming weeks and your feedback helps us prioritize which features we do next.

Can Vault Credit be used on *or* Can COMC Credit be used on The Vault?

When an item sells on The Vault, the seller receives a deposit into their Vault account for the sale price less fees. That balance can be used toward items in The Vault or cashed out in full. We are currently considering ways to support the transfer of Vault Credit to COMC, and vice versa.

If I run a COMC Sale Promotion will that affect the Vault eligibility of my items? 

No, these items will remain Vault Eligible. COMC Sale Promotions only affect the price of the item on COMC and do not affect Vault list prices. Sale prices are momentarily only viewable on

Thanks for the great questions and suggestions that you’ve sent us so far. Please continue to share your thoughts and questions regarding the Vault, or any of our other services here on our blog, and be sure to check us out on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.