National Days: The Show Begins

Greetings COMC Nation from Rosemont, Illinois!  After a harrowing journey fraught with such dangers as landing a plane on two wheels and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, the COMC Team has landed and is ready to take the National by storm.

This week, we will be spending most of our time at booth 850 showing off items in the Vault and performing on-site processing.  You can expect to hear about our daily adventures on the blog each day this week, courtesy of yours truly.  Come by and say hi if you are at the show and be sure to check out the booth!  As always, you can also keep up with us on us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ while we spread the word about COMC at the National!

4 thoughts on “National Days: The Show Begins

  1. Looking forward to meeting everyone. I’ll be there Friday and Saturday.

    • Hi braden! You can contact our customer service team at, or call us at 1-800-517-3540 and ask them to mail you a coupon. It’s just that easy. Thanks!


  2. I recently started collecting a few nice oddball cards, and am sure to make some finds from your site for my Dad’s 70th birthday. Framing project??? … Anyway, I will be in Cooperstown next week and I can’t seem to find any decent reviews on the web for which card shops are really better to stop at. I’m sure they’re all a rip in one way or another. But there has to be a few that stand out as (relatively) fair priced , knowledgeable and organized.

    Any suggestions from you or your membership is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks! -Jerry

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