Sneak Peek: Vault Imaging

The Vault is going to be a whole new way to buy and sell high end items online.  It is going to bring with it 10% cash outs, sale of these items at major shows, and a brand new set of high resolution scans!  Today, we wanted to take a moment to show you a before and after shot of one of the items that will be available for sale very soon on The Vault.

Here is a scan of this item as it appeared on COMC:

The original 4x Zoom

The pictures of the individual items have been a hallmark of the service COMC provides since we started the site.  But now, we are able to provide an even clearer view of the items placed into The Vault.  Here is the same item after having been rescanned and placed in The Vault:

These scans are more pristine and clearer than any that have been on our site before.  Better yet, once the new Super Zoom function has been released on The Vault, it will be easy to view every detail of the card with a 36x zoom!

The new 36x “Superzoom” – click on the card to see the difference!

So tell us, what you think of our new imaging and about your plans for The Vault in the comments below.  Be sure to join us on our FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for more information about this service!

12 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Vault Imaging

  1. That 36x zoom is absolutely amazing. It really shows the fine details of the card. Great job!

  2. I am so excited for the vault, I am sending some cards out in the morning for August posting, I don’t care they are not going to the National, that 36x zoom is better than seeing the card in person!

  3. I have items on the vault already. But I was wondering, if this sell on the regular site, do I still get charged the 10% fee? What is currently the difference, since I can’t seem to access the vault as a buyer?

    • Hi Jon! The cards you place in The Vault will still be available on the main COMC website, so fees will be determined by which site the card is sold on. Meaning, we would only charge Vault fees if the card sells on the Vault website.

      And, we haven’t made the Vault accessible to buyers, just yet. That is coming very soon, however. Thanks for your patience.


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  5. you answered part of my question which was about the zoom function think. I added a few items in time to make it to the national, and right now in my account they look like they are just regular size and not in the bigger format. The other item I am questioning is the shipping went from 0.25 to 0.45 for the vault items. Was this mentioned anywhere in past blogs regarding the vault? Why would there be different shipping for these especially if they can sell right from COMC anyway? It looks like they now in toploaders and that is why?

    • If the shipping went from $0.25 to $0.45, that was because of the added toploader. We normally charge the buyer $0.20 to upgrade to a toploader, and these items are now “pre-upgraded”. If your shipping was $0.45 or more, it won’t likely change. Thanks, for the reminder. We will figure out a good way to educate people about any potential shipping changes.

  6. How about more than a 5 minute notice that the site is going down for vault maintenance??? Didn’t even see this until I checked the twitter page after I got the error message while pricing a new batch of cards. You guys need to remember that a little communication can go a long way. Same thing with the issues brought about a few weeks ago that I won’t mention so as not to cause an uproar all over again. I realize some things are impossible to predict but by the looks of the “error” or maintenance page this was pre planned. It just boggles my mind the lack of communication lately. Wouldn’t it be better to just set aside a day per week or month for server upgrades, security updates etc..and perform them at midnight or 6am when traffic is slow, just a thought. It just seems like a few people in important positions here have tunnel vision and forgotten operational and customer service fundamentals. Maybe put a few new procedures and policies in place…..

    • Hi BigRed. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience.

      You are right, in that we could have given people a little more warning. We were hoping that a brief interruption would be easy for our customers to handle, just so we could get the Vault up and running a little bit sooner.

      Again, we’re sorry and we thank you for your patience.


  7. Got a question related to items that are originally inserted into the “Vault” and then we elect to put our items on a 50% sale (thereby causing the item(s) to drop in price maybe below the threshold). Does the items still remain in the vault even selling at the discount, will the 10% cashout still happen. Also, since most of our items will not be eligible for the “Vault”, seems as though there will have to be a separate account to keep the 10% and 20% cashouts separate. Thanks, Bill

    • Hi Bill! If your sale causes the prices on your Vault items to (temporarily) drop below the minimum required for the Vault, your items will remain on the Vault. If the card sells on the Vault, you’ll get the 10% cashout. If the card sells on, then the 20% cashout applies.

      (edit/addition) I’ve been asked to be sure to let you know that any sales price won’t be reflected on the Vault website, and your cards will sell for the full price on the Vault. The sale prices will just be shown on the page.

      You won’t need to have a separate account, but we will manage two separate account balances for you – one for and the other for the Vault. Thanks!

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