New Vault Filters

With the official launch of The Vault service approaching, we’ve introduced some new tools to help you manage your Vault Eligible items.  There are now three new filters in your Inventory Manager to help you list your items on The Vault.

***If you want us to take your items with us to sell at The National that are currently on, you need to mark them for rescan by TOMORROW, Wednesday, July 17th.  More details below.***

New Filters

From your Inventory Manager, select the Show Items dropdown.  You will see three new options: Vault Eligible, Vault Needing Attention, and Vault Candidates.

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  • Vault Candidates: shows you a list of items in your inventory that qualify for the Vault. These items will have at least a $20 Beckett Book Value (or no BV due to scarcity) and a minimum $40 COMC asking price. With each Vault Candidate item, you’ll see an “Actions” button underneath your asking price where you can select the “Make Vault Eligible” option.  From there, choose the “COMC Services” option, then “Rescan for The Vault.”  At that point, your item will be assigned to receive a high-resolution 36x scan.
    • please note, there is a .50 cent fee to have your cards re-scanned at the higher 36x
  • Vault Eligible: displays items in your portfolio that qualify as Vault Candidates and have already been scanned at the 36x level.
  • Vault Needing Attention: shows items that are Vault Eligible but await a Vault-appropriate asking price. To enter your asking price, click “List on The Vault” and a popup screen with listing options will appear. You may also mark these items “Not for Sale on The Vault” from this popup.

Important Dates

  • Until September 30th listing cards on The Vault will be free.  This is an introductory special, so take advantage of it now!
  • Any items listed on The Vault by July 24th will be going to Chicago for display at the COMC booth at the National.
  • To ensure your Vault Candidates are made Vault Eligible by the 24th, they need to be submitted for a 36x rescan by Wednesday, July 17th.

Your cards could be on display and available for sale at the biggest card event in the country, but you need to act quickly to take advantage of this offering.  In the meantime, be sure to keep following us on our FacebookTwitter, and Google+ pages for more news and further updates.

11 thoughts on “New Vault Filters

  1. It says free above, but when I am trying to submit items to the vault it is saying it will use .50 store credit. Any help?

    • It’s free to have your cards listed on the Vault (until September 30th) but there is a .50 fee for having your cards rescanned at the higher 36x resolution, which is a requirement to be added to the Vault.

      Sorry for the confusion, we’ll edit the Blog post to clarify that point.

      • Thanks for clarifying that, Moe. Any card which was already scanned at 36x resolution (one-day processing items for example) will have no fee to be listed on the vault. If you buy a card that has already had a 36x zoom scan taken of it, for example, there is no ‘vault listing fee’.


  2. fees,fees and more fees. I think COMC should rename there site to checkoutmyfees.

    • Totally agree. Sellers are spending way more money in trying to sell our cards at maybe a quarter of the BV and COMC is taking a huge chunk, sometimes over 50%, of the money that we could make.
      Beckett won’t let COMC use BV so they pass on the fee to us. We have to pay for onsite marketing like promotions and classifieds just to even get noticed. And then there is processioning fees, Amazon fees, checkout fees (20% which is quite high per industry standards for reselling a card) and storage fees. And on top of all that we have to constantly lower our costs for a card to compete with other sellers (if we were selling cards at 50% + of the BV that would be a whole different ballgame). Its not fair to the seller anymore and I dont think the staff gets that. I know they used to but its ridiculous at this point. The only reason why I am staying is because I need to sell the cards already onsite even though I am losing money. From now I think I’ll only send in cards that’ll sell for at least $4.

      • I agree. Some cards have over 100 listings. Can’t hardly give them away or even get your cost and postage out of them. It seems like what started out as a great program is eventually going to take a dive.

      • Honestly, the problem is that you keep trying to convince yourself there is money to made in cards. But there isn’t just no money to be made, there is only money to be lost. You’d be lucky to really, truly break even. The folks that make money in cards are the manufacturers and the transactors (ebay, COMC, Blowout, etc.). For every story you have heard or experienced about making a few bucks there are hundreds where folks get it handed to them.

        It just is what it is and COMC is trying to create a long term viable option for those who find value in collecting cards. If you find value in making money from cards then you will be disappointed no matter what means you use to transact.

  3. This is the message I have on my dashboard:
    ” 5 vault items are without an asking price and not marked ‘not for sale'”
    All five cards are base and are N/A due to being recently released. I have no interest in putting them in the vault. How do I set them just for COMC? If I click ‘not for sale”, they are turned off on COMC.

    • Hey Jeff,
      Sorry about the confusion. Just click the ‘List on the Vault’ hyperlink and, on the popup, click the Not for Sale button. You can still price and list items on COMC as usual.

  4. the vault system is cool but why would we need to re scan a graded card?? there is no need for that your getting all info about the card from the grade and the pic of graded cards are good as it is.

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