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Redemptions. Trading card collectors have a complicated relationship with these little inserts. They could be a case hit, a stunning autograph, or something much greater. No matter what they represent, however, they all have one thing in common: the WAIT. But we at COMC don’t believe you should have to wait for everything, so we thought we’d do something about it with a never-before-seen service to help with redemption cards.

Redeemed Card

In the past, COMC dealt with redemptions by simply not dealing with them. If an unredeemed card was sent to us, it promptly got sent back to its owner as our service wasn’t designed to handle them. That all changes today, because all unscratched redemption cards will now be accepted for processing and sale via

What happens when a Redemption card is sent to us? Those cards will be sent to our redemption handling team who will begin the redemption process on your behalf. The redemption code will be stored in our system and the scratched card will continue through our normal submission process.

When submitting batches with redemption cards to COMC, we ask that you pack them in the front of your submission and note on your submission slip that redemptions are enclosed. If an expired redemption card is included, we will attempt to redeem it through the manufacturer’s website. If the code is rejected, the item will be put into the user’s returns.

Once the scratched redemption card is on our site, it may be purchased and sold just as any other item on COMC with a few exceptions:

  • Redemption cards cannot be made Vault Eligible. Once fulfilled, the new card will be scanned for Vault Eligibility.
  • Redemption cards cannot be shipped.  Once fulfilled, the new card will replace the redemption card in the user’s account and may then be added to a shipment.
  • All sales of redemption cards are final.  No returns will be allowed for these items.

Please be aware that fulfillment of these cards may take manufacturers months or even years. In the event they substitute a different item for a redemption, the sale is still considered final and the item cannot be exchanged.

You may be wondering how we address redemptions that involve items other than single cards, such as lithographs, unopened packs, or game used jerseys. These items will be handled on a case by case basis and the owner of the redemption card will be contacted about how they would like the redemption to be handled.

A few final notes:

  • Items not currently supported on COMC will be added to the Beta service.  As we continue to expand offerings on the site, these items will become eligible to list at a later date.
  • Hobby store pack exchange redemptions, such as Topps Spring Fever redemptions, will be rejected because COMC is unable to redeem them.
  • Contest Redemption Cards such as the Famous Fabrics Beetles Signature Drawing will not be accepted as these redemption cards only represent a chance to receive an item.
  • Redemptions such as Topps Finest Rookie Redemptions and Panini XRCs will be listed as unannounced on the site. These items will be updated with more details once they are announced.

We are really excited to hear your thoughts on this new service.  We constantly strive to provide a better and safer way to buy and sell and we believe our service has the right stuff to make it happen.  Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below and keep up with all the COMC happenings on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

23 thoughts on “COMC Tackles Redemptions

  1. Guys I wouldn’t bother, its going to be a major headache for you if a redemption takes over a year to get to you, you’ll get someone who is angry and make a scene. It seems like a good idea, but I see the “wait” being a big issue.

  2. MAJOR INNOVATION FROM COMC PART! you guys keep amaze me with your clear understanding of what your customer needs. COMC is the best service there is .

  3. I like the idea. People understand upfront what the deal is with redemption cards. Most of us have had them and have been in the wait mode for long periods. I would set it up to where when someone purchases the card there should be a disclaimer box that ensures they read and check that they understand there may be a wait. I think it’s a great idea so that other collectors have an opportunity to get a great pull that they otherwise wouldn’t have a chance at. Good job guys. Y’all rock!

    • A disclaimer would be a good idea and you should add that they understand that the redemption might not happen so a replacement card from that manufacturer would be sent.

  4. how does this work for submission pricing or monthly fee accruals? when can they be flipped and are you going to be hiding the codes just like the picture above shows? I have a pending redemption w/Topps now going on over a year, If I had submitted it here, would I have been charged the 0.01 per month for holding or could I just have it NFS until live? Would these be under our own names or under COMC on the different redemption sites? I know a lot of people end up “fighting” for replacements so how would that work, especially when Topps or Panini or UD sends something that isn’t even close to a value? Just some food for thought.

    • Hi, sometimemountaintimesportscards. Not sure why this post didn’t get responded to, I apologize. Redemptions are currently the same cost to submit as any other normal card. We’ll have to hide the codes for security reasons. You can buy, sell, or flip redemption cards just like any other item on COMC with the difference that you can’t get the redemptions shipped until they have been fulfilled.
      If you send us a redemption you can list it for sale, with normal monthly storage fees, or have it NFS with no fee just like any other card – up to you.

  5. This is a bad idea when Topps winds up sending a $3 scrub for your $300 gold refractor auto. There’s not much standing to argue with them.

    • Hey Cardko! That’s an awesome idea! I’ll mention it when we sit down to put together the next Hot List – I’m sensing a “Hot List Theme” here…

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  7. Love the idea of being able to buy redemptioned cards and sending ones i’m not interested in to the site! Wasnt expecting this at all, and I love the continued updates. Up next, maybe, just maybe.. the coins and bank notes..? Really looking forwards to it! Thanks for all you guys are doing! -JK

  8. Not that I want to engage the conspiracy people…. but since you are only taking unscratched cards (why?) You are going to get people claiming that the code you redeemed is not theirs… Unless you ask folks to put their names on the redemption card before sending them in?
    I trust you guys (and I don’t deal in modern stuff much so redemptions are not anything I worry about) but you know you get some people who find a “scheme” around every corner.

    • Why would they accept SCRATCHED redemptions? There is where you can really find conspiracy issues… If the code is revealed, someone could steal the code from the scan or just redeem it, then send to COMC once it’s useless?

      • If COMC did not make the scan of the card public until it was redeemed, then it would solve that problem. These cards are not allowed to be listed anyway so why would they need to make the redemption scan public?

  9. how do you plan to handle (possible) multiples of the same card? many times when receiving remptions from the manufacturer, the code is not enclosed, just the card. so if you redeemed 3 (for example) of a certain card, how will you match it with the proper account. this could be a factore if one comes back damaged, or if replacements are sent which are not all the same.

    • Hi, glen87. Good question. We’ve set up several systems to make sure the right card goes in to the right account, and in the event we get two unscratched redemptions for the same item from two different sellers (it hasn’t happened yet but I expect eventually it will) we will be very careful to ensure that the redeemed items go to the correct account.

  10. I think this is an absolutely fantastic program! Would you consider the idea of users transferring their REDEEMED cards/accounts to COMC? I have 100+ topps redemptions I am waiting on and would love to change the return address to COMC and be able to sell them immediately.

    Haven’t thought through all the details, but if you would allow it as a “port sale” where I can list my entire redemption account, that would be awesome too! You guys are really in tune with the needs of collectors and the ability to sell my entire redemption collection, I would love it!

    • Hi, cyndeeg3. We’re just starting out with the program, so for now we’re only doing unscratched redemptions. Once we’ve had some experience with managing that successfully we’re happy to open a dialogue about how else we can make redemptions a better experience for collectors.

  11. Accepting redemption cards is a BIG mistake. Some cards take a long time to redeem; sometimes you receive a different card in it’s place; and sometimes the manufacturer just goes out of business and you get nothing. The owner of the redemption card should be the one to take the risk and not be so lazy, as many are on ebay, and actually get their card redeemed. You run the risk of really pissing off a buyer or two with redemption issues and they will never come back to COMC if you send them a redeemed card that is not what they thought they were purchasing!!

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  13. Great idea till a company goes under and doesnt fullfill redemptions…example Fleer

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