Filling Up The Vault

This is the moment that many people have been waiting for.  Starting today, any seller who wants their items to be among the first to be displayed in the Vault and brought to the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention in Rosemont, Illinois may now make their items Vault-eligible.

The Vault – a quick summary:

  • Vault-eligible items can be for sale on, on The Vault, or on both
  • 90% of the sale price of an item sold through the Vault will be given to the seller
  • The Vault will have no “cash-out” type fee
  • Storage fee starting at $0.01 per day (waived through the end of September)
  • Sellers can set minimum offers & auto-accept prices on each Vault card they offer individually
  • Cards from The Vault will be showcased live at shows such as the NSCC
  • To hear Tim talk about the service, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Vault Interview

Any items listed for sale on The Vault between now and Wednesday, July 24th will be showcased at our booth at the National Convention!  The first step will be making these items Vault-eligible.  There are three easy steps to make your item eligible for The Vault:

1)      Find your item, either in your Inventory Manager or by typing the item number into COMC’s search bar.

2)      In the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu, select ‘Make Vault Eligible’.

Part 1

3)      Graded items and COMC Reviewed items are both Vault-eligible already.  In addition we have added a new service under COMC Services which allows you to rescan an item with our new 36x zoom technology for only $0.50 which will also qualify an item to be Vault-eligible.

The $0.50 price is a limited time special available through the end of July to help celebrate our launch, so take advantage of it before it’s too late!

Part 2It’s that easy.  Shortly we’ll add a feature which will show users if their cards are already Vault-eligible (if an item currently Vault-eligible is submitted to this service the $0.50 charge will be refunded).  If a card is Vault-eligible you’ll soon have access to all the great Vault features.

Please note: Items listed on The Vault must have both an asking price of at least $40 and a high Beckett Book Value of at least $20 (unless they are not assigned a BV due to scarcity – “N/A” cards).

We’re very excited to roll out this service, as customers have been requesting it for a long time.  Vault eligible items will be able to be listed for sale on The Vault in mid-July, and any item listed for sale on The Vault by Wednesday, July 24th will travel with us to Illinois to be showcased at the nation’s biggest card show.

We look forward to displaying your cards at this prestigious show and hearing your thoughts about the Vault Service.  Be sure to take advantage of this limited time offer to have your items made Vault-eligible, and be sure to keep following us on  our FacebookTwitter, and new Google+ pages.

17 thoughts on “Filling Up The Vault

    • Hi, Jason. Right now the plan is $0.01 per card per day per $1000 of asking price (or $3.65 per year). At that price COMC is still actually subsidizing the cost to insure a $1000 item. If someone wanted to list a bunch of cards between, say, $50 and $150, I could definitely see us developing some sort of volume plan like we have with the account upgrade available on


      • Please let me know the volume plan because at the current rate it is not cost effective. I can very easily have $30-50,000 in value on the site.

        Plus, I have my own dealer insurance and it’s covered at a place of consignment as well. Would I have to pay the insurance on your end as well?

  1. is it possible to withdraw cards submitted to the vault after the trial period is over? i’m not sure if i have anything that is really worth the .01/day, but i might be willing to give the service a try until september to see if it is worth the price.

    • Hey Bruce,
      Good question. You may list any Vault Eligible item on The Vault or mark as Not for Sale at any point, just as you can today on COMC. I’d encourage you to give it a try. Just as a reminder, all items listed for sale on The Vault by July 24 will be taken to the National where they can be viewed and purchased by those at the show as well as those using

      Please let our Customer Service team know if you have any other questions about The Vault service.

      • I don’t want to use this service but it appears a card I bought in a port is supposedly in the vault, how do I get it out?

      • Hi! While your card may be “Vault-Eligible”, it won’t be listed on the Vault until you decide to put it in the Vault. So, you don’t really have to do anything. Sorry for any confusion. Thanks!

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    • Hello Cardsma,

      You can indeed! If you have these cards processed at the One Day Service level, any cards valued at over $20 and with an asking price of $40+ will be eligible.

      Mark M.

  3. Please make a promotion for the last week of “$.50 Rescan for the Vault”
    between 17 – 23 July, make it submittable every day instead weekly
    I’m sure a lot more people would do i to be brought to the Nationals

  4. Or ‘submit by July 23rd to make it eligible for National Sportscard Convention’

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