Collectors Dream: Buy Now, Ship Later

COMC has many benefits that attract a wide variety of customers: the offer system, high quality shipping, and world class customer service.  On top of all that, there is a major draw that pulls in collectors the world over: the option to buy cards over time, build up a collection, and then ship it out as one big package.  That’s right, on COMC, you can buy items now, save them in your account while storing them at COMC, shipping them to you, as one package, at your convenience!

This unique value proposition has been available since the beginning of and continues to the present day.  And the number of ways that this part of the service is used has expanded.   First and foremost it allows you to save on shipping costs.  If you had to have each and every item from each and every seller shipped separately, the cost in shipping would be astronomical!  In an earlier blog post, we explored how COMC is amazing for set builders and collectors, and how we have already been noted as one of the best!

However, saving on shipping is only one reason to make use of the service.  Here are a few other ways that our buyers have found to take advantage of Buy Now, Ship Later!

Trade Shows

Sam, Barry & Julia

Sam Kassam & Barry Mah at the Vancouver Fanfest

When you are planning on going to a trade show there are two things you can often count on: you’re going to see the same vendors, all selling the same stuff.  So what is a discerning trade show vendor going to do?

Well, many COMC customers will purchase items on the site over the course of the month and slowly build up a new trade show batch that specifically has cards that have been hot over the last few weeks.  Then, a week before the show, they have these cards sent to them and voila!  They have a hot set of new items for the show.  It’s nice to have some of the best in show, and COMC has helped many of our users achieve just that.

Card Shop Inventory

This happens to almost all shop owners, where they find themselves with a batch of cards from out-of-market teams. In the past, those cards were slated to sit in the display case or in a box in the backroom, as no one shopping in your southern California shop had any interest in that stack of New York based teams.  However, with COMC, shop owners have begun to purchase cards specific to their markets as they come on sale, and once they start getting asked by their customers if they have some of these “out of stock cards,” they place an order to ship.  Then, they send the cards that will likely never sell in their shops to COMC, and a shop owner on the other side of the country has the opportunity to meet the needs of their markets.

COMC provides brick-and-mortar stores the online marketplace to dispense with the cards they don’t need, and a way to build up an online inventory of the hot items from their local teams.  That is a pretty slick way to run an online business for your store without the hassle of setting it up yourself.

Special Occasions


Everybody has that person in their life that is… a little hard to buy gifts for.  And if they happen to collect very specific cards, the difficulty only gets worse.  Some of our users have found COMC to be the perfect place to fix this problem.

Say your friend only collects one very particular card and their birthday is in 6 months.  Well, if you see one of his cards pop up on COMC, you can add that to your inventory.  And then when another pops up, you can do it again.  Then when that birthday rolls around, you have the whole batch that you have slowly been accumulating sent to him, and that is a mighty fine gift.


Maybe your favorite team is coming to town and you decide it’s time to get some autographs.  But maybe you don’t have a card for every player that you want to meet.  Or perhaps you’re taking a trip to see them play on their home field.  COMC has made building this collection many times easier.

Autograph devotees have found COMC to be a godsend: They build up a collection of cards from several different sets and have them all bundled together and shipped to where they will be to get the autographs they need.  This makes it a snap to have the right cards, for the right players, at the right time.

Final Thoughts

So how many other ways can Buy Now, Ship Later be used?  We want to know what you use this option to do for your collection.  Feel free to leave your comments below and keep following us on the blog, FacebookTwitter, and our new Google+ page.

9 thoughts on “Collectors Dream: Buy Now, Ship Later

    • Hi, TripleAvintage. That isn’t quite accurate, and I apologize if we gave that impression in our post discussing return policy
      We’ve gotten some helpful feedback on how we can communicate our policy with greater clarity and we’re planning to revise that post and continue to engage constructively with our users in that thread.
      Thanks very much,

      • Jeremy I have been on that thread and communicated with Nathan. I asked him if someone buys a card…doesn’t get it shipped for 3 months/6 months/a year while they build up a shipment if the card would be eligible for return… He said yes… within 14 days of receipt….but we would get an additional 10% because it was after 45 days. That 10% does you little to no good if you get a surprise $100 deduction from your balance and a card returned that you never thought you would have to see again. Has something changed since I got that response from him?

  1. When are you going to offer a “saved search” option that will alert you when items matching your search criteria are added to the site? This would make the site even more user friendly because now I’m stuck manually searching for cards I collect…weekly — but what about the cards I miss out on in between my searches?

    • Hi, Lushan.
      That’s one of the most-requested features by our users and we’re definitely planning to be able to offer that soon. There’s a lot of work to do before the National so I don’t know the exact timetable, but we know how helpful something like that would be and absolutely want to offer it.

  2. As a card seller in general (but not on here), I’ve commented on these threads before about the perks and benefits of buying and selling on COMC.

    This was a beautifully written article, having points for both buying and selling, without attacking eBay (like other blog posts). But to me, eBay is still a prevalent issue. Some fans here say ignore eBay, others say they’re your main competitor. I agree with the latter here, and as a buyer and a seller on eBay I use this site to gauge prices and interest before doing both. It’s an excellent tool and resource for BV, what’s hot, and references.

    But I have to say, the only benefit buyers have here is cheaper shipping. And by that, I mean MUCH cheaper shipping. But at what cost? Since January 2013, I have spent $9.50 on shipping for three shipments from your business. I am more than thankful for that, as a small business owners. [Since Memorial Day 2013, I have spent $145 on over 60 eBay shipments for new inventory for my business.] That is an awesome service YOU provide in comparison, considering each of the three shipments from COMC were over 15 cards. eBay can’t compete with that. Shipping is at sellers digression, and you have to buy from the same seller to even hope for under $4 shipping on just one sale. Had I bought the same cards FOR THE SAME PRICE (see below) from COMC, I’d have paid maybe $15 total.

    That’s where I ask “at what cost”, though. I saved money on shipping buying on COMC, but the cards are still more expensive. I often buy lots on eBay for $1-4. I bought several lots of purple and orange Chrome cards for $2. Another (40) card purple lot I paid $13 for. So lets say as example I bought 60 cards, and paid $20 plus $12 in shipping, $32 total. What would it have cost me to buy those same 60 cards on COMC? Even with your ‘offer’ system (which sellers don’t always use fairly, or at all), color bordered Chrome cards sell for .75-$1 a piece, with no bundle/bulk deals. Mathematically speaking, that’s $45-60 in cards, and $3 in shipping, or a total cost of $48-63 for the same cards. I can’t compete with that as a small business owner. I come here when there is a card I can’t get cheaply on eBay for the SAME price (Iwakuma/Segura). But more often than that I still find myself buying on eBay.

    Please, feel free to reply to this. I seek a development for your website and your company, and by no means aim to discredit or harm your company. I’m offering my own perspective. Thanks!

    • Interesting…I come at this from a perspective of not having sold on Ebay since 2007. I had my business on the Beckett Marketplace for years and despite their having a much larger selection of junk commons than COMC, the prices here for quality cards are much better than most of the prices there. For a business like mine who wants nothing to do with Ebay or Paypal this site is a joy both from a buying and selling perspective.

    • Hi, Matt. I think your analysis is very fair; for someone looking to pick up lots COMC’s current service really isn’t designed to compete with several of the great options that are out there. Our focus has always been singles and that’s where we shine – like you said, someone hunting singles will have a lot of shipping to pay on other sites. Plus, when buying a lot you probably won’t get a detailed scan of every card. It’s a give and take.
      Will we do lots some day? We might. We’ve already laid some of the groundwork with our ‘Partial Port Sale’ feature, so it could happen if we start getting a bunch of requests for it from our users. A lot of our site fetures grew organically from the COMC community; we are always listening for what new ways people want to be able to use our site.
      We’re glad you’ve been able to use COMC to find some items! That’s what we love to hear – we don’t mind when anyone uses a different site for different needs. Our goal was never to replace anyone else, since what we do didn’t even exist before we started doing it. eBay, like every site, has pros and cons. A lot of our staff have eBay accounts. We never want to come off like we’re attacking them, we just like to point out the differences to help people make good decisions.

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