The Vault Interview: Part Two

Welcome back to the second part of The Vault Interview.  If you missed Tim and Nathans discussion about the more general questions, check out Part One.  In this episode, Tim and Nathan will finish up answering the second portion of our users questions regarding the seller/buyer specific parts of The Vault.

So, feel free to get comfortable as Nathan and Tim continue the discussion on The Vault.

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In case you don’t have time for the whole video, here are the time-stamps with the questions being answered:

0:25 How will Vault items be secured?
1:56 Where will Vault items be stored?
2:36 Who will have access to Vault items?
3:20 Will the Vault be climate-controlled?
3:43 How will COMC protect against buyer fraud?
5:32 How will COMC’s cashout work with the Vault?
9:28 Will funds from Vault sales be available immediately?
10:47 What cashout options will the Vault have?
11:40 How will the 5% buyer deposit on Vault items work?
14:50 Will Vault sellers have access to COMC promotions?
15:20 Will the Vauly require a separate sign in?
17:40 How will buyers be able to pay for Vault items?
20:54 How will Vault items be shipped?

Now that all of your submitted questions have been answered, does the service make sense?  Are there any lingering questions we can answer for you?  Most importantly, are you as psyched as we are to unveil The Vault at Nationals?  Feel free to discuss and ask in the comments below and keep following us on the blog, FacebookTwitter, and our new Google+ page.

8 thoughts on “The Vault Interview: Part Two

  1. What is Blowout Gift Cards cashout % w/ Vault items.
    It should be down to 6.5% then right?

    • Hi, Jason. offers a discounted cash out if you convert to Blowout Cards store credit instead of to cash. Vault items will not deal in store credit, though – if you sell an item on the Vault you’ll be paid in cash so there’s nothing to convert.

  2. When were talking about a $10,000 item it would take me more then a few high quality pictures to buy this item. Will comc staff be available for questions regarding these items? Or what u see is what u get? Is there a vault phone number that is being set up to talk to Tim or someone knowledgable about vault items. I just can’t see anyone dropping even $5,000 without holding a card in there hand. I am guessing most cards in the vault will be graded, so that should take some of the mystery out of it, but for the ones that aren’t a line of communication would be great. Thanks Jason I don’t no why I’m asking this a don’t have $10,000 anyway.

    • Hi, Cardko. COMC Customer Relations reps will certainly be available to answer some questions about Vault cards. All Vault cards will also have already had a detailed COMC condition review (or be graded) and have an enormous 36x zoom scan taken of both the front and back, so it will almost be like looking at the card under a microscope.

  3. Since the 5% down payment to reserve a vault item effectively locks and removes the card from the site for 7 days until the balance is paid, why not leave the item up for sale and flag it with a, “sale pending” icon. That way, if someone else wanted to buy that card immediately with payment in full, it could be theirs. The reason I suggest this is, I’m not sure how many buyer bail outs you’re going to have with such a low down payment amount at 5% that would be forfeited if the fund balance doesn’t come through in 7 days. Example, a $500 card would be a large sale for a seller, with a 5% down payment of $25 to the buyer, it wouldn’t be that expensive of a “mistake” for the buyer, however the value lost related to the seller (even with a portion of the 5% being returned to them) could be much greater because that card wasn’t available for anyone else willing to buy it immediately. Since the target audience of higher end items is less than the general population of cards, maybe the person who really wanted that card only looked for it during that week and didn’t find it. The result could be that the card ends up sitting for several more months until the right buyer picks it up.

    • Hi, DeepDiscounts. I think that’s a really interesting suggestion. I can see why sellers would appreciate a system like that. I’ll definitely pass it on to the project team for consideration.

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  5. What exactly is COMC Condition Review? Does there need to be description like “creased, corner wear” etc. or does it just need to have a grade (i.e. VG-EX). From what I am reading there is no charge, except storage after September, to be put in the Vault if it has a condition review. I just want to be sure I know what condition review means.

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